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This Boundless-ness

Notes from Kings Cross Sunday 3rd May 09 By Mark West.
To come to the conclusion that I am apart from every manifest thing and without any qualities or qualifications is the realization of the ultimate principal, the natural or primordial state. This natural state that is being pointed to is endless capacity or boundless emptiness suffused with awareness, the Base or foundation of everything – an aware no thing. To impose boundaries on this ever present aware no thing is nothing but ignorance.
This boundless, empty, space-like awareness ( Rigpa in Dzogchen, the highest expression of Buddhism ), is what you truly and really, really are; and because this is self existing and self originating, it is timelessly present without any beginning or ending, and this alone is Advaita ( not two ), non duality or reality and I am THAT, and not what I appear to be as this miserable, limited, sentient human being.
Quite a shock to hear this expounded and proclaimed so simply and directly, particularly for any dream character who hears what is being said and mistakenly thinks that he or she has destiny and free will. If this illusion ( destiny and free will ) is persisted in, then you are just a dreamer trying to change the dream. And every dream is but a dream of fear no matter what the form it may appear to take. Dreams have a beginning ( birth ) and ending ( death ), but what you truly are has no beginning or ending.

Can you find where space begins and ends? This naked, non conceptual, all knowing space-like awareness that you always and already are also has no beginning and ending and is totally ineffable and inalienable. Aren’t you already aware right here and now? Of course you are, wake up! There is nothing else to be done but to acknowledge that yes, I am aware, I am awake and then remain ‘as you are’ unaltered, unmodified, uncorrected, in your natural state and simply abide as THAT.
Do not move away from this pure Omnipresent aware naked knowing into conceptual thought, trying in vain to find the answer to this open secret or seeming mystery in the acquired mind of memory. Mind as we generally know it is time, memory and anticipation, and you will never find the timeless, the non dual Absolute in time, no matter how long or hard you look there. So I say full stop! No what about this and what about my personal problems blah, blah, blah, just drop all that even if it is only for a split second and where does that leave you? You have not disappeared or fallen apart, you are still seeing, breathing, and functioning quite effortlessly without the input of any conceptual thought, person, or entity, are you not?
You are left here and now present and aware as you have always been. So if you find yourself being carried away by conceptual thinking, just pause for an instant and come home to the place you have never really left – the here and now of the immediacy of THIS presence awareness. What could be more simpler? There is nothing simpler than non duality. Reality is non dual, non conceptual, ever fresh, presence awareness, just THIS, nothing else!

This is a direct introduction to your primordial, natural state – “what is” always and ever, or what is referred to in Dzogchen as the Base or foundation of every apparent thing – vast emptiness, nothing sacred. There are no gods in THIS that you truly are. God and gods are in time and you as this essence are timeless – don’t pretend to be what you are not, and don’t refuse to be what you are – THAT, the supreme reality.

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