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Notes from Kings Cross Wednesday 9th December 09.

Has anything ever happened, has reality ever changed?  Turn your attention around one hundred and eighty degrees and directly look and see for yourself, what you are looking out of.  Isn’t it clear and empty there, color-less, form-less, aware emptiness or a fully awake nothing, that the seeing, hearing, and pure functioning is taking place from?  Isn’t it a fact that there where the actual seeing and knowing is taking place from on present evidence, that you are the very opposite of what society and others, including your family and friends have told you that you look like?

Everyone has to look and see this for themselves so to speak.  No one else can see this for you, each has to see it for him or her self.  Just talking about it conceptually is useless, although the words as pointers spoken from this direct knowingness can, if taken on board, cause a resonating or recognition in the hearer of the truth of what is being referred to.  This awareness that you truly and ever are has never changed or altered in any way, and it is closer to you than your own breathing, closer even than your own hands and feet.  THIS is the silence and stillness at the very core of your being, the truth and home of non duality.

Non conceptual, ever fresh, presence awareness is nothing perceivable or conceivable, yet it always and ever “is”.  This awake nothing that you truly are can never be made into a separate person, thing, or object and it is not something that you can attain or become, so we say, start from the fact that that you already are THAT non dual Absolute or changeless reality that you, as the apparent separate entity are seeking.  We are talking about and pointing to the actuality of non duality here, and if reality “is” non dual One without a second as countless sages have pointed out, then that means that duality is only conceptual or imagined, and has never for a moment existed in reality for the simple and obvious reason that there is no duality in non duality, even though it will always appear to be there, just as the mirror is always covered in reflections which in themselves have no separate existence or independent nature of their own, and are nothing but the mirror itself.

Just as the mirror itself is never truly seen because of the countless reflections appearing in and on it, this awake nothing, or boundless aware no thing is never seen and is being ignored, because this “me” of memory or the acquired mind which is time, does not want to be nothing, does not want to disappear and simply be the the timeless space less essence – THAT which never changes.  This made up entity the “me” or time bound mind does not have any power to do anything, although it has been believed all along that it does have power of its own.

So this is what we are seemingly asking you to do, and that is to question this belief that you are a separate entity who has destiny and free will, that you began at some time in the past, that you were born and that you will die at some future time.  What I am suggesting is that there is no time at all, and that beginning and ending are only mental concepts and that what you are is the timeless – you in essence are timeless and space less!  You never had any beginning and you will never have any ending, you were never born nor will you as THAT non dual Absolute, pure awareness or consciousness ever die.

Quite a bit to swallow at one go, isn’t it?  Go into it, question it, find out the truth for yourself.  See THIS for yourself and actually realize the unquestioned assumptions and limitations that you have placed upon yourself with the help of society, culture, and religious beliefs and conditioning’s.  Question all this and see the prison of all these concepts and beliefs vanish before your very eyes.  You are not what you have taken yourself to be – a limited, enclosed, sentient, human being, but the unlimited all knowing potential itself, what we call THAT in the great word or statement of Advaita Vedanta – I am THAT!


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2 Responses to Notes from Kings Cross Wednesday 9th December 09.

  1. Shamash says:

    Wonderful piece of work. I especially enjoyed listening to the audio. Thank you so much for sharing. Best wishes.

  2. These words penetrate through the mind fog and clarity is unveiled. The analogy of the mirror is very helpful, as the images in the mirror appear real and separate, but the mirror is what is real, and it is not separate from the appearances. Thank you.

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