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Zero Degrees from where I am Seeing

How was I before this consciousness arose, and how will I be after it departs?What is my original face prior to this mask (persona) of consciousness?Isn’t it clear and obvious that right here at zero degrees from where I am actually seeing or looking that there is clear boundless empty space out of which the so called seeing is happening? Isn’t it a fact that my original face is actually no face at all but simply clear empty space like awareness or knowing without any knower or seer at all?If this is the case and it is obvious and clear that it is.So obvious in fact that we don’t usually notice this fact.Then in truth I have never been face to face or confronted anyone in my entire life.The situation is that there is face out there to space here at my end.I am space – for every face, as well as the entire universe to appear in.Space like awareness or knowing-ness – I am this aware no thing – emptiness suffused withawareness. – I never move or change.I am the unspeakable non dual Absolute or non conceptual awareness as is pointed out in Dzogchen – the highest expression of Buddhism.Dzogchen translated means The Great Perfection and The Great Perfection of Dzogchen is just this, in one sentence – non-conceptual awareness.Isn’t this what everyone already is? Aren’t you aware right now, even without a thought or concept? Without a thought or concept where are you? Aren’t you here and now present and aware? What world is there without a concept or thought? There is no world, there never has been, there is only this boundless pure being or empty non conceptual awareness in which any and every world or universe is only an appearance or reflection.A reflection or appearance is not the reality.Like the night time dream seems real while it is taking place, but disappears as if it never existed on waking.This awareness is unborn, unceasing, it never began because it is outside time and mind, and it never ends because it has no known boundaries.Aren’t you THAT?This consciousness – “I am” So and So, is not what I am.This consciousness is in duality and reality or what I truly am is non dual One without any second at all.This consciousness which everyone loves and would like to continue forever is suffering and misery, it isnothing but ignorance; ignorance of my true and natural state of absolute pure being beyond the being and non being of this limited time bound consciousness.This consciousness, I am So and So, or even just I am is only a concept, not a reality.Reality is non dual, non conceptual – ever shining,Omnipresence awareness – just THIS – which you have never been apart from – nothing else.What do you need to do, where do you need to go to reach thisempty space of pure knowing that you already are? The answer is obvious isn’t it?What I am telling you is absolutely open, obvious, not hidden – an open secret.So obvious that it can’t be seen by the mind which is made up of concepts and acquired knowledge which is only ignorance.The mind tends to reject this and resists what is being said because the mind is time, a bunch of dead memories and concepts and can only think in terms of time and in duality in the pairs of opposites.There is no point in fighting with your mind or trying to control it.Leave it alone and it will assume it’s correct place as a servant to this space like non conceptualawareness which is your natural or original face.Your original face is no face, nothing – This ever present empty space of knowing – impersonal pure self-shining intelligence that you cannot negate or grasp with any concept or thought.The very fact that you ‘know’ that you exist is an indication of your true or original condition which is real,unshakable, and unchanging.This non dual Absolute that you already ‘are’, cannot know limitation or corruption ( birth and death ) because there is nothing apart from itself, as it is pointed to in Advaita, it is One without any second.It is only when consciousness manifests as body-mind in seeming duality orseeming pairs of opposites that it seemingly becomes conscious of itself – self conscious or self aware.When this consciousness exposes itself to you andshows you your true nature, then you have no form.Without a form can there be an image or self centre? The entire manifestation of consciousness – “I am aseparate entity which is born and afterwards dies, is an hallucination, the nature of which is to be inconstant.

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