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Don’t Pretend To Be What You Are Not

What is it that I want to express and who is the ‘I’ that I am referring to? – Isn’t this I just a phantom, an imagined conceptual entity and isn’t everything already perfect just “as it is”?

This “As it is” or “what is” that is being pointed to or described presently with these seeming words and concepts is nothing perceivable or conceivable yet it always “is”, you cannot negate this inconceivable essence that is Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience.
This that is being pointed to is pure Advaita, the very home on non-duality, so to speak. – There is nothing simpler that non-duality, or One without a second and there is nothing separate or apart from THAT, that you truly (and ever) are, right here and now, always and ever.
So start from the ‘fact’ that you already are THAT essence that you are seeking. – This that is being referred to is the very livingness, the everlasting life pointed to in the scripture, the unchanging essence of everything and anything whatsoever.
What can be more simpler? – You cannot grasp this all-knowing presence, which expresses through the mind as the thought or concept “I am”, nor can you ever negate it, as its Omnipresence has to be there whether there is affirmation or negation
This is the whole crux of the matter under consideration, but is this where you look for your Self? – Usually not, for one is mesmerized by the content of the acquired mind of memory which only comes into operation around the age of 2 and a half years! – The mind is time and can never and will never grasp the timeless, the non-dual Absolute. – This is all that truly needs to be seen by no one.

Realize that everything is happening quite spontaneously; seeing, hearing, breathing, smelling, touching, without the input of any separate person, entity, or thing. – You, as that person or entity have not, will not, nor will ever, do anything at all!
You, as that person or entity, are the child of a barren woman and have no substance or independent nature of your own apart from this timeless non dual, non-conceptual, all knowing essence that is presently being described or pointed to.
You are nothing at all, yet you are an aware nothing, because you cannot negate this aware no thing that you truly are. – You cannot say, “I am not!” because what is allowing you to say that?
You cannot know yourself because you are not a thing, you are the aware no thing that contains every seeming thing. – You are the Source, so to speak, from which everything comes and to which everything returns in this ‘Maya’ the play of apparent manifestation.

This means that you alone exist, non-dual One without a second and all the gods, all the different religions are only your own concept or imagination because, before there can be any god, you as the non dual unchanging reality have to be there first.
Do you realize the implications of what is being said? – Can you realize the implications of what is being pointed to or hinted at?
One doubts it, because you are too hypnotized by your own self-importance or life story and that is all it is, a fictitious made up story no matter how grandiose or full of pain and suffering it may appear to be.
I would like to know myself. – Are there two selves that one could know the other? – You are your Self whether you know it or not. – Have you lost your Self and are now anxiously looking for it? – Will you never find your Self? – The so-called seeker will never become a finder, because what the seeker is seeking, he or she already ‘is’! Simply realize and acknowledge this fact and the seeking will drop away by itself, there will be no need to end the search, as is being trumpeted around on various Advaita websites.
Again, don’t pretend to be what you are not – you are not this miserable, limited, separate person or entity – and don’t refuse to be what you truly are, the deathless, non-dual essence or the very livingness itself.

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