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What I Am

What I am in the absolute sense, is not possible to convey in any words. – In that ultimate awareness, nobody has any consciousness of being present. –
The presence itself is not there in the absolute. – The Absolute is Nirvana – no thing – no knowingness – extinction – no permanent self or individual.
This is what is to be abide-d in and real-ized – not by any entity or person, but by the “fact” that here and now this Absolute cannot be negated.
This very reality enables and empowers the dreamed character, the apparent sentient human being to appear.
It has no substance or independent nature apart from this unknowable and undeniable Absolute.
And this is the very ignorance – that to the so called person, this self-existing Absolute or Reality, doesn’t exist and is invisible,
and the illusory body-mind person, is taken to be real without question – the real is seen as unreal, and the unreal is seen as real.
This is the greatest mystery – That being the Self or Reality, one has lost hold of it, by falsely identifying with the body-mind,
and is now seeking it.
How can this be? – The answer is that it can’t be – nothing has happened at all – Reality can’t change – what changes is phenomena or dream.
This simply has to be seen, by no one. – No attempt to awaken within the world dream is necessary.

Just see this dream as dream and awakening will happen by itself. – There is no one who awakens or is enlightened –
You, the Absolute are always and ever aware. – You never change.
Sleeping and awakening happen in You, not you in them.- What remembers, understands, or forgets is not You.
You the Absolute remain unchanged, always and ever. – Understanding is a subtle form of seeking.
The universe is in You, the Absolute, not You in the universe. – You are more than you appear to be – all the world’s strength and
power rests inside You.
Don’t get caught in words.- They are only concepts or pointers. -For You there is no birth or death, no inside or outside. – You are nothing
perceivable or conceivable – unspeakable emptiness-fullness.
Here at this talking point the words have exhausted themselves and subside into the empty essence – ” To remain without thought in
the waking state is the greatest worship ” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
This Love is impersonal, all inclusive. – Grace “is” – I am That – you are That – all is THAT.

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