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Let God Run the Universe

Vedanta is the study of the Vedas in Hinduism–The 4 principal Vedas are the core of their sacred scriptures. – Veda means the “word” of God or Truth as revealed to man. – However Vedanta itself means the end of the Vedas– the end of words or concepts. – What we point to in Advaita Vedanta is that the Vedas or sacred scriptures are powerless to reveal this Absolute, or what we commonly call God.
This is beyond words, so Advaita that we point to here is beyond or prior to, words, concepts, or the Vedas as such. Advaita Vedanta means the end of the Vedas-the end of words or concepts. – Also Advaita means total unicity-not two–In that how can there be two: one asking about another?
Realize that prior to the arising of a single word or thought, there “is” an unspeakable, unknowable essence that enables this present expression to take place.
Pause, just for a split second, and relax into that essence–Now without a thought or concept, what can you say about this Omnipresence?
You cannot say anything about it without a thought, yet undeniably it “is”- thought or no thought. -This Natural State or essence cannot be approached positively–you cannot say what it is–it is a mystery–unknowable by any entity or concept–yet you who are reading this cannot be apart from it.
Approach it negatively. – Neti Neti–not this, not this–not the body, not the mind.
Keep negating until you come to something that you cannot negate–I am–even without a word. – That itself leads you to the Mahavakya—the great Word or Upanishad– TAT TVAM ASI–Thou art THAT!–You “are” THAT—I am THAT, as Nisargadatta and other Jnanis’ proclaim.

You are what you are seeking.  Seeing that clearly the search for Truth is brought to an end. – You put an axe to the concepts at the very root, and firmly abide as That. – No more sprouting, no more rebirth can take place because you have gone to the very root. the source of the concepts and destroyed that root by firmly inhering and abiding in the state 3 days prior to conception. – This state or essence, prior to conception as a sentient human being, is your true eternal state–That state prevailed thousands of years ago, right now, thousands of years hence, it will prevail–It always and ever prevails. (It is state-less)
Know it and abide in it–all your problems will be solved and all your desires will be fulfilled. – The scriptural passage Proverbs3:56 “Lean not not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct thy paths” becomes true. – The true meaning of this statement doesn’t mean acknowledge some person–it simply means acknowledge this unspeakable essence that is living you, breathing you, thinking you, performing all your bodily functions, beating your heart etc, moving the galaxies–you don’t exist apart from it–you are being dreamed–a dream character.
Also “He will perfect that which concerneth me”. – You have no free will-“Take no thought for the morrow”. – Don’t try to reason anything out. – The answer is not in the mind. – This nothingness contains the mind, the mind doesn’t contain it. – So stop looking there.

No sage, saint, or saviour has ever touched this nothingness or Noumenon–no one, not – Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira or anyone else has ever gone beyond nothing or such-ness.
When this fully dawns you will realize that you were never born, nor have you carried out any worldly actions—everything that you ever thought you did or was done to you—never happened at all–all that you imagined you did was pure ignorance, dream and illusion.
This is the secret of the Siddhas –you’re just pissing in the wind–if you ever find a friend who tells you this and you take direct delivery of it, you will be blessed beyond words.
This is Salvation, Liberation, Nirvana,
the Kingdom of Heaven–accept it now if you can.
If there is still a you there wanting enlightenment–then this is also just what is–don’t fight with it–just notice it, be aware of it and in due course it will vanish by itself without any personal effort. – Stop playing God and let Him run the universe.

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    Let god run the universe very cool.