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The Answer Is Not In The Mind

The corner stone of every religion or genuine spiritual teaching is this ordinary everyday naked non-conceptual awareness that is common to all.
However this ever-present knowingness, “isness”, is always rejected by the conventional mind.
(It only appears to be rejected and that mind has no power of itself to reject or accept)
The mind as it is constituted cannot bear simplicity.
It hates this simple naked presence-awareness, because the mind as it is, is time – a bunch of dead memories and worn out concepts, and it seeks straight away to cover up this obvious awareness with a smoke screen or veil of ideas, dogmas, rules or admonitions, which it calls Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and a hundred other isms’.
You don’t have to do anything to reach the Kingdom of Heaven of Christianity or the Pure Land of Buddhism.
How far do you have to go to reach space? You are already in it! – This is it right here and now – you’ve never left it, you only ‘ think’ you have.
No one can say “I am not” because it’s this naked awareness that is allowing you to say it.

Realize that this naked awareness that you already are is always present, unoriginated, un-ceasing.
This activity of knowing that you are didn’t have any beginning, so it can have no ending.
Beginning and ending are in time, which doesn’t exist.
There is only THIS Omnipresence.
Once the “I” thought comes over us around the age of 3 years there is from then onwards a sense of incompleteness, sin or separation.
I and the other.
As soon as the consciousness begins operating. separation becomes seemingly entrenched and an everlasting search for wholeness or completeness begins.
Everyone in the world is a seeker either consciously or un-consciously.
There is this continuous sense of lack or something missing.
This sense of lack is reinforced by everyone and everything in the world.

If you look at the world in general, it’s whole purpose is to uphold and continue this restless becoming, and endless desire for even more – fame, success, money, sex, possessions etc.
However no matter how much one gains, amasses or accumulates, it will never be enough and can never make us whole or complete; because on earnest investigation you will find that you were never separate in the first place.
This Divine Spirit that is animating your body-mind “is” what you are seeking.
THIS is closer that hands and feet, nearer than breathing, but through the practiced habit of identifying with the body-mind organism, it is being ignored.
However it has to be realized that in liberation, there is no awareness of anything.
Awareness in the ordinary sense of the term, or even consciousness, does imply duality, because there is still awareness of someone or some thing.
Pure, impersonal awareness, unaware of itself is the Absolute.
Immortality is beyond time and space; in that timeless existence (SAT or pure BEING – beyond being and non being) there is no entry for the five elements, for light or darkness, for the Sun, Moon, or Planets.
Timeless spaceless existence doesn’t know that it is.
THAT is reality, THAT is the truth.
If there is awareness of objects, perceiver and perceived, people and animals that need to be converted or saved etc, this is duality, maya, delusion.

This is not liberation or true awakening.
This rare uncompromising pointing or message is pure Advaita and is radically different from what is put forward as Advaita at present in popular culture and most so called spiritual teachings.
This energetic shift from the contraction of being a separate “me” out into boundlessness is always a possibility when this genuine teaching or message is being expounded.
The realization or even the hint of the possibility that there is no one writing these words and that there is no person sitting in this room, or anywhere else for that matter, is utter freedom.
THIS is it, nothing has to be accomplished, there is nowhere to
Living just happens by itself, you as that entity don’t need to make it happen.
Everything happens in spite of the illusory entity “me” who thinks mistakenly that he or she is running the show and has destiny and free will.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
No one has control over life and death, so called – the appearance and disappearance of objects and things in this changeless, deathless non dual Absolute.
This activity of knowing, this pure life force or infinite energy, is an endless movement without beginning or end.
The mind as such, is only a by product or reflection of this boundless everlasting life energy, and so can never know or capture it.
A reflection doesn’t affect or contaminate the mirror it appears on.
A shadow can’t know it’s (own) substance.
Therefore it must be said by no one, that the answer or solution to this mystery of true identity is definitely not to be found in the mind.
This is all the truth that anyone needs to know.

If the incessant and constant looking and searching, seeking in the mind stops or ceases, then Reality or non duality is present here and now – Omnipresent – THIS is it.
It is so simple that it is constantly over-looked.
All this time, so called, that you were seeking God Truth or Reality in the mind
(time) you had never ever left it.
There was no fall from grace or expulsion from Paradise, from the Garden of Eden, after eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
This event never happened, it only appeared to.
Nothing ever happened at all – Reality never changed.
Reality is THAT which never changes.
Be assured that you are THAT.

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