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Notes from Kings Cross Thursday 1st to Monday 5th October 09

Non-conceptual, ever fresh presence awareness is the reality of “what is”.  This reality that is presently being pointed to can never change or alter in any way shape or form otherwise it would not be real or fit the definition of reality; which is THAT which never changes.  This ever fresh, naked, all knowing, non-conceptual essence of pure awareness is the very fact and truth of Advaita or non duality.  This that is being pointed to is a boundless emptiness suffused with all knowing awareness or intelligence.

Everything that seemingly appears and disappears can be nothing but that self shining emptiness.  Form is none other than emptiness and emptiness is none other than form.  This statement attributed to the Buddha is nothing but a confirmation of the reality of non duality.  Everything, literally everything is THAT self same one essence expressing and appearing as other in the seeming pairs of opposites.  There is no other way that anything can appear and that is dualistic ally, I and other than I, day and night, man and woman etc.

The manifestation of consciousness takes place dualistic ally in the pairs of opposites and without this contrast there could be no phenomenal appearance at all.  If there wasn’t day there couldn’t be night, wasn’t sound there couldn’t be silence etc.  Even though consciousness manifests in the pairs of opposites, it never changes its true nature as the pure non-dual essence, as pure consciousness or awareness, non dual One without a second as it is stated in Advaita.  This of course is paradoxical to the mind which is of the nature of time and is composed of memories, concepts and images from a past that is already dead and gone.

The mind as we are referring to it here is a useful instrument for daily functioning, yet it has no substance or independent nature of its own and is only a reflection or shadow of the ever present consciousness that animates all things.  This pure consciousness or awareness is the Supreme Reality, God, or Truth if you want to give it that label, however no name or label can ever explain or define THIS that you truly and ever are.  Consciousness is not a thing or object, it is actually an aware no thing, a vast boundless emptiness suffused with intelligence or knowing.

This unlimited potential which is the reality of “what is”, can never be grasped by any limited thought, word or concept and that is why we say that you will never be able to find the answer to this mystery of your true identity in the mind of memory, the acquired mind of the imagined entity “me”.  Consciousness contains the mind, the mind does not contain it and there is no one who is not conscious or aware.  Therefore I say, hold on to this consciousness I am. love this consciousness, be warm towards it, worship this consciousness and there is nothing that you will not be able to know.

The mystery will be revealed to you and there will be no door that will remain closed to you.  This knowledge I am is utter freedom and effortless living, but you have to acknowledge it, love it, worship it and be one with it instead of ignoring it, as you as that separate entity have all along up till now, been doing.  Ignorance is not bliss, it is darkness, stupidity and the pride of doer ship.  To think that you are separate, apart, small and limited is not true humility as it pretends to be, but actually pride and arrogance.  True humility is to see and acknowledge your own unlimited potential and immortality as pure conscious awareness.

Non-dual devotion is devotion to your own Self.  Who do you love most of all?  You love your own Self and there is no greater love that THAT.  It is not for the sake of the wife that the wife is dear.  It is not for the sake of the husband that the husband is dear.  It is not for the sake of the child that the child is dear.  It is not for the sake of the friend that the friend is dear.  It is for the sake of of your own non-dual Self that all these things are dear.  This statement from the Upanishads, a pure expression of Advaita Vedanta in Hinduism is a direct acknowledgement of your true nature or natural primordial state, so simply be as you are in this ever present natural stateless state – I am THAT.
– End.

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