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The Absolute State cannot be obtained

How did I come to be? – Do I personally play any part in the appearance and disappearance of this consciousness “I am”, or did all this play ( Lila ) of consciousness and it’s content come about spontaneously without any volition, choice, or knowledge of any so called separate individual?
The consciousness itself is fully manifest.
Everything exists in the light of this conscious knowing-ness.
In other words consciousness is everything there is.
It is important to see that there is nothing apart from consciousness and no object,person or thing can exist apart from this conscious presence.Consciousness is it’s content, therefore nothing has ever existed,because for something to exist permanently it would have to be apart or separate from consciousness and this is an impossibility, for everything is consciousness as we have just pointed out.
This consciousness expressing as the concept I am So and So, is illusory, time bound, impermanent.There is no thought or concept that can stand on it’s own apart from the being-ness – consciousness which is itself time – bound.However THAT which knows the consciousness is the reality or non-dual Absolute that everyone, so called is seeking.

All the play in the consciousness including the illusory separate individuals and the phenomenal universe is Maya – ignorance.
So when the consciousness disappears do I who know this disappear? Whatever is happening from the Absolute standpoint, without the knowledge “I am”, is very profound,unlimited,expansive.
This is what is to be abided in, not by any entity or person, but by the apperception that there is only One state or reality, not two.
This is genuine Advaita (Unicity).There is no compromise, simply because there ‘is’ no duality in non-duality.In the Absolute the I am-ness arises spontaneously and then experience of duality takes place.
In the Absolute there is no individuality, no memory that I am this or that, but there is a continual stirring,an endless activity or movement without beginning or end, and this the mind of the individual or person (so called) can never comprehend.The Absolute state, so called cannot be obtained.
THAT is your state – THIS is it.

To the Absolute state witnessing of the consciousness happens.
Nothing needs to be done by anyone, just be as you are in this natural stateless state,unperturbed by the ceaseless arising and passing away of conceptual thoughts and images.What remembers and forgets is not you.
You are the changeless background or screen upon which all these changing things of phenomena, are projected.
Do not think of even the actual act of seeing all these changing things of life, birth, death and phenomena, but rather of THAT which makes all these things possible.
Keep your mind fixed on THAT Omnipresence that is untouched any passing thought, thing or fancy.
This may seem impossible at first,because of the incessant habit energy of belief that has been invested in these conceptual thoughts and images.However the false can not stand up to investigation, and when the falseness of these changing phenomena are directly seen,they will lose their power to distract from this ever present awareness,that prior to this investigation had been ignored, taken for granted, or simply overlooked.

Relax without conception or reference point in un-distracted non meditation.
Don’t even bother to meditate.If there is no distraction – moving away in thought from this Omnipresent I am-ness, then meditation is spontaneously taking place – the meditation of being, or what in Dzogchen, the highest expression of Buddhism refers to as ‘un-distracted non-meditation’. – Effortless presence with what is!Meditation is your natural condition, and it is taking place ceaselessly, like oil being poured into oil – an endless unbroken movement without beginning or ending.
Nirvana is extinction – no permanent entity or thing to meditate or not meditate – unborn,unceasing beyond all transformation – the highest happiness, the peace that passes all understanding – the Buddha smile – the unborn Buddha mind or essence which Nisargadatta Maharaj calls your natural state.
Why swap THIS for thought, trying unsuccessfully to find this boundless space of non conceptual knowing awareness which cannot be found because it was never lost, as it is every-where – every-when?

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2 Responses to The Absolute State cannot be obtained

  1. Damien says:

    Greetings Mark

    Myself and a friend would like to join you for your Thursday evening event. We heard about this from a fellow friend, Mark O’Leary.

    Could you provide the address please? (Mark O’L just goes there – no address) And the time – from memory 7:00pm? And anything else we could know.


  2. John Ross says:

    I hate to be the only one in the room to mention that there is an elephant farting and urinating all over the floor. Though I have existed for eternity in ‘un-distracted non-meditation’, observing the ever-changing – though not different – phenomena flicker across the screen, Nirvana is not my abode. It is not my abode because this consciousness expressing as the concept I am So and So – ever so illusory and fossilized in the sands of time, soon to be extinct – is Why. Is there not – albeit not available to “me” – a reason/purpose to the ceaseless arising and passing away of conceptual thoughts and images – these phenomena? Why must there be a constant stirring of the Omnipresence, splashing an atom of itself into/onto this universe, creating beings to then dance – with partners of pleasure and pain – to the only conclusion available to it: conscious (not consciousness) extinction. Is this play, is it energy creation, is it experience gathering to preclude timeless boredom, is it character building for the Omnipresence? Yes, ignorant I am as “I” am but a time bound, illusory, ever so impermanent being, bitter at the gift of extinction bequeathed to me by the Omnipresence. Yes “I” am the bastard child of the Omnipresence from the barren woman…is there no one to help, not even to talk to me?

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