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ME is Conceptual

What can I do, where can I go when it is clearly seen that the “me” that I am referring to is only a mental conceptual entity? – If there were no Consciousness it would be impossible for me to have any thoughts or concepts. – So consciousness, awareness of presence, is fundamental to any sense of existence or non existence.
This conscious awareness is nothing in itself, it is the equivalent of space or emptiness, yet is is
the very sentience of all sentient beings. Space or pure space like awareness, has no center or circumference.
You cannot find a beginning to it – This empty cognizance is the fundamental reality and essence of all things.
This is basically what I am. – I am not a separate entity or thing. Things perish, they come and go,appear and disappear in this emptiness. – Everything in the manifestation is vibrating intelligence energy patterns.
Everything is basically energy,livingness – vibration – appearing as the manifest universe of so called separate entities.
This energy is infinite,boundless, whole, one without a second, as we say in Advaita.

Everything in the universe can be broken down into space or emptiness.
Everything is appearing in space and is nothing but space.
All that we are seeing is empty space appearing as people, animals, trees, mountains. – Space or awareness is unborn, boundless emptiness – energy,or pure intelligence.
So there is always the possibility that on hearing this message expounded and expressed, that there can be an undoing of this contraction called “me”, Mr and Mrs So and So, and a release into boundlessness.
This boundless essence, can never, ever be grasped by the limited mind of a human being.
It cannot be put into words – they can never hope to capture it – they can at best only point to it – This is it.
This is all there ever is. – Grace is – but not for any entity – hearing sounds, seeing sights, thoughts arising and passing away.
This very livingness – aliveness is all there is – wherever you go there is only this livingness or now-ness.

There is no coming or going except in the dream. – This livingness is everywhere, every when and it can’t know death – death is only for the character in the world dream.
Dream characters have no destiny or free will, except in the dream.Outside the dream, in awakening – Buddhahood, there are no people or things – there is no sun, moon,stars,or living beings. – Even within the dream or manifestation, this holds true.
Realize right now, that you are dreaming and being dreamed as this illusory entity and wake up! Don’t wait for another 1000 lifetimes. – Hear the words of the master issuing from the heart essence – “I am the self-luminous reality”.
Wake up and be free this very instant. – These boundless blessings flow from the glorious lineage of the Navanath Sampradaya – the group of 9 friends or masters reportedly beginning with Dattatreya, author of The Avadhuta Gita, back in antiquity; one truly great one from this same lineage, living in the last century, was Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, who I had the extreme good fortune to see, know, and love in this life.

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