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Where Are You Seeing From?

Where to go? – what to do? – when everything is seen in the clear, empty space of pure presence awareness?
See where you are looking from and you will notice that everything moves around you – but there is stillness and emptiness from which everything is being seen – nothing moves at all right there where you are, at ‘0’ degrees of separation.  Where you are seeing from is totally stationary and never moves or changes at all.
This is the still changeless background that makes possible all (seeming) movement and change.When you are walking down a corridor, notice that in actuality, the corridor is walking down you – you as the emptiness- wholeness are still and never move or change at all.  When you are traveling in a motor vehicle or flying in a jet aircraft, it is only the vehicles that are moving, while you remain stationary and changeless. – That seemingly tiny pin prick or bindu “I am” contains all of reality – all that ever existed or will exist.Instead of being a limited bound creature, as you had taken yourself to be – you turn out to be something infinitely great – greater even than the God that you had believed was ruling over you.  We cannot even call this emptiness – wholeness, that we are actually seeing from; large, great or small, because really it has no dimensions, and is timelessly here and now – Omnipresent.This is what you are – boundless, awareness-knowing-ness.

If the implications of what is being pointed to really jell, then there is a release from the bondage of self – the entity or contraction called “me”, into boundlessness.It must be seen however that you already are boundlessness – therefore language itself-words-are limited – they are only pointers. – Don’t try to follow the words themselves, rather, just get a feel for what the words are describing – then there is always a possibility of an energetic shift from contraction – limited perspective to unlimited perspective ( pure witnessing, without any entity doing the witnessing ).This boundlessness – empty cognizance, is always and ever present.
This boundless pure knowing-ness is what everything already “is”.
Because of this Omnipotence – boundlessness, objects sentient and insentient are seemingly appearing and disappearing ( the world dream Jaganmaya ).

However everything that appears is nothing other than this one universal essence or Such-ness, itself appearing as other – this boundless natural essence can never be limited or confined to any shape or form.
Therefore it has to be clearly apperceived, that there is no separate entity or thing, even though there may appear, in this dream like consciousness to be such persons or things.The people you are seemingly seeing are apparitions, mental concepts, phantoms.There are no real people at all, there is only boundlessness – empty cognizance – cognizing emptiness.This alone is true liberation or self-realization – freedom from the bondage of self – freedom from this self contraction of being a VIP a “me” a self-satisfied separate person or entity.The freedom to be what you are – nothing and nobody – pure empty cognizance.This is utter freedom and effortless living and you already are THAT, so how can you find it?

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