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Has Anything Really Happened?

Has anything ever really happened?
If in fact nothing has ever really happened, including the idea of the big-bang of science, and the earth being 4 billion years old, with a further 4 billion years before the present sun dies out or goes nova leaving this section of the galaxy lifeless; then this totally negates the idea of evolution and any and all conventional knowledge.What really did happen? – Did God create the world in 7 days? – Is there any god at all, apart from the consciousness or being-ness, which itself turns into non-being?If nothing has really happened, which I say is the actual situation, then all these ideas and concepts I’ve just mentioned are all invalid and bogus.
So anyone who associates with me will become totally bankrupt, all their concepts and ideas will be liquidated, utterly wiped out.
If this so called message is truly heard by an ardent spiritual seeker, there will be a sense of great loss, not gain.

Normally with the usual idea of spiritual awakening, there is a mis-perception that one is going to gain something.
If what is being said here is really taken on board, there will be at first great sadness and loss, the death of the false entity.
You will be relieved of the great conceptual burden that you have been carrying since time immemorial.
The death of the entity leaves a great emptiness in it’s wake.
Even though this is utter freedom; freedom from theknown, the dead past; this at first is a loss to the illusory person because, even though being a separate person is actually utter misery and suffering, this was all that entity ever knew.
Yes, even though I am miserable and limited, please don’t take my suffering and misery away because that is all I’ve got, and I’m going to hold on to it like grim death, in spite of what you or Nisargadatta or anyone else says.Let me assure you, no one is going to take your misery away, least of all me, but if you have had a gut full of this unnecessary psychological suffering, then perhaps these words might resonate very deeply with you and turn you around to look at what is keeping you in bondage.
Who was it that told you that you have been born and that at some future date you are going to die?Wasn’t it your parents originally, that told you all this nonsense?

“Anyone who loves his father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend, or even his own life more than me is not worthy of me.”
The me that is spoken about here is your own true Self – the non dual Absolute.
Wake up to your Self! – to Advaita – to non duality.
Don’t wait, don’t listen to any false guru, no one except your own Self can tell you if you are sinless or perfect.Who am I talking to?
I am not talking to any body or mind, I am talking to that deathless essence or non verbal I am-ness in you that I am.
This is awareness-knowing-ness talking to itself.
Everyone knows “I am”. but that I am is only a thought, however THAT by which I know I am is the great enlightenment that everyone is seeking, consciously or unconsciously.
I am THAT by which I know I am, is the whole of the teaching that is being expressed here.Be still and know that I am God ( THAT ). – be still and know – be still – be – that’s it in a nutshell.
What could be more simpler?
THIS is it – you don’t have to meditate, enquire, forgive your mother, fast, or stop eating choclate – This is it right now – hearing, seeing, breathing, being fullt aware and present.
Everlasting livingness – there is no one who has a life, there is only livingness, and this livingness-energy can’t know death.
Perfection can’t know imperfection ( life and death ).Even without a thought or concept, there is just a pure “isness”, you ‘ know ‘ you are, even if you don’t say I am.
This pure present knowingness, not knowing this or that. is what you always and ever are.
This Omniscience – all knowingness, can only know itself as an object when the consciousness manifesting as the body mind is available.

There is no one here or anywhere else who is not aware and knowing.
No one can know that they are a body-mind without this knowingness, so everyone, so called, is already THAT all knowingness.When the body-mind is not there, as in physical death, the knowing-ness is still there – all knowing without an object – the unlimited potential – boundless pure being – pure subjectivity without an object – knowing-ness is still there unknowingly.
This all knowing-ness doesn’t need to know itself, because there is nothing apart from itself to know.
One without a second as it is said in Advaita – utterly non-dual.When this is directly ap-perceived, you will realize that Reality never changed at all – that nothing ever happened at all, it only appeared to.
When self realization dawns for no one, you will realize that you were never born, nor have you carried out any worldly actions.

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