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Definition of Reality

What we talk about here is Advaita—-Truth or Reality. – Now the definition of Reality is That which does not change. – Everything apart from this Omnipresent Awareness is a was-ing—past or an if-ing—-future.
So this that we talk about, is the only thing worth talking about. – It must be seen very clearly that past or future, are only in imagination and never ever actual–Apart from thought, memory and anticipation, there is no past or future. – As Sailor Bob says, what’s wrong with right now if you don’t think about it? – And I think it is fairly obvious that there can be nothing wrong or right if I don’t think about it. – Also Nisargadatta Maharaj would often point out to me that nothing can trouble you except in your own imagination–read thought–read time–read mind. – So mind as we ordinarily use the term is time–memory of past or anticipation of some coming event — future.

Mind is time and time is fear because it is circumscribed–it has a beginning and an end. – However this pure Presence Awareness is timelessly present or Omnipresent–but usually it’s being ignored or overlooked, taken for granted, we might say. – The “me”, Joe Blogs is time or memory and it wants to continue for all time–it doesn’t want to disappear. – I, Joe Blogs love to be—I am so and so and I’ll do anything to stay alive for as long as possible. – This desire to be and continue endlessly is Thana (sanskrit term meaning thirst for existence), suffering and delusion.
There is no need for me to continue to be or not to be as Shakespeare said, because I am, infinitely and eternally as this pure Presence Awareness that no one can ever, under any circumstances, negate this pure awareness that (they are) I already am is Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence–All Presence–All Knowing–All Power, and the “me” as Joe Blogs is only a mental concept, a bunch of memories, which ultimately has no substance or independent nature apart from the pure awareness or knowingness which I already am and can’t negate.
So there is no need to get rid of the me or ego, because it never existed–or as Nisargadatta says is the child of a barren woman—and after all a barren woman has never had a son in the first place! – So where is the need to get rid of it, because it is appearance only?
Don’t take my word for it–investigate and find out for yourself. – Who am I? – Who and where is this separate I (Joe Blogs that I have taken myself to be?

Right here and right now, without a word or concept there is just a pure “is” ness or as we say in Dzogchen, the highest expression of Buddhism, non-conceptual awareness.
Dzogchen translated means The Great Perfection. – This pure “is” ness or knowingness that you are That is this present experiencing–without a word or concept, you can’t sat it is good or bad happy or sad–it just “is”–even without a concept
–this non-conceptual awareness that you presently cannot negate is The Great Perfection and you already are That.
The manifest universe (Phenomena) has appeared on and will disappear into this non-dual Noumenon—–read Absolute. – So really, as far as I’m concerned, nothing has ever happened at all—all this discussion, all actions good or bad, everything I am saying is for entertainment only–whirling away the illusory time. – A Jnani knows and I know that all this (whatever anyone says or doesn’t say) is nothing but pure ignorance.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it! -See what it does to your pride of doership and arrogance. – As Nisargadatta pointed out –you as that separate entity, are the result of spit (or sperm, or dirt), so how can you even entertain ego or doership, when this is seen?
What will happen to your self-esteem if you are exposed to this actuality–how can you have ego? Full stop!
Yes sir! – That’s the reason why there doesn’t seem to be many takers for this. – No one wants to be nothing or no thing, and that’s exactly what you are — not a vacuum or a void—pure emptiness suffused with intelligence or knowingness—not a dead thing— pure boundless self-shining intelligence energy–no beginning, no ending — ineffable, unborn, unspeakable, non-conceptual awareness.
Nothing perceivable or conceivable–inconceivable–unknowable–so give up trying to grasp ‘This’ with the mind, you can’t grasp it because you are it!

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