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Simply acknowledge that ‘yes – I am aware’.

What we talk about is always the same subject, call it Advaita or non duality and it is nothing new. This has been pointed to and expounded by the ancients down throughout the ages and does not need to be attained or realized by anyone. Simply see and acknowledge that yes, I am aware, I am awake and directly realize that you are choice-lessly and effortlessly aware and knowing. This activity of knowing in this immediacy ‘is’ the very livingness itself or the everlasting life that is referred to in the scriptures. Can you find a beginning to this “isness” or undeniable presence awareness that you are and cannot negate? Is there an ending to this present moment?

No beginning, no ending, isn’t that what you truly are, this timeless, formless, quality less awareness that doesn’t begin or end? Don’t take my word for it, but look and see for yourself. No one else can see this that is being pointed to for you. This naked, non conceptual aware capacity or impersonal essence, the knowledge I am is the Charan-Amrita, the nectar of immortality. If you see what is being pointed to and imbibe this nectar you will never again fear a foe and you will be beyond the need for further help, just as Nisargadatta Maharaj told me that I would be, and I am. By abiding in this always present knowledge “I am”, transcend the experience of death and attain immortality.
Do not remain as the limited bound creature that you appear to be, but simply abide as THAT, the knowledge I am prior to the arising of any thought or concept. This knowledge I am which expresses through the mind as the thought or concept I am, has no shape, design, form or quality of its own and is the reality or non dual Absolute that you have been unsuccessfully seeking in the illusory play of the manifest phenomenal world, which is appearing as a Lila or play of opposites. Everything in the manifest consciousness is appearing dualistically – day, night, hot, cold, man, woman etc, but even though there is an appearance of opposites in this play of consciousness; it has never changed its true nature and remains non dual or One without a second, as it is pointed to in Advaita. Knowing the truth about reality one can never be decieved by appearance, as it is seen for certain, not by any separate entity or person, that there is in actuality no duality in non duality. There is nothing simpler than non duality. If it is clearly seen that this is always and ever the case then who or what is this separate person or entity, this limited creature that, prior to this seeing, I had taken myself to be?

Isn’t this separate entity that was seemingly born and dies a total fiction, a non existing phantom? Have a good look at it, don’t believe what I am saying or take my word for it, but investigate this for yourself. No one else can see this for you. If your time has not come, what is being said here or pointed to will hold no interest for you at all and you will be indifferent or even hostile to what is being expressed. Everything is in your hands so to speak.
Therefore, betake yourself to no external refuge. Look not for refuge to anyone besides your Self. Hold fast to truth as a lamp, the naked non conceptual knowledge I am, infinitely and eternally. This alone, non dual limitless, quality less capacity suffused with awareness is the truth that makes you free from the bondage of limited and limiting self. – End.

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