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Begin at the Beginning

Begin at the beginning.
Right here and now, without resorting to conceptual thinking, what is there that is lacking? – Isn’t there a naked presence of awareness or awareness of presence that is perfect whole and complete just as it is? – Can you negate this pure knowing awareness that you already and truly are? – No, you cannot negate THIS ineffable essence of Omniscient awareness that you truly are, nor can you ever grasp or understand it with any thought or mental concept. – This being the case, wouldn’t it be wise to allow it to pattern and function you as you appear to be, as that illusory separate entity “me”, without trying to change, alter, modify, correct or perfect it in any way.

Can I correct, improve or perfect what is already naturally perfect, and that is this natural or primordial state that sages like Nisargadatta Maharaj never tired of pointing to? Of course not! – This empty essence of all knowing awareness is not a ‘thing’, it is no thing, yet it always “is”, and you are THAT always and ever. – This un-manifested Noumenon or non-dual Absolute is empty of all content and is the reality that every seeming person is seeking. – Emptiness suffused with awareness or Rigpa as it is pointed to in Dzogchen, the highest expression of Buddhism, is infinite, self-existing, self-shining intelligence or naked knowingness (Jnana Prajnana in sanskrit).
This is what you truly are -are you not knowing right now? However this activity of pure knowing or pure experiencing doesn’t contain any ‘knower’ or ‘experiencer’ as such. The knower and the known imply duality, and experiences come and go but the pure knowing and experiencing never comes or goes and remains unchanged throughout eternity.
This is Advaita, the home of non-duality and you have never left it. – Awaken to or re cognize this fact and be free of psychological suffering.

There is nothing to be done, nowhere to go, nothing to practice or meditate on.

Can you empty this emptiness? – And what is emptiness empty of? – It is empty of a separate, permanent self or soul. – It is also empty of any god, and god, as he is usually conceived of, can only exist in consciousness or manifestation, which is the domain of duality. No self, no me.  If there is no Mr or Mrs So and So, – then no problem! – Problems exist only in duality and there is no duality in non-duality, no islands, if’s or but’s. – Suffering only happened to a “me”, and when it is investigated and clearly seen that there is no me, there never has been and there never could be, this itself is the end of sorrow, the end of suffering. This alone is self realization already realized. – The realization of the fact that I alone am the Honored one above and below the heavens, I alone exist non-dual One without a second.

This is not arrogance but true humility, am I separate from my Self, not my apparent ego self but my true non-dual essence? – The answer is, no I am not, I am THAT, and so are you. – Wake up now, right this instant or continue to hold on to your limited identity or suffering engendered by self imposed beliefs and limitations. – All that is needed is the courage to look directly at what is seemingly limiting you, question and investigate all your preconceived concepts and beliefs and they will fall away quite spontaneously without any effort on your part. – However, if they are not questioned or challenged they will continue to hold sway over you and cause you unnecessary psychological suffering.
All this is about is suffering and the end of suffering. – This need not be, it is as simple as that, everything is in your hands, come home to the place you have never left – nearer than hands and feet. – This aware ‘no thing’ is the most intimate and THAT thou art!

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