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Notes from Kings Cross Wednesday 17th June 09

How did I come to be, and what does this being-ness depend on? This is what needs to be known or realized. Non being to being, and then again non being, on what does it depend? Don’t you, as that naked, non conceptual aware presence have to be there first or prior to all these seeming happenings? First person singular, I am. Examine THAT, investigate THAT non dual essence, pure, naked all knowing presence awareness. This knowledge “I am”, is the only true knowledge, all other knowledge is only a form of ignorance, a dualistic expression appearing in the changeless, formless, boundless all knowing awareness that you always and already are.

Are you aware right now? How do you know that you are aware? You just simply know by noticing that you are not asleep or unaware. It is as simple as that, but do we pause there and stay with the subtlety, with the actuality of this that is being pointed to, or do we immediately rush off into the habit energy of the me of memory or the so called mind which is time, the dead past, and try to seek the answer there? This is what we usually do, go off into mind stuff and endless mental conceptualization, trying in vain to find what we have never lost, this deathless, timeless, essence of naked knowing awareness.

You can try endlessly to seek the answer in the mind, continually analyzing and dividing things up because this is the very nature of the mind, and that is to analyze, reason, and divide, it is dualistic in all its functioning. There is no other way that the mind can think, except in the pairs of opposites. The mind is not our enemy as it is useful for daily functioning, but it can never grasp or know its origin, which is non dual non conceptual awareness. This emptiness or aware no thing that you truly are can never be known mentally or conceptually. This is the crux of what needs to be seen and realized.

All other problems will resolve themselves spontaneously once this is truly seen and acknowledged. Know your Self before you know others. Directly know your Self and there ‘are’ no others. There is no duality in non duality or pure Advaita, which simply put means “not-two”. See that all your so called problems are because of this separate entity “me” that you have erroneously taken to be yourself. What you truly are can not be separate or apart from the life essence that is effortlessly functioning and animating the world appearance.

See that this entity me is a made up thing, a phantom, the child of a barren woman without any substance or independent nature of its own apart from this deathless essence of pure knowing awareness that you don’t have to attain or acquire, as it is always and ever present with you and ‘is’ you. This awareness that you ever are is nothing perceivable or conceivable, a void of boundless, limitless intelligence, an endless activity of knowing. Even though this that is being pointed to is a vast emptiness, it is not a total vacuum or void because it is the very livingness or reality of everlasting life that is referred to in the scriptures of the major religions.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot notice this that is being referred to because it is not a thing or object and is the ever present subject of any and every object. The First Person Singular, I am THAT I am. Full stop there! Remain as that pure all encompassing being – I am, without words or concepts. Give up becoming and simply be as you are in the natural state. You exist infinitely and eternally as this already pure non conceptual awareness which in Dzogchen, the highest expression of Buddhism is called The Great Perfection. – End.

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