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Natural State

Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. – When not altering it, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present. – Right here and now as you are reading these words, seeing is happening, hearing is happening, thinking etc is happening. – There is no one making it happen, yet it is happening by itself, so to speak. – So it is imperative to see, investigate, or realize that there is no entity as such, no “me” who is doing any of this. – The true implications of this fact are quite shocking–This means that in actuality, there is no entity that has ever or will ever do anything.–You as that entity, Mr So and So, have not done a darn thing–Yet, this fact is quite sobering and liberating, if it is truly seen and taken to heart.

Even though no one is doing anything–things still get done, actions happen, deeds are done but there is no personal doer involved in all this.- Therefore, it is this empty cognizance, or cognizing emptiness that is responsible for everything that happens or doesn’t happen. -This emptiness suffused with intelligence or knowing-ness is the ultimate doer or prime-mover. – This is the Natural State that Nisargadatta Maharaj would constantly and tirelessly point to. – No one can negate this presence of awareness or pure knowing-ness.
There is no one who is knowing, there is just knowing, seeing, functioning, feeling etc—This emptiness of one taste is the fundamental essence that is always and ever the same and whole – One without a second–non dual – non conceptual knowing-ness–Jhana Prajnana—heart essence.
Now even though everything perceivable or conceivable appears and disappears in this ultimate essence—the essence itself never changes–empty cognizance of one taste. – There is literally and actually no one home–no person or entity ever existed–everything is empty of a permanent self or “me”.
There is no such thing as an ego or person–all such apparent things are simply dream characters without any substance or independent nature of their own apart from this livingness, that you as the essence cannot negate–You cannot negate this essence and on the other hand you cannot grasp it with any idea, notion or thought.
If you are seeking it, you can never find it, because you “are” it. – So the search from this realization is a trap, because what you are seeking you already are, so how can you ever find yourself if you already are yourself?

You would have to split yourself in two–the seeker and the sought and that is impossible because your Self is whole – One without a second.
Moreover when you really inquire and have a good look–you cannot pinpoint the origin of anything in this world because everything is beyond arising, dwelling, and ceasing–unborn, un-originated.
Normally we think that a leaf is born in the Spring and dies in the Autumn, but actually that leaf has not been born, nor does it die–it was always present, and when the conditions become favorable ( the 5 elements-earth,water,fire,air,ether in the right combinations) it manifests.
So that leaf is never born and it never dies–and nor do we as these apparent entites.
So you who are reading this have never been born and you will never die.
This is the greatest good news that any imaginary person or entity could have-I am THAT.

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