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Reality Never Changed

What capital do I actually possess? – Waking, dreaming, sleeping states, plus the knowledge “I am” – Mr So and So. – All this has to go, or be seen to be utterly redundant, before there can be Atmajnana – Self knowledge.
This consciousness of being a sentient human being, is being sustained and depends upon food essence juices, that are constantly being imbibed. – The body itself is simply the result of vegetation – food essence. – The body is nothing but the elements, and has no independent nature apart from the consciousness, which itself is time-bound. – It appears and disappears.
Where is the individual or separate entity called “me” in all of this?
It has to be seen clearly by no one, that there is no entity with any substance apart from the consciousness which is fully manifest. – The consciousness is ample.
Everything exists in the very light of your consciousness.
Consciousness “is” it’s content. – No object,thing or person can exist apart from it. – When it is looked at carefully, it is seen that everything “is” consciousness.

See the Mahavakya or Great word or statement of Hinduism – Advaita – PRAJNYANAM ASMI. – I am Consciousness.
However, who is it that knows the consciousness? – that “must” be found out before the mystery will resolve itself.
Become one with the I am-ness, the fully manifested consciousness or being-ness, then you can transcend it, then “I” the Absolute, am not the I am.
Be devoted to yourself – I am THAT(ATMAN).
Another Mahavakya or Great Word is -AYAM ATMA BRAHMA –
This SELF is all REALITY.
“Be one with consciousness,worship it like God or Guru, and it will be pleased with you – this is Grace. – Grace is always present, but not in the form of an individual.” -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
The one who is up to his or her neck in water, claims that they are thirsty. – If you drink this water that “I am” is giving you, you will never thirst again.

The one who is thirsting is the son of a barren woman. – He never existed, he is a phantom, an illusion, a reflection, like the moon seen in water; not real even for an instant. – Hold one pointedly to this train of thought, and the belief that there is a separate entity is dissipated, and liberation is attained.
When this is realized there is a seeming energetic shift, from contraction and self-imprisonment in this cage like fleshly body, into boundlessness.
This is true freedom and liberation – to know that there is no person here who needs to be liberated – there never has been and there never will be.
Reality never changed – why did you change, oh man or woman? -If Reality never changed, which “I” the non dual Absolute now claim – then nothing ever happened!
Nothing has ever happened at all.
All this time, so called, you’ve simply been duped by illusion.
You ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (duality) and were expelled from the Garden of Eden.
But this event never really happened – it only appeared to happen, and you have been taken in by appearance.
Wakey, wakey!
Wake up right this instant!

The manifest universe has never really been created – it is unborn, uncreated, it only appears to be born.
This world is simply the shadow of Reality.
The world is your own reflection.
The world is in You the Absolute, you are not in it.
Stop taking the appearance to be real and reality is already here and now.
All problems are resolved in the unborn, why swap the unborn for thought?
Trying unsuccessfully to find the answer in the mind, in the thinking – you never will be able to find one there.
This is the fruit of Satsang – association with the wise – Sat – pure being – Nisargadatta – your true natural stateless state.
Nature is not concerned whether it is hot or cold, wet or dry.
Nature is infinite, boundless, untamed, wild, unconcerned with anything whatsoever.
Every living thing, no matter how great, famous, or important, must return to the wild, must become nothing!

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