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Just “What Is”

There is just “what is”, always and ever.
There is no escape from what is nor anyone who needs to escape.
Who am I talking to when I say this, and who is saying it?
No one, it is just consciousness or “isness” talking to itself.
There is no benefit to anyone in this. – There is no profit or loss to anybody, so I am not talking to anybody or mind, there is just this I am-ness talking to itself. – Talking and listening, asking and answering just happen- nothing happens to me, the non dual Absolute.
Whether I exist or don’t exist, live a long time or not, doesn’t concern me.
I have no interest in being or non being, or even in nothingness or emptiness or what we call noumenon.
All these so called things are only of interest as long as the manifested being-ness or consciousness “I am” is present.

This consciousness of being a person and seeing a world is only possible while the food essence body-mind is in good order and is being supplied by a regular quantity of healthy and nourishing food and drink.
As long as that seed of consciousness, I am, is moist and nourished, you will experience this world and have all these concerns.
Once this seed is no longer moist and can no longer be sustained, this consciousness will disappear and merge into the
universal Consciousness. – This stateless state – Parabrahman – for your sake, I attach a label to it – is what is to be known and abided in.
This is what could be called heart to heart. – The words that are flowing out here are not coming from my intellect as such – they are coming from the heart of reality itself.
Heart means – this is the center, not the physical heart on the left, or the spiritual heart on the right, but from the very core of your being.
If they resonate, then you already know what I’m saying, so you are not getting anything from me personally.
This has nothing to do with Mark West or anyone else – this is utterly impersonal – though the words can seem to describe or point to it.

There is no me or you – there is only THAT, non dual Absolute communicating with Itself.
When this that I am pointing to presently is directly appercieved, you will never again fear a foe.
Then the riddle or mystery will be un-raveled and fully understood.
That is: from no- being to being and then again no – being.
How and why this happens will be fully revealed to you.
This alone is self – realization not god – realization.
The idea of god is there only when the manifested consciousness “I am” is present.
When the consciousness disappears and sets at the time of physical death, where is is the idea or need for god? God is only necessary or thought of when this fever (illusion) of being a
sentient human being or person comes over me and is mistakenly taken delivery of.
God is only necessary when the sense of duality or manifested consciousness is present – when this disappears there is no need for god, because I myself am God – the non dual Absolute.

How has this happened? – there was just bliss or nothingness – I didn’t know anything, I didn’t know I was – then for no known reason, and without my permission – this fever or sickness “I amness” came over me – I am So and So.
In my case, this fever or illusion of being a limited, separate, sentient human being has passed off and I am in my original or natural state of bliss or wholeness.
Call it grace, good luck or whatever, but this you can and must realize for yourself – you have to become your own proof of the non dual Absolute – there you will meet no other.

Not – two.

This may be misleading to a circumscribed intellect, so let it be seen (by no one) that the Absolute is not an object – a person, place or thing.
It is not an “it” – has no location, is Omnipresent – this is it – this is all there ever is – TAT TVAM ASI – thou art THAT.

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