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Notes from Kings Cross Saturday 2nd October 2010

 This that we are pointing to is no thing to the mind, yet it ever is.  This unqualified essence or Omnipresence is what you truly and ever are.  You as that indefinable immediacy never begin or end, yet all apparent things have their seeming beginning and ending in THIS changeless, boundless, aware or awake no thing.  There is no becoming in this being that you can never negate, yet simultaneously that you can never grasp with any passing thought or mental concept.

This that has just been stated is the very essence and crux of this so called teaching of non duality that we are seemingly trying to convey.  There is nothing more obvious or simpler than this very ‘fact’ of your own being – infinitely and eternally.  So start from the fact that you already are THAT.  If you start from anywhere else you will be starting from the mind which is time and utterly dualistic in its very functioning.

 It is quite obvious that you cannot get to the timeless – THIS ever present, non dual essence or Absolute, from time which is dualism or becoming.  Becoming is time and there is no becoming in being.  There is no duality in this non dual Absolute or no thing that you truly and ever are.  There is an appearance of duality no doubt, but the appearance as it appears is not the reality.  There is the appearance of a snake in the harmless rope seen in a dim lit area.  However in actuality there never was any snake in this rope of non conceptual all knowing awareness or consciousness; there only appeared to be.

This is all that needs to be known.  Once this is re-cognized and fully realized, everything becomes all inclusive again.  The body and world still appears and one still uses the words “I” and “me” knowing fully well that there is no separate I or me in this mirror-like aware no thing that is the source and origin from which all apparent things come and to which they seemingly return.  Then appearance and reality are paradoxically the very same know thing.  Form is emptiness and emptiness-awareness is form.

This is the fully rounded view so to speak, where nothing is accepted or rejected.  There is no dividing up of things into the relative and the absolute – spirit and matter – God and man etc.  These words that are being written or spoken are not dividing anything – this naked knowing awareness remains unaffected throughout eternity and you are THAT.  The world appearance was never created at all, it never existed at any time, and it is only an illusory appearance like the silver in the mother of pearl shell.  There is only ever this unborn awareness appearing and expressing as every apparent thing.  You cannot possibly be anything other than THAT now or ever.  This alone is self-realization already realized, the truth and actuality of non duality; nothing less than this.

Seeing this, what needs to be done and by whom?  Nothing needs to be done and there is no one who can do anything.  There is just this immediacy of choice less, effortless, awareness.  Aren’t you THAT right here and now?  Is there any need to seek it or acquire it?  The very search itself is the problem because the search implies a seeker who at some future time is going to acquire or get this so called great enlightenment.  You have then placed yourself in the trap of time, thinking that at some future time you are going to reach your goal of enlightenment.  You have then moved away from this immediacy into the mental concept of time.  Mind and thinking is time and this immediacy is timeless.  As soon as you move off into conceptual mental thinking and imagining you have then created an illusory separate entity “me”, who then thinks that he or she is thinking the thoughts, whereas in actuality thoughts are arising and passing away effortlessly without there being any entity or person as such thinking them.

This is what clearly needs to be seen, not by any entity but by clearly seeing and investigating and noticing that there is no separate entity there with any substance or independent nature of its own now or ever.  Stepping off the razors edge of this timeless, naked non conceptual awareness into the mental, imaginary concept of time and space is how the unnecessary psychological suffering is created and maintained.  Just realize that you can never get out of or leave the NOW of this timeless Omnipresent, naked, all knowing presence awareness, and then you will directly see that all problems are purely mental or imaginary, as the so called person or entity that they are happening to is the child of a barren woman who then builds a castle in the air and tries to live in it.

This child of a barren woman then goes to drink and bathe in the waters of a mirage.  A total impossibility and absurdity.  See this and be free.  Don’t pretend to be what you are not – a separate, limited, time bound person or entity, and don’t refuse to be what you are – this awake, aware, boundless, limitless no thing – the non dual Absolute or Supreme reality, One without a second.


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