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Suffering is Unnecessary

Nirvana is the highest happiness – bliss – what the scripture refer’s to as the peace that passes all understanding – when you don’t know you are – the beingness has been transcended.
So long as there is interest in, and attachment to this beingness – wanting things to be different – feeling incomplete – wanting some thing – then this non dual essence is seemingly obsecured or not fully abided in.
Look and see who it is that is not complete – investigate for yourself and find the seeker.
Then the whole mystery is cleared up.
When you earnestly search for the seeker, you cannot locate or find it -it never existed – it’s a phantom.
This non existent phantom, prior to investigation, was the cause of a lot of unnecessary suffering, anxiety and endless conflict.

Ancients like Buddha, as well as contemporary Jnani’s like Nisargadatta Maharaj, tell us that this psychological suffering is unnecessary.
This cage that I had built around myself – a cage of words and concepts – the bondage of self – is non existent and without substance – if it is looked into.
Freedom is here for the taking – the release from contraction into boundlessness.
You were never that limited entity or person that you had taken yourself to be.
This is effortless – what effort are you making to be aware right now?
None, you already “are” what you are seeking.
In that inner core, that knowing-ness or “I am ness” there are no cages or shackles.
Once it is understood that I am is purely I am -formless – and not that shackled body form – then no liberation is called for.
To be stabilized in that being-ness, which has no name and form,that itself is liberation.
That which is de-conditioned from name and form is “PARAMATMAN” – UNIVERSAL ESSENCE.The vital force or prana is universal, it can’t know death – it has no shape or form – it is universal energy.
The corpse like physical body is only seemingly alive because of this vital breath.

Know and realize that you are this universal essence, life force or livingness, and not just this fleshly body-mind.
This is the primary obstacle to self realization – thinking that you are this body-mind (memory etc) and identifying with it, instead of the living vital force essence that is animating it, and allowing it to say and think “I am a separate person or individual.”
This is delusion,pride and ego – doer-ship. – You are the deathless animating essence, unlimited by any shape or form.
The vital breath is not confined to the body. – All the elements are moved, operated by the vital breath,but because it is inside the body you call it prana.
This vital breath is a vital energy and that qualitative principal is the “knowing-ness” that is in the vital breath.
Vitalness, intelligence energy,principal,spirit – that is what you are -not this limited body-mind entity, called Jiva or individual soul.
In order to know this, no effort needs to be made – just a clear seeing,knowing.
What effort am I making to be aware and present right now? – None at all.

When effort’s are needed effort’s will happen – when effortlessness is needed that will assert itself.
Everything happens spontaneously – effortless effort. – This pure functioning is being witnessed by no one.
Everything is unborn, unceasing, utterly non dual, without any origination or source as such.
This is utter freedom and effortless living. – Self knowledge and self realization.
I am the self luminous Reality. – The sun doesn’t need another light to make it shine – it is self shining
and your true nature or natural state is self knowing.

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