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Notes from Kings Cross 1st March, 2011

What is it that we need to know and acknowledge?  Isn’t it this ever present fact of our own being, right here and now presently?  Isn’t THIS impersonal presence of awareness, or awareness of presence, what I , First Person, present tense, singular, truly and ever am?  Before there can be any god, don’t I have to be there first, prior to any and every apparent thing?  Knowing THIS is the only genuine knowledge, and that is self-knowledge, self-realization.

Realizing, knowING, that I am prior to everything and the know er of it, is the timeless actuality of true wisdom.  This self evident fact of one’s very own being, right here and now – self-existing, self-shining like the sun, timeless Omnipresence, is being totally overlooked and ignored by the time-bound entity, the illusory body-mind appearance, that one usually and mistakenly, takes oneself to be.  Nisargadatta Maharaj directly pointed out to me, many so called years ago, that I was not what I had taken myself to be; and by that he meant that I was not my body or my mind of memory, made up of accumulated thoughts and concepts forming this dead image or imaginary reference point – “me” – Mr or Mrs So and So.

If I am not the body or the mind then what am I?  Find out!  Just briefly, for a moment, pause a thought.  Now in that momentary pausing or stopping of thought, what is there?  Have you ceased to exist when the thought is paused, there in that so called gap?  No, you are still present and aware.  In fact you are awareness itself – non conceptual awareness, which in Dzogchen, the most direct and clearest expression of Buddhism – Dzogchen translated means ‘the great perfection’, and the great perfection simply put, in one sentence is – non conceptual awareness.  Aren’t you THAT?  Are you unaware presently, here and now?

Can you negate your awareness or boundless being?  Can you say I am not, or at some future time I will not be?  If you can, what is letting you say this?  Isn’t it this changeless background of space-like, all knowing, awareness that is allowing you to say this?  Have a look along those lines for yourself and see if the truth of what is being said or pointed to does not dawn upon you.  One has to drop all preconceived ideas, memories, thoughts, and concepts of what others, including ones parents, and society in general has told you, and simply and directly look.

On present evidence, not what you remember or what you have been told, how many eyes are you looking out of?  Obviously the answer is not two eyes, but one edgeless single eye – the Buddha eye or the single Christ eye that allows your whole body-mind to be filled with light, there where the actual seeing is taking place – the light of knowing, seeing, being, feeling, hearing, beginninglessly and endlessly – THIS colorless, formless, light of all knowing awareness is what you truly and ever are.

This light in oneself, is the light that seemingly lights up every man and woman that comes into or appears in the world. THIS light of naked knowing, this seemingly ordinary everyday awareness is the great enlightenment that all are apparently seeking, not realizing that they are that awareness.  You can’t seek that Reality of non conceptual, impersonal, self-shining, self-existing awareness because of the ‘fact’ that you already and always are THAT Reality, or what we call Parabrahman, the non dual Absolute in Advaita Vedanta.

And this very fact that has just been stated and pointed out here, is what the Jnani or self-realized refer to as ignorance.  This Reality of your natural state or true being is being ignored by the seeker who continues to look outward into the appearance world of time-bound shapes and forms, not realizing that the shapes and forms, sentient beings, mountains, rivers, stars, and galaxies, are in point of fact, nothing but emptiness-awareness ‘appearing’ as other than itself.  There “is” no duality in non duality, there only appears or seems to be, and you, as that time-bound entity Mr or Mrs So and So are taking the appearance to be the Reality, and this can never happen.

You as that separate entity Mr or Mrs So and So are a total fiction, the child of a barren woman, so to speak.  Nothing of the kind has ever happened at all and you are nothing – no thing – not just a total vacuum, but a boundless, awake, aware, nothing or no thing – space-like awareness-emptiness.  Directly knowing-being THIS is self-realization, already realized.  A bit hard to swallow you may say, rather shocking isn’t it?  Hard to swallow for who, shocking for who?  Find out the answer to this koan and you are home and hosed, present and aware-knowing as you always and ever have been.

Stop right there!  Don’t go off into the mind looking for an answer there where it never can be found.  The mind is time and there is no time apart from thinking or thought.  Do you have a memory if you don’t think about it?  Obviously not, so the so called “me” is time, and time as such does not exist, there is no such thing as time, it is only imaginary.  Nothing can trouble you except in your own imagination – stop imagining (thinking) and what is there?  Nothing perceivable or conceivable – Nirvana, Tao, the natural state, or what we call THAT in the Maha Vakya or great Word or statement of Hinduism in Advaita – I am THAT, for want of a better word.  Realize, I am THAT I am, there never was any ‘other’, there “is” only THAT.  Do not continue on endlessly in the dream that you are a separate person with destiny and free will – nothing could be further from the truth.  It is this pride of doer ship that has kept you in the trap of this imaginary bondage.  Drop it right this instant and be free.  Bondage and liberation are both concepts and are only imaginary.  There is no liberation because there is no actual bondage, there is only THAT unborn, ever present, non conceptual awareness.

See and simply “be” THIS that you always and ever are, and give up seeking and becoming which implies time, knowing that there is no such thing as time, and that time as such, is an illusion and utterly imaginary.  This alone is self-knowledge and self-discovery, of which there is no ending or beginning.


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  1. Brent says:

    Hi Mark, I enjoy reading the writings you have added here! It is all very confusing to me still and I have read quite a lot on this. Seems that the mind is where this “I am” comes from and without the mind it would not exist. The mind allows me to believe or not believe your written words. If the mind dies, so does the I exist thought or feeling. Seems that I must believe that there is some absolute no thing that is all that is. Is that not a belief just like believing in heaven/hell? I somewhat grasp that things can appear out of no thing or appear in some space. Are you saying that we are that no thing or space out of which all things seem to appear??? Or something else??? Thanks for sharing Mark!!! Brent

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