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No One Gets Enlightened

It is necessary to see or notice that there is no one who gets enlightened.
Go along the lines that nothing can trouble you except in your own imagination.
This is the realization that there is actually no such thing as time.
This present moment is all there ever is – hearing sounds, mental conceptual images arising, endlessly changing and flowing sensations.  One seemingly follows a spontaneous chain of thoughts and a story develops to create an imaginary entity called “me”.
The story seems to possess a life of its own in a linear sequence – past,present,future – however there is no past or future except in imagination – there is always and ever only this present unfolding, this timeless instant right now.  This means that the past as such, has never happened, nor has the future, because it is always and ever this timeless now.In 60 years time it is NOW. – 2,000 years ago in Roman history is NOW.

So one can see that any and every “story” is just that – a story – an imagination – a recollection or an anticipation.
This means that there is no actual person who has any destiny or free will.
The “me”, the person as such is purely imaginary.The implications of this realization are explosive to the dreamed character.
This charade of being in control and running the show of one’s separate life is seen for what it is – a total fiction, an imagination, an illusion.There is nothing right or wrong with the appearance of a person or seeming sentient being.
This is just in the nature of manifestation – a spontaneous natural occurence.
However as soon as the I thought makes it’s appearance around the age of 3 years, there is a sense of loss or insufficiency.
Just a general sense of something missing or lacking.
Seeking starts from this point.
Not so much a spiritual search at this stage, but a longing to become whole or complete again.Everyone in the world is a seeker.
That is inevitable, because once this idea crystalizes into the certain conviction that I am a separate person – Mr or Mrs So and So, then that identity feels as though it could be threatened and then needs to be reinforced and made secure.  Stable job, home, loving family, nation, belief in god etc.

Now the majority of people seem to be happy or contented with the status quo – they are enjoying themselves and seem fully contented.However a small number of those so called people, who have everything that society deems desirable – success, fame, and everything that money can buy, find even this to be unsatisfactory and not fulfilling in an ultimate sense.
Those very people then commence what’s called the spiritual search, the search for a so-called higher power or reality, greater than their limited self or life.
They are then what we call genuine spiritual seekers or Sadhakas.  Sadhaka is a sanskrit term which means an ‘advanced’ seeker or spiritual aspirant (one that is very familiar looking at ‘this’ ).
This so called individual has an inclination, an intuition that there is something unlimited, boundless, infinite, that the worldly happiness and fullfillment can never equal and that the limited mind can never grasp – something that we commonly call God.This seeker ‘must’ and ‘ will’ continue to seek until he is annihilated and totally destroyed by the explosive shock of liberation or true spiritual awakening.

Let it be seen that this genuine awakening is not gradual, it is instantaneous and explosive.
There are thousands of spiritual experiences, but there is only ‘one’ spiritual awakening.When it happens one doesn’t have any words for it – it can’t be conveyed or explained to another, it can’t be taught to anyone, simply because this is directly seen to be redundant.  A mirage is insubstantial – reflections in a mirror can’t undertake to do away with themselves, help each other, or improve themselves.
The reason it can’t be taught or explained to another is because it is clearly apperceived that the so called other person is already that essence of all things, pretending or thinking that it is a separate entity.  Until the entity implodes spontaneously, or through grace of totality, is able to see the falseness of itself; it must continue to seek.
There is nothing good or bad about seeking, if it is taking place, it is just what is.
Seeking will continue, it cannot be stopped or started by any force of personal will.
The seeker has their head in the tiger’s mouth, and once this is the case one cannot escape ot turn back – one ( as a sense of separateness) is totally consumed by the Tiger – the tiger of Advaita – non duality.  This empty intelligent essence – Tao -suchness – this invisible changeless background in which everything appears and disappears is the unquestioned light in your own mind.
This LIGHT in oneself also includes darkness.Who would have suspected or even thought, that BUDDHA is the (source of the) LIGHT in your own mind? – you are THAT.

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