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Notes from Kings Cross 14th August 2012

Any label that one applies to oneself is just that – a label, a concept, and not the actuality of “what is”.  Your very own being, this ever present fact of your own being is the only fact that you are absolutely certain of.  You cannot negate this ever present beingness, it is ineffable and inexpressible and the words and concepts can only point to and verify it, yet they can never grasp it or know it objectively.
This First Person, Present tense, Singular, is pure subjectivity without any object whatsoever.  The so-called objects are in and on it and are nothing but THIS non dual Absolute, or true subjectivity.  Subject and object imply duality – me and the other – and THIS that you truly and ever are, this very actuality of non duality has no duality in it at all.  There is no duality in non duality – not two – now or ever.  The direct seeing-knowing of THIS is the truth that sets you free.
You are always THAT non dual Absolute, so there never was a time when you were not that.  Time is only a mental concept and has no reality apart from thinking and memory.  Do you have a memory(name and form identity) if you don’t think about it?  You would have to go to memory, which is thinking-recalling, even to say that I am Mr or Mrs So and So.  So this being – pure being – not being this or that, is timeless, unborn, and Omnipresent.  Aren’t you THAT?  What more do you want?
In this presence – Omnipresence, is the fullness of life.  You will find that it always surpasses your own wishes.  The present moment holds infinite riches beyond your wildest dreams, and this is the only moment you can ever live.  You can’t live a second in the past or future, because the past is being recalled presently, and the so called future is being anticipated presently also.  So you never really leave the present, only in imagination.  Yet you, as you appear to yourself to be as that miserable, limited human being, seem to be unaware of your vast treasure, the pearl of infinite value – Self-realization, Self-knowledge, and so content yourself with other knowledge – knowledge of others, persons, places, objects, and things.  All that accumulated, conceptual learning parading as knowledge is nothing but ignorance.  Ignorance of your true nature or natural state.  Any and all acquired knowledge – historical, scientific, spiritual, and religious is nothing but ignorance.
To realize this directly is the only true knowledge – the knowledge I am – knowledge of Self – Self-realization.  There is only THAT.  All this is THAT.  This awake, aware, nothing or no thing – nothing apart from THAT now or ever.

Forgetting our true nature, we act like a king who behaves as a beggar in his dream.
When enlightenment dawns, you will realize that you were never born, 
nor have you carried out any worldly actions.

Neither remembrance nor forgetfulness actually exists.
There is no awakened one; there is only Self-realization.


Still a long way to go to reach this realization?  How far do you have to go to reach space?  This ever present space of knowing I am!  No distance at all I suggest.  Aren’t you aware and knowing that you are aware presently?  Do you have to make any effort to be aware?        Isn’t it choice less and effortless, this presence of awareness?  This emptiness suffused with knowing awareness, this SPACE of knowing is boundless and without any center or circumference.  Is there anything perceivable or conceivable that could be outside of this space of knowing?  What would it be in?  It would have to be in space, so you don’t have to do anything or go anywhere to reach this space-like awareness as you can never really be separate or apart from SPACE – knowing, cognizing-emptiness, or emptiness suffused with awareness.

So you are already THAT.  Seekers are not, and never will become finders as such.  So simply give up the seeking through seeing the futility if it, the futility of trying to become what you already are; and you are left here and now present and aware as you have ever been.  Drop the seeking and you are home and hosed.  Without that limited identity as a seeker you are this boundless SPACE of knowing in which everything appears and disappears.  As that space-like awareness you are everywhere and every when.  There is no place or time where you are not because every apparent thing is THAT space of intrinsic awareness-emptiness.  THIS is the home and actuality of non duality and you, whether you know it or not are THAT and you cannot possibly be separate or apart from THAT.  This alone is Self-knowledge and Self-realization, nothing less than this true and direct knowledge, I am, infinitely and eternally, not just for 80 years or so.  First person, Present tense, Singular – non dual One without a second.

I am not talking to a person as a “person”, but to pure consciousness.

I speak to you in the language that was yours before words were first introduced to you.

However, you have to understand the meaning in the language that you have learned.

Since space and I are not different, wherever I go, that will be the place where I am already present.

I give you the knowledge of my true nature; listen to it as if it is your own.

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7 Responses to Notes from Kings Cross 14th August 2012

  1. terry milligan says:

    I happened across this site through a google search. Very clear “pointing”.

    But for whatever reason, after studying this Non duality stuff (Nisargadatta, Ramana, Sailor Bob, Tony Parsons, Ashtavakra, etc) for decades, it never really ‘clicked’… So regretfully, I gave up the “search” and these days just toodle around in my ignorance of the truth. I just couldn’t ‘get it’ – or even if I deluded myself that I had, it was quickly forgotten and ordinary life and pedestrian thoughts took hold once again… I envy you, those who have grasped and retained the true knowledge.

  2. gilbert says:

    The ‘me’ is resistance. Investigate the me sense and recognise that what you are is prior to the concepts about ‘me’.

  3. Joe says:

    Gilbert, you say investigate the ‘me sense’, but what is your opinion of those nonduality teachings that say that because there is no ‘you’ there is no-one to do this investigation, people such as Tony Parsons, who is very ‘domineering’ of this point. Has he just got it all wrong? I’d appreciate your take on this.

  4. gilbert says:

    Yes, Tony has got it wrong. If I may be so bold to say so. 🙂 Tony tells visitors “you don’t exist” which, as I see it is completely erroneous. Who does he imagine he is telling they don’t exist? You are existence itself and there is no way that you could be anything other. If Tony is speaking to a believed in entity, then he is correct, however a believed in entity cannot hear, see or think a damn thing. Why speak to a non existing ‘you’ or ‘me’? Useless. The essential being-ness is the hearing, tasting, touching, seeing. Speak to that if there is a clear understanding. Mark or Bob Adamson speak a thousand times clearer that Tony on this ‘subject’ but neither of them are ‘popular’ and they do not chase after seekers and do not offer anything to seekers. Those who are drawn to the clear message are not the usual ‘seeker type’. Like Nisargadatta, the message is unwavering. I would add that any teacher who is popular is sure to be talking crap, because that is what ‘people’ expect. They want to believe in something. Telling seekers that they don’t exist is just annoying and controversial. If you wish to get clear on this ‘subject’ I suggest that you avoid the popular teachers completely. There are thousands of confused seekers caught up in the appearance of seeking and it does not work. of course it can’t work because it is all appearance only. When you come across a clear message, something responds in the being-ness. It is not limited to the intellect or personality. Innately we all know what we are, it has simply been glossed over. (My opinions are offered and can be rejected without incident) – Gilbert

  5. Joe says:

    Thanks very much. You have confirmed what I was thinking. Indeed, what is the point of addressing a message to a non-existent entity. This is the serious flaw in what otherwise sounds like a similar message, but of course that message leads only to frustration and irritation and a sense of complete powerlessness and confusion. That Tony Parsons puts himself across as somehow ‘purer’ because of this useless stance is something that has stuck in my craw for a while. Thanks again for ‘being so bold’, it has freed me from a distraction that was going nowhere.

  6. nat natarajan says:

    I came across this site through google search and following links in Urban Guru Cafe.

    Your message is hard-hitting and truly pointing. Just cant thank you enough for this post. I still struggle giving up the referencing to “me”.( Dehatma Bhava). Any pointers to get over this? Thanks again for your posts – pointers.

  7. gilbert says:

    Envy reveals the ‘problem’. ‘I envy’. Investigate the core of that and see what happens.

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