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Notes from Kings Cross Sunday 16th January 2011

Mullah Nasrudin, standing on the bank of a river, watched as a dog came to drink.  The dog saw itself in the water and immediately began to bark.  It barked and barked all morning and into the afternoon, until it was foaming at the mouth.  Finally, dying of thirst, the dog fell into the river – whereupon it quenched its thirst, climbed out, and happily walked away.  Nasrudin said, “Thus I realized that all my life I had been barking at my own reflection.”

Whenever one thinks or takes thought so to speak, it is usually about about some other person, entity, or thing.  It is never on oneself that one thinks or contemplates, but rather on some other person or thing, and this is dualism – I and the so called other.  But who is this ‘I’ that I take myself to be?  You cannot think on this I that is yourself, because when you turn your attention around one hundred and eighty degrees and try to focus on yourself that you think is doing the thinking; this so called separate ‘I’ disappears and can not be found or located, and all that is there is a boundless, impersonal, awareness or presence.

Perhaps THIS is what you truly are, and not the apparent separate entity, Mr or Mrs So and So, that that you falsely imagine or think yourself to be.  Who is the thinker?  Find out for yourself, I am not going to tell you because it will not help you unless you see this for yourself.  Isn’t the thinking, just like the seeing, hearing, tasting, and touching, arising spontaneously  by itself without the input of any any separate person or entity  that is doing the thinking, including all the naturally occurring sense functions?  Have a good look at it, don’t just say – I don’t know, find out, otherwise forget about non duality all together and just continue with your unexamined, miserable life full of uncertainty, anxiety, and self created psychological suffering.

Who is this suffering happening to, who and what is this apparent separate I?  From whence and from what has this I arisen?  Has this apparent separate I got any substance or reality of its own apart from this naked, non conceptual aware no thing that is at its base or foundation?  Never mind about others, like my wife or my husband, my country, my politician, my priest, or my religion, whatever that may or may not be.  All that is secondary and of no importance unless I find out, know, re-cognize, or realize who and what I am first and foremost – First Person singular, One without a second.  When I know who I am, then I automatically know who the imaginary others are also.

The subject is non duality – THIS ever present, Omnipresent, ONE without a second.  If reality, god, or truth is non dual One without a second as I now know for certain to be the case; can you who are reading or contemplating this be separate, apart from, or outside of THAT Supreme Reality that is at the very core of of your own being here and now?  Are you aware, are you knowing, even without a thought or concept, right here and now?

If you are, then THAT must be what you are.  Just this, nothing else – THIS awake, aware no thing, this unqualified immediacy that so called things are appearing in and on, has never changed or altered in any way whatsoever.  Can you remember a time when you were not aware?  Even in deep sleep or under an anaesthetic, you are still aware, you still existed then even as you do now.  This awareness, this awake no thing has never grown old, it was the same and present when your physical body was two years old, ten years old, or one hundred years old, and it will still be present when the body-mind vehicle disappears and resolves itself  back into this emptiness-awareness or no thing that it always and ever “is’.

Awaken from the dream that you are mortal, fallible, and full of sin and realize once and for all that you yourself are the deathless spirit or essence, the non dual Absolute.  What did you hope to find, what did you hope to achieve in this Maya dream of manifestation?  Have you attained what you set out to attain, have all your desires been fulfilled?  Of course not, because you were looking in the wrong place, not realizing that what you are seeking you already are.  There is no “me” there who can have any desire; knowing this you are desire less, effortless, whole and complete – utter freedom itself without any boundaries or limits – limitless capacity, suchness, boundless being.  So simply “be” what you truly are ( an awake nothing or no thing ) and don’t pretend to be what you are not – a limited person, entity, or thing caught up in endless becoming, which is time.    – End.

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2 Responses to Notes from Kings Cross Sunday 16th January 2011

  1. Jaya says:

    Isn’t it amazing that this appearance that is taken for a solid world, separate from the subject idea is all only fabricated via thoughts in space which is nothing! Only in the complete incompleteness of this subject/object illusion, does the frustration of futility breed till the seeking turns back at it’s very self nature to discover there is no person at all that exists outside a thought called i…What a make believe house of cards. In the only Absolute where all appearances dissolve, no neon sign gives any indication of any concept/story about the appearance. The whole appearance is like a fairly tale, but in this tale what a blessing when you meet a dream character that can point the false back to the Eternal Absolute, that does not come or go!

  2. Jaya says:

    In the wonder of timeless patterns
    Space loves to show it’s Beauty
    The Splendour, colourful forms
    Appearing on the backdrop of
    How can the splashes of colourful
    Be without the timeless Spacious
    Canvas of Life!

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