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Thou Art THAT

What we talk about here is something that can’t really be talked about at all. – It cannot be expressed in words or concepts, but language is the only tool we have at our disposal to point to THIS. – The words we are using are not the actuality but are useful simply as pointers to what is. – Call it Advaita, non-duality, Truth or any other concept you would like to apply to this ever-present awareness – knowingness that you cannot negate or deny. What is being said presents a whopping paradox to the everyday acquired mind or what we refer to as the “me” of memory. – This ordinary mind that we make use of to function in everyday life, tries to make sense of everything and uses logic and acquired knowledge to know about the external world of things in order to be able to control things and events so that it can feel safe and secure.

The mind as we generally refer to it is a thing, a bunch of memories and concepts, and being a thing it doesn’t want to know about, and can never grasp, nothing or this aware no thing of pure ever present non conceptual awareness – such-ness that constitutes the truth of non-duality called Advaita. – As long as this illusory entity “me” is not seen through, all your actions will reinforce and perpetuate the seeming reality of this separate person or entity. – This activity is neither good or bad, it is just what is – pure ignorance masquerading as knowledge.There are no real people at all, they are simply dream characters, images appearing on the screen of this aware no thing; without any substance or independent nature at all, apart from this empty awareness, which is nothing at all to the acquired mind of man, so called. – On investigation you will find that there is no separate independent entity that has ever done anything. – Yes, that’s it, nothing has ever happened – it only seemed to.

The manifest universe is appearance only; it is unreal, illusionary, like the reflection of the moon seen in a pool of water.The story of your life is just that, a story, it is imaginary. – There is no one there ever, there is just this boundless, empty, pure aware no thing. – So you as the entity can’t meditate or become enlightened, you can’t do anything, you are being done. – Whatever seemingly happens is what is meant to happen. – There are no mistakes because there is no independent entity there to make a mistake. – This completely confounds the educated mind. – The mind hates this and will do everything it can to resist or avoid what is being said here. – However if this is being read or heard it is already too late to turn back to duality, Maya, or delusion because your head is in the tiger’s mouth, and once in the tiger’s mouth of Advaita there can never be any escape.A cardinal rule of what is being expounded is that you will never find or solve the profound mystery of existence by looking in the mind. – The answer is not in the mind – so full stop! Stop trying to reason out or grasp the ungraspable. – Give up this mental gymnastics. – Stop thinking that at some future time I will be fulfilled and find what I am endlessly seeking through my wife, husband, family, nation, culture, religion or any other imaginary external thing.Your happiness or salvation does not lie in any external person or thing. – It is already with you, it is you. – The Mahavakya or great word of Hinduism, of Advaita is TAT TVAM ASI – Thou Art THAT.

You already are THAT non-dual pure essence that you are seeking. – This is so obvious, so simple, that you have been ignoring this self-shining empty cognisance that is your natural stateless state. – Whenever you think, usually it is always in duality, you always think on another – eg Joe, Julie, or some other so called person or thing. – Try to think on yourself and see what happens! I know a lot about others, history, science, technology, medicine, etc – all hearsay, acquired second hand – intellectual knowledge – mind stuff, but who or what am I? When you are turned around and begin to look along these lines, along the lines of Advaita, your progress, so called will be very swift.

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