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Who am I?

Who am I? – Whence am I? – Has anything happened in reality or have I simply been duped by illusion? – When I look for myself I can’t find myself as any separate entity or thing, there just seems to be empty space or boundless presence without any entity that knows this pure being or presence.

So isn’t it a fact that I am nothing perceivable or conceivable, yet I still am? – Nothing can know me or fathom me because I contain all – the sword can’t cut me, the fire can’t burn me, the wind can’t dry me, the water can’t drown me, simply because I contain all these things, they don’t contain me as I am non-dual, One without any second at all.What is true of me is also true of you who are seemingly hearing this pointing out instruction.
Know this truth for yourself and THAT will make you free, not any external guru or thing.
Nothing has ever touched me as THAT and I am infinitely expansive without any beginning or ending.
When you see me dead I am more alive than ever, and when you see me as a living body-mind I am dead as that; how muddled up you are!

It is your own reflection as mind or consciousness that has caused this confusion or psychological suffering, no one else is doing anything to you or causing you suffering or unhappiness.Realize that you will never find any solution or answer to the riddle of existence in the mind of memory and anticipation. -This acquired mind is a useful tool for functioning in daily life, but it is worse than useless as an instrument for discovering your true nature or ultimate reality.
The mind or “me” as such is made up of ideas and concepts and has no substance or independent existence apart from this space of pure knowing awareness upon which it is appearing like a reflection in a mirror.
This mirror like knowing presence is ineffable and unknowable and certainly cannot be grasped by any person, concept or thing.Once this is clearly seen by no one, all attempts at grasping, understanding or knowing this boundless space of awareness fall away spontaneously and you are left here and now present and aware as you have always been.
You, even though there ‘is’ no you, (I still have to use words to point to THIS) leave everything ‘ as it is’, unaltered, unmodified, uncorrected, without preference, partiality, or comparison.
You cease running the show and playing god and let THIS conscious presence – awareness, which you already are, run the universe.It is clearly seen that there isn’t any entity there to control or do anything. – A bit hard to swallow at one go isn’t it?
It puts a bit of a dent in the old pride and demolishes the fictitious story of your life that you have been boring everyone with for so long.

This destiny or story is totally false and there has been no entity that has ever done anything.
You are not beating your heart, digesting your food or circulating your blood, this is all taking place quite spontaneously in spite of, rather than because of you as that ego or entity.Do I want to hear all this; am I ready to hear this? – If you are still with this pointing out, then there may be a resonation with what is being said.
If this is resonating at your end then you already know the truth of what is being said and you are not getting anything from me personally.
Everyone (so-called) already knows THIS. – This is definitely known by everyone but it has seemingly been forgotten.
Even the learning’s of a lifetime can’t stand up once that bell starts to ring.
If this rings a bell with you then you know the truth for yourself.
There is resonation with what is being pointed out. I am that ringing bell of utter freedom and effortless living.
Wake up right this instant, this very first and only instant, and be what you are – the non-dual Absolute.

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