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“You Are” – Infinitely and Eternally

Do I come from anywhere, and do I go anywhere, and who and what is the nature of this “I” that I am referring to? – Isn’t this ‘I’ that I am referring to, just a thought, a mental concept? – This ‘I thought’ which becomes active around the age of 3 years onwards, takes on a seeming substance and substantiality of its own that in reality it doesn’t actually possess. – If this ego ‘I’ is taken to be actual or real, then all the apparent trouble begins from there.
If there is ‘I’, then there is also ‘other than I’, and this is (sin) separation, isolation, anxiety etc.
If this I is not inquired into, questioned, and seen to be false, then there is no possibility for genuine freedom and an end to suffering. – So long as this false ‘I’ is holding sway, there is self-improvement, honor, duty, morality, piety, filial responsibility, national pride and every other evil under the sun. – As long as there is another, there is always going to be fear and hatred rife in the illusory world appearance.

Who am I, who are you, who think that you have destiny and free will and are personally running the show, so to speak?
Don’t look at me or run to someone outside yourself, some priest or pope to find the answer to this riddle. – Look to your own Self, find out for yourself what you truly are. Do you need someone else to confirm your own existence? – You ‘know’ that you are, that you exist. – Good enough, start there, stay there and don’t move away from this fact into thoughts and mental concepts. – Investigate the fact of your own being.
How did I come to be this miserable creature that I appear to be, this limited sentient human being? – How did this happen without my permission and has it truly happened or is it simply appearance only and not an ultimate reality?
These are the kind of questions one needs to ask oneself in order to see what is clear and obvious and staring you in the face, so to speak. – Contempt prior to investigation is keeping you in everlasting bondage and this need not be so. There is an end to psychological suffering and you don’t have to wait until you are dead for this to happen; but there has to be earnestness or even a sense of urgency on your part first, before this can happen or occur.

How long are you going to remain locked up in the prison of religious beliefs and various other beliefs before you have the courage and gumption to question all these erroneous beliefs?
Start right here and now with the only fact that you are absolutely certain of and that is the fact of your own being, ‘I am’. – This is the key to the whole seeming mystery.
Be in this I am, stay in this I am and don’t be drawn out or distracted by any extraneous thoughts and mental concepts. – If you listen to your own yapping conceptual mind, if you get engrossed by this ceaseless flow of mental concepts and thoughts thinking that they will help or benefit you in some way, then these very concepts will strangle you and lead you to an early death before your allotted time.

Your mind is useful as an instrument for daily living, but in itself, it cannot grasp or understand this non-dual essence or deathless spirit that you truly are. – You will never find the answer in the mind, realize this fact and be free right here and now, not at some future time. – Your mind is time, memory and anticipation and it can never grasp the timeless, which is this presence awareness, the direct activity of knowing, this knowledge I am! – This pure knowledge, I am, has no shape design or form and you are THAT. – This is all anyone needs to know. – All other knowledge is only a form of ignorance. – Scientific, spiritual, and religious knowledge is only ignorance and not true or actual knowledge or Jnana. – This alone is the Jnana of the Jnani, pure and simple, you know that
‘You are’, not just for 70 years or so but infinitely and eternally; this is non duality, God, Truth or any other concept you would like to apply to this fact of your own being.

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