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The Supreme Principle

What we point to here in these or any gatherings is undivided empty cognizance of One Taste, suffused with knowing, or what Nisargadatta calls the Natural State. – There is nobody reading or listening to this who is not aware or conscious. – This present fresh wakefulness that everyone is already enjoying is what we call in Dzogchen (the very highest expression of Buddhism) – Rigpa – Emptiness suffused with awareness – The Great Perfection.

So let us start from the “fact” that we “are” That. – The Great Perfection or Natural State is already present and is our own true essence – This is the ‘pointing out’ – an instruction -acknowledge that simple fact that you are present and aware – that pure knowing-ness is non dual, effortlessly arising, pure from the very beginning and is the primordial Buddhahood. (Buddha means ‘awake’)
There is nothing to do or become. – ‘Becoming’ implies ‘change’ and ‘time’. – Just realize I am That ‘I am’ (presence) and be what you already are – You cannot say “I am not”. – Realize that here and now, without a concept, there is just a pure knowing-ness or “is” ness.
Now this pure “is”ness is what everyone is seeking and yet they already “are”, so this seeking is like a dog chasing it own tail – Seeking must take place in the mind – which is time (process).

The pure awareness that everyone is already enjoying is timelessly present, or as the Ancient’s say Omnipresent – So mind or time is only a mental concept – There is nothing inherently wrong with concepts ,they are useful but they are only pointers – This pure awareness that everyone is enjoying is there prior to and after any and every concept – So this non conceptual awareness “is” The Great Perfection of Dzogchen and is our true essence here and now – So it must be seen from this logical step by step inquiry that the search for Truth, God, or enlightenment is a trap, as we are already That – However no one can see it for anyone else – each must see it for him or her self, so to speak.

So I say happy hunting – closer than hands and feet – can’t see the forest for the trees – there is only seeing, hearing. etc, there is no seer or hearer etc – The answer is not in the mind. so stop looking there – full stop! – Find the seeker – have a good look and everything will resolve itself and be clear – Everything is happening spontaneously, without a doer – you so called are being lived period.
Realize that you are the pure awareness – The Supreme Principal, beyond mind and body and abide as That.

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