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How Did I Come To Be?

How did I come to be?
First there was nothing and then spontaneously, without request, this “Iam” news, like magic has appeared. – Once it appears, amazingly, unquestioningly, it is taken to be real. – Because of the Absolute you come to know that you are, it is the Truth which knows, in that knowingness is the universe itself, that knowingness is all pervasive.
Whatever Lord Dattatreya (the first of the Navanath Sampradaya) did,I need to do now, only times change – knowing-ness never does. – We point to Advaita or non-duality in all these meetings and conversations – so called.
Why should I be concerned with others or here say?
They don’t exist apart from the non dual Absolute.
Ishwara, holy spirit, the gods in heaven, and the suffering in hell, are all my reflection only.

I have and need no religion. – Before there can be any god, I ( the Absolute) have to be there first.I am the proof of god and not the other way round.
There is nothing simpler than One – non duality. – Whatever I say of myself is true of you also,because everything is THAT, non dual Absolute – One without a second.
This message is nothing new, it has been pointed to throughout the ages.
However it is rare to hear it this way – stripped bare, straight from the horses mouth – as is.
There is no pride of knowledge here, no desire to gain a following or protect any self-image, no copyright. – This naked non-conceptual awareness is self-shining, self-knowing, nothingness – emptyness.
It cannot be grasped by a concept – it is nothing you can see, hear, smell, taste or touch – yet it is because of this pure awareness presence, that all of these things are possible.
You never leave this pure awareness, you only imagine that you do. – Mind as memory and anticipation is pure illusion, Maya, or imagination. – Stop imagining, stop pretending to be what you are not – a limited bound creature and simply “be” what you are -nothing and nobody, just this pure livingness.

Anyone without a deep urge to know their true nature, will not even listen to something like this. – The mind as it is constituted, can’t bear simplicity or no-thingness.
This will always be rejected in main stream spirituality and religion.
The mind will immediately come up with concepts and try to cover this bare naked awareness-knowingness.
This truth is written in the scriptures, but it is told in the form of palpable and is not understood, taught, or known in the organized religions. – All the religions in the world today are only concepts, built around the direct knowingness and pure experiencing, of their founders or originators. – All these religions are only someone’s idea or concept, and are taught and propogated as such.
They are empty consolations and have no basis in truth or actuality.
eg: “The stone that the builder refused will ‘always’ be the head corner stone.” – This rejected cornerstone will always be the head cornerstone of the temple of Truth.
This is how the parable speaks, and it has to speak this way because truth or nothingness cannot be grasped with any concept – hence it “has” to be rejected by the limited mind of convention, because that mind hates this and wants and insists on lies and concepts – organised religion, consoling concepts to cover up this simple, obvious, naked truth or essence, that no one can ever be apart from, now or ever.

There is no time at all, time is only mind – a mental concept.”Now is the time of salvation” – another parable pointing to this.
What’s wrong with right now, if you don’t think about it? – Sailor Bob Adamson – another not so well known exponent of this natural knowing-ness.
“Look not to the fields and say three months to the harvest – look again, the fields are in full bloom now” – Jesus in the new testament.
If I have the idea that yes, at some future time I will get enlightenment – this itself is a trap, because as all jnani’s have pointed out – there is no future time, there is only and ever this timeless moment – now – Omnipresence.
What you are seeking you already are – this is the message of Nisargadatta Maharaj and Sri Dattatreya. – The essence of what they are didn’t appear and disappear – they haven’t gone anywhere – they are here now – OMNIPRESENT.

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2 Responses to How Did I Come To Be?

  1. Bob says:

    An infinite progression of unending space, an infinite progression of unending time both future and past, from this unending expansion of so called nothing I is precipitated. And no intellect that I’am aware of will ever wrap that into a conceptual framework for purposes of ownership, but at least we understand this. Except that our real self has no rational explanation other than a negation. Does this put a universal foot up bull craps butt? I feel it does. Mark I have no idea why your stuff resonates so well with me but thanks. My friends and family love me but think Im slightly out there if you get my drift.

  2. One says:

    Mark, thank you very much for the post. It contains many insights – the results of long-term inner spiritual work. I have no doubt that after formulating all this you felt that it deserved to be written down and by doing so you’d brought yourself one step higher on the Stairway to Heaven.