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Notes from Kings Cross Monday 22nd March 2010

“The Absolute Cannot Be Remembered Because It Cannot Be Forgotten.”

Without remembering that, and without putting in any efforts, the experience of the world happens.

Now, for those who have identification with the body, this knowledge has no meaning  –  it cannot act.  Despite this fact, the visits these people make will not be totally in vain; they will bear fruit at some future time.  The effects of these visits will be like the aftermath of the rains: grass and plants will be seen coming out automatically, sprouting.”

These above words of Nisargadatta Maharaj are extremely profound and poignant, for I am one of those so called people he is referring to who visited him in the final years of his earthly existence.  What he said and the seeds of consciousness that he planted at the time have come to fruition and born fruit here, so to speak.  What he said, his powerful words penetrated into me, lay dormant and finally germinated and bore fruit many years later, and seemingly after the fact,

They worked in spite of me, not because of me.  The “me” that I am referring to is the identification with the body-mind that I had taken myself to be at that time.  This identification has now resolved itself and disappeared and left me with what I truly and ever am – THIS impersonal awake or aware nothing, the no thing that I always and ever am.  I never existed as that entity or body-mind appearance that I took myself to be – I only appeared to, and even the appearance(reflection) would not have been possible without this empty, colorless, formless space of all knowing awareness or infinite intelligence.

Just as the reflections are not apart from or independent of the spotless mirror and are in the final analysis nothing but the mirror, even so whatever seems to appear or disappear in the so called manifestation is nothing but THIS impersonal non dual essence or Absolute.  Without this impersonal empty space of knowing awareness, prior to, during, and after the appearance of consciousness, which is time-bound mind; nothing could be seen to appear or disappear ( apparent birth and death ) for that matter.
This is what needs to be seen or re-cognized and that is that Reality or simply “what is”, pure being, Non duality, does not change.  How could it if it is Reality or what we call THAT, in Advaita – even in the Biblical injunction “I am THAT I am.  You can call THAT Tao, Christ, Krishna, or Allah, any of these terms will serve equally as well.  Aren’t you THAT, right here and now, presently?  Can you say I am not existing?  If so, who would be saying that?  Isn’t it THAT or the Reality of Non Duality itself that enables the expression through the time-bound mind of the thought or concept I am?

Is there any duality in non duality?  You may say, there certainly appears to be, however the ‘fact’ is that there is no duality in THIS non dual Absolute that you truly and ever are; therefore there is no relationship in THIS that you truly and ever are.  Relationship is dualism, me and the so called other, and there is no other now or ever.  You , as that non dual essence alone exist, there ‘are’ no others.  Nothing ever happened, reality never changed and you are THAT whether you know it or not.  The most important thing is  the very ‘fact’ of your own being; start from the fact that you already are THAT, the very First Person Singular – I am, infinitely and eternally.

So, all this time, and I should not be even using that word(time), you have simply been duped by illusion, because in spite of all the apparent movements and changes, reality or “what is” has remained unchanged.  Now is the time to stop ignoring THIS and simply be what you truly are.  There is no becoming in this timeless being or Omnipresence.  Acknowledge it, re-cognize it and be – I am THAT by which I ‘know’ I am.


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4 Responses to Notes from Kings Cross Monday 22nd March 2010

  1. Mouloud says:

    Dear Mark,

    « Now is the time to stop ignoring THIS and simply be what you truly are. »

    I tried for many years.

    Is this recognition belongs to us? Is it the will of the Self or destiny?

    Many thanks.

  2. Thank you for this clear and powerful pointing. Your words cut through the addiction to thought-identification like a machete.

  3. piers says:

    Thanks for this direct pointing Mark. I hope they’re going to get you on the Urban Guru Cafe before too long…

  4. dede Amescua says:

    Great pointer thank-you!!

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