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See For Yourself

Where to start? – Start from the fact that here and now there is (a) presence of awareness which can not under any circumstances be negated. – You know “I am”- but since when did you know or have this consciousness “I am’? — Also this consciousness”I am” is a temporary thing; it comes and goes. – When it comes it’s called birth and when it goes it’s called death; but my question is – who knows this? – Who is aware of these happenings which we are all are witnessing from day to day?

Isn’t there (an) awareness of the very sentience or consciousness that we are all enjoying presently? -Isn’t everything appearing and disappearing on and in this pure awareness or knowing-ness; this changeless background? – Now this awareness is ever present or
Omnipresent because it allows me to say “I am” – It is totally impersonal and invisible and no matter how hard you try, you cannot notice It or see It as an object.

– This pure non dual awareness or knowing-ness has always and ever been with you, but you as that imagined entity “me” have through inadvertence been ignoring it and “this” is the very ignorance that is keeping you in bondage. – This pure awareness which is your Natural or Original State or condition is neither sentient nor insentient.

Please note that all these words I am using are only concepts or pointers, they are not (the) Reality itself – that being said, we can use the words instead of ‘the words using us’. – So if what we have just pointed out is the Truth or Reality that ever seeker is seeking and I can assure you from direct experience that it is;- then this person or sentient human being that I had prior to this realization taken myself to be, is totally false or illusory. -So with just a simple looking I see that what was born is this consciousness or concept “I am” and that is what is going to die, and that can die right now if I actually see that it is false – So this pure awareness unaware of itself is my true or Natural State.

It can only know itself when a vehicle ie body-mind organism, consciousness is present or available. – And truly this pure awareness is here and now untouched and totally unaffected – it is birth-less, deathless, body-less, mind-less, time-less, and space-less and I, the true formless I am That – Right from the beginning -nothing(no thing) is -nothing has ever existed apart from That.

This is self realization not god realization, because that will get you nowhere.

I have never seen any god I am only telling you about myself.

Before there can be any God you the Self or non dual Absolute have to be their first. -You are the proof of God not the other way round.- You as pure awareness are prior to everything and that includes the ‘knower’ of it.- This is wisdom and self knowledge. – Nisargadatta Maharaj told me the only way you can help anyone is to take them beyond the need for further help and he did that by showing me what I was not….this body and mind. – He did not and could not show me or explain to me what is the Truth or actual Reality of all things. because That cannot be put into words or seen as an object. – I had to do my own inner work and see the Truth for myself. – See and acknowledge this present awareness that you cannot negate or grasp and you too will be beyond the need for further help. – No guru, new age spiritual master, or outer teacher can do it for you, you have to see it for yourself………….

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  1. Ron Dowd says:

    Thanks Mark, I love this piece. I couldn’t come to your meeting last night but will be there next week.