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Nothing Simpler

There can’t be even the slightest duality in this non duality that we point to in all these so called exchanges.
To know for certain,that no one ever did exist before me – and that I alone exist, non dual, One without a second,is all that truly needs to be seen.
Don’t I exist infinitely and eternally as this always present pure knowing awareness?
Can I recall a time when this awareness did not exist?
Now,whatever speculation is presented by the time bound mind,for example – 100 years back or 1000 years back, I did not exist, or I was not aware;where is this statement or speculation being presented from?
Isn’t this being said or presented because of the presence of this always present awareness?
This is what is to be re-cognized or realized and that is the actuality of the undeniable fact that you have never left this naked, non conceptual awareness and in the final analysis, that you are THAT non dual Absolute or reality that you have endlessly been seeking through your family,friends,society,guru,religion and all other extraneous factors.

You cannot negate or deny this self evident fact of your very own being.
This being (SAT) in sanskrit, that I always and ever am, this ineffable non dual essence that is enabling these very concepts to be expressed,is my very own.
I do not owe this empty all knowing essence of awareness that I truly am to my parents, society or any other external thing.
The fact of the matter is, that I, this impersonal, formless essence that I truly and ever am, am not the result of sexual intercourse between so called human beings.
This you must realize for yourself through thorough investigation or self inquiry.
You yourself must know this truth or reality, no one else can know it for you.
You cannot take what is being said on blind faith or unsubstantiated erroneous belief.
What is being pointed to is the truth that will make you free but do you earnestly want this boundless,unlimited freedom?
To have this,the “me”, the illusory self center Mr or Mrs So and So, must be seen to be non existent.
If you are not prepared to die,not physically but psychologically, then what is being said here is not for you.
Living and dying go together,but this essence that you truly are is deathless and changeless, nothing has ever touched or changed it in any way.

This alone is Advaita or non duality. – There is nothing simpler than this incontrovertible fact that there there is no such thing as duality at all; there is no duality in non duality, so what is it that needs to be done – and by whom?
Nothing and no one at all, even though the very opposite may appear to be the case.
Look, see and investigate that what appears and disappears is not you, the changeless pure being or essence.
Don’t you, as that aware essence or aware no thing, ever prevail?
Aren’t you there eternally and timelessly?
Can you ever recall a time when you, as this non conceptual presence of awareness were not there?
I think the answer is clear and obvious, as you cannot negate THIS that you truly are.
You cannot say – I am not, or I was not, as there is some inconceivable essence or presence there that is allowing you to say this.
Just realize or become aware of the fact that, yes, I am awake, I am aware and relax into this awareness that you always and already are and let it spontaneously live you, breath you and function you, quite effortlessly, as it has always and ever been doing anyway, in spite of all your so called personal efforts.

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