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Nothing Perceivable or Conceivable

Is there anything to know, anywhere to go, anything to do?
The answer is, no, there is not. -There is just this ever present being which is always and ever whole or complete in itself, what is referred to in Advaita as One without a second.
If there is no second or other to this being that you already are right here and now, who then is the separate person with destiny and free will that you presently and mistakenly take to be your identity?
Look into this for yourself and solve this riddle of apparent separation or sin, as it is referred to in some of the religious traditions. – Are you separate, are you a miserable sinner or a virtuous saint? – Perhaps you are neither? – Are you separate from the animating life force, or what we refer to as consciousness?

Is consciousness personal (yours or mine) or is it universal? – I think it is rather obvious that consciousness, sentience, nature or life itself is universal and isn’t the property of any person or individual.
No separate person or individual has control over life and death, so called.
Life has us, we as these seeming separate entities, don’t have it. – That means that we as these phenomenal objects, humans, animals, nature in general, are being lived or animated by this utterly impersonal life force or universal consciousness. – If this is fact is realized, it results in freedom from this bondage of self, this phantom entity “me” that we had been shoring up, protecting, and investing all of our energy into.
This frees everything up and life or living becomes an effortless, endless flow of pure functioning without beginning or ending – a timeless throb (Sphurana) of pure presence awareness. -This infinite vibration, this ever fresh, ever new, ceaseless I – I, this unbroken and formless I that is always and ever present, pure functioning, cognizing emptiness, is what you truly ‘are’. – THIS is nothing to the mind and that is why it is constantly being ignored.
THIS that is being pointed to is nothing perceivable or conceivable.

THIS emptiness suffused with awareness, this aware no thing cannot be understood or grasped by the mind of the so called individual simply because the mind as such is a thing, a bundle of memories, past experiences and concepts and it does not want to know or be introduced to this aware no thing which is the actual non dual Absolute or reality that alone can resolve or solve all problems and bring about genuine liberation and spiritual satisfaction.
The reason why the mind the mind doesn’t want to know about what is being pointed to here is that it will loose it’s illusory power and will no longer be running the show as it had always mistakenly assumed itself to be doing. – No “me”, no problem!
All problems are problems of relationship – “me” and the so called other, but if there is no me there with any substance or independent nature of it’s own, then how can there be any problems? The simple answer is – there can’t be!
THIS all-knowing presence awareness is no thing to the mind or the so called “me” of memory. -This reference point, this acquired me of dead memories, concepts and past experiences is invalid; it doesn’t exist when it is fearlessly looked into.
So when I say I like this or I don’t like something else, what is this ‘I’ that I am talking about? -Isn’t it just a dead image, a concept given by your parents and society to which you then added all the past events and experiences of your made up life story?

Have a good look at it, don’t just go off half baked, don’t run back into the mind of dead language and acquired thoughts, learning and concepts and say, yes, but what about this and what about my bad childhood etc, etc? That’s just a cop out, a load of make belief and untruth, because in truth nothing has happened at all. -THIS self-shining, non dual pure knowing awareness has never ever changed or been affected by anything; it’s undeniable. – intangible presence is enabling you to read these words here and now. -You have never left this all knowing awareness.
THIS is THAT non dual Absolute.
The TRUTH that makes you free, but do you want the TRUTH or do you prefer the lie of limitation (birth and death) and separation (sin)?

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