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Back to Basics

Back to basics. -Right here and now there is the presence of awareness, livingness, pure being – you cannot grasp it with a thought or concept, yet you cannot negate it. – This livingness, knowing-ness – hearing sounds, seeing objects, feeling feelings, sensations etc, is all there is.- “THIS” is all there ever is. – This livingness is nothing, no thing – utterly empty, yet fullness,
empty pure intelligence energy – no beginning – no ending.
So all this is simply happening spontaneously. – It is not happening to anyone.
It is just happening ceaselessly and there is no person as such, that has or knows this.
This is a conversation about nothing – utterly absurd to a conditioned mind or person who mistakenly thinks that they have and are consciously living their own lives and running the show, as we say.
Just see that livingness “is”. – Don’t try to be or do anything special – just be – choice-less,effortless, awareness or being-ness.
What effort are you making right now to be aware?
No effort, of course, you just are infinitely and eternally – I am That – You are That – everything is THAT (as Nisargadatta pointed out to me).
Relax into this pure awareness.

Let go and just be THAT instead of the miserable sentient human being that you had, prior to this pointing out instruction; taken yourself to be.
Realize that you, as this pure awareness or knowingness, are prior to everything and the knower of it.
This is the path (of) wisdom – the wisdom of your own natural state.
Even before a thought arises,and you label something, calling it a chair or table, you already know what it is before you name it.
This knowing-ness or awareness is Omnipresent, or as we say in Advaita – One without a second.
SAT CHIT ANANDA – Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, Absolute.
Being, knowing, and loving to be.
They are not three things – they are all aspects of this ordinary everyday awareness that
you are presently and timelessly enjoying. – Realize it, acknowledge it, do not ignore or take it for granted. – It is the very livingness or power that is enabeling me to write these words and allowing you to read or hear them. – Awaken from this dream that you are mortal, fallible, and full of sin, and realize right now that you are this deathless essence or spirit that is enabeling everything to happen.

No one is doing anything to you – everything is happening spontaneously – there is no creator,
preserver, or destroyer. – No Ishwara, no Brahma, no God in heaven. – All these are only conceptual entites.
Everything arises without any cause and disappears into this empty living essence.
There is no reason for the appearance of the universe – it has no cause or creator.
It is just in the nature of things, that this “seems” to happen – nothing has happened at all.
All that you think you are seeing is appearance only – Maya – without any substance or independent nature apart from this empty essence or knowing-ness – Jnana Prajnana – that you cannot under any circumstances negate.

This is the greatest ‘good news’ that anyone (a so called ‘someone’) can ever have – “you have never been born,
and you will never die”.
This “is” the truth that will make you free – know it now if you will. – You yourself are what you are seeking – The non dual Absolute – Your nature is already perfect.

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