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Fathomless Pure Being

Can I maintain my identity as Mr or Mrs So and So indefinitely?
Even the Pharaohs’ in their pyramids have turned to dust!
Is there anything permanent, anything that lasts forever?
The truth is that there is nothing that lasts forever, including the consolation created by invented religions of some permanent soul or spiritual entity and the illusion of reincarnation.
The person who is dead doesn’t know that he or she is dead, and doesn’t have any knowledge of his existence or non-existence.
It is only the others who say that he or she is dead.
However there is a boundless aware, pure knowing presence or pure functioning that you cannot negate on the one hand, and at the same time can never be grasped by any concept or man made thought or invention.
This conscious or all knowing presence, which is referred to in Advaita as non-dual One without a second ‘is’ the reality that every so-called seeker is seeking.

This non dual Absolute is fathomless pure being and can never be known by anyone so called, simply because there is no one who is actually apart from it who could know it.
So start from the ‘ fact’ that you already are THAT (God, Truth, or Reality) that you are seeking.
This reality or Absolute is nothing, no one and no thing as such, but at the same time it is everything.
Vast emptiness suffused with awareness or pure knowing, boundless pure intelligence or spirit utterly incorporeal.
These words are only describing THIS, they are not the reality they are pointing to, they are only concepts, however what they are referring to – this conscious presence of awareness that you are presently experiencing and which you cannot under any circumstances negate, is the very reality or truth that you are seeking and is certainly not a concept or image.
The reason that this non-dual Absolute is not a thing or soul that lasts forever is because it is outside time altogether.
It is timelessly present – Omnipresent, One without any second at all.
It is eternal, always and ever present – birthless, deathless, body-less, mindless, timeless and space-less, and this can never be grasped by the mind or any concept whatsoever.

This is unfathomable mystery – you as that entity can never know this, but you can ‘be’ this.
So that is the solution – just be what you already are – I am THAT – and give up becoming as becoming implies time which is only a mental concept.
Even though this may seem mysterious to the mind and paradoxical, yet what I am pointing to completely obvious, clear and open and known to everyone – an open secret – seemingly hidden yet obvious.
There ‘is’ no becoming because becoming is in time and you are timeless Omnipresence – just this and nothing else.
You cannot negate your being-ness and you can never grasp it with any concept, so just be as you are in this natural state of Omnipresence.
Realize the actuality and becoming and seeking will fall away without any effort on your part. Again, this is totally obvious to everyone and yet seemingly hidden at the same time – an open secret ripe to be exploited by unscrupulous new age gurus.
Realize that there is no teacher nor is there any teachings, there is just this boundless space of pure knowing awareness, which you already are.

So what you are seeking you already are.
So where is the need to continue the search?
It is impossible to become what you already are.
You know you are – I am – full stop!
That is not I was or I will be, it is simple, non-conceptual, non-verbal, pure being, always and ever, infinitely and eternally.
You alone are non-dual One without any second.
Reality did not change, it cannot change.
So nothing has happened at all, the manifest universe has not been created at all because moreover you cannot pinpoint the origin of anything in this world, because everything is beyond arising, beyond dwelling and ceasing – all is unborn, unceasing, beginning-less, endless.
This being the case, why did you change Oh man and woman?

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