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Where am I located?

What is my true position? – Where am I actually located? – Isn’t it a fact that I exist in and as space itself? – Does space have any centre or circumference? – For anything to exist it would have to be in space, and space itself is nothing, it has no location and is all pervasive. Everything arises and is finally subsumed in that sky like space. – This space that you are seeing right in front of you is indestructible and invulnerable because it has no dimensions and is nothing or no thing. – Things perish, but the space that they are appearing in is imperishable – vast emptiness that wasn’t created by anyone or anything.This space-like awareness which expresses through the mind as the thought “I am” is formless.

The basis of this knowledge “I am” is unborn empty-awareness-knowing-ness. – True knowledge (Janna) has no shape or form. – I am THAT by which I know I am. – I am infinitely and eternally without any shape or form; nothing can touch me or know me because I alone Am – One without a second. – THIS activity of knowing, the knowledge “I am”, doesn’t have any shape, form, or design. – Trace any thought back to its origin, there you have all the love, all the power, all the knowledge and abundance you can ever need. – Eg: you are! Always and ever.Realize that what you are seeking – perfection – you already are. – The concept or thought “I am’ is the news spontaneously announcing your true condition or natural state of perfection, which in fact, you have never left. – Have a look at that – I am is not I was ( past ) or I will be ( future ), but I am here and now Absolutely and eternally – before Abraham was I am. – A step closer – before Jesus Christ was I am. – I am always and ever, and so are you. – I am THAT, you are THAT, there is nothing now or ever that is not THAT. – Isn’t this clear and obvious to no one by now?You know ‘ you are ‘. – That is the teaching in a nutshell. – Has anyone ever left that pure being-ness (Sat)? – Can anyone negate their being-ness? – It is quite obvious that they cannot. – However Being-ness or the non dual Absolute cannot know itself objectively

That which is seeking is that which is sought. – Objectively it’s not there. – That’s why you will never find the answer you are seeking in the mind, because you cannot find something that you have never lost – your own Being, your true identity – I am.You are not what you have taken yourself to be – this corpse like physical body and it’s illusory mind – the “me” of memory. – The past is dead and never really happened, so who are you? – What do you hope to achieve? – From where have you come and to where are you proceeding? – Ask these questions of yourself and the vice-like grip of the illusory self-centre will loose its hold on you and fall away without any effort on your part, leaving you here and now, Omnipresent, awake, and aware as you have always been.You have never left this presence awareness except in conceptual speculation and memory. – Even then when the past is being recalled or the future is being anticipated, this is only happening presently. – You never actually go to the future or return to the past except in conceptual thinking (mind). – You can never live in the past or future, you can only live presently.

The past is dead and the future has not yet arrived.When the future arrives it will be presently – NOW. – This is the only instant there ever is, there is no other time but now no matter what position the hands of the clock are in, and every instant is the best instant, the first instant of knowing, ever fresh, ever new, uncontaminated by any imaginationThe Omnipresent, unchanging equal-ness of this space like activity of pure knowing is Advaita. – This knowing has nothing to do with the knowing of the mind which is time, past and future, knowing facts like this or that, he or she, the duality of phenomena. – No one can negate this presence of awareness nor can it be grasped with a thought or concept. – Therefore it is immediately seen to be true, as it is continually pointed out and alluded to in Advaita, that you will never find the answer to the riddle of existence and non existence in the mind as such. – This is all anyone, so called, needs to know.

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