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Notes from Kings Cross Monday 7th Jan 2013.

What we point to presently; and there is no other reality than this Omnipresent impersonal awareness, is THAT which cannot be put into words or grasped with any thought or concept whatsoever.  Words are useful as pointers, yet in themselves are nothing but labels and constructs acquired from the age of around two and a half years onwards.  Words are nothing but sounds or noises agreed upon by the society in general for practical purposes.  When we make the noise or sound “tree” through the inherited language, which is also something made up or constructed through imagination, then, through general agreement of the meaning of this constructed language we each know what is being referred to by that word.

So by using the word “tree” we then think that we have understood what is actually being referred to.  However that word, sound, or noise “tree” is not in fact what the very livingness, beauty, or actuality of what that so called thing truly is.  The word “tree” is not the vibrant, living essence that the tree actually is.  The word is never the actual and this needs to be clearly seen and known before the truth and actuality of Advaita or non duality can be fully grasped and realized.

The word is not the thing and belief is never the actual, this is what needs to be seen, known, and taken on board so to speak.  You do not believe that you are, you ‘know’ that you are as a self-evident fact right here and now, and you cannot negate this fact of your own being under any circumstances.  When this is clearly seen then one can use the word with impunity – use the word without the word using you, which is what usually happens.  THIS boundless actuality of “what is” is real, actual, and changeless beyond all imagining, and nothing has ever touched or affected it in any way, and you ultimately are THAT Supreme Reality – non dual One without a second as it is pointed to in Advaita in Hinduism, as well as in all the other great religions of the world.

All this is not a matter of belief, but for SEEING-KNOWING directly for yourself.  It is not something anyone can give you.  No so called other can ever see this for you, each must see this for themselves.  All we can do is point to THIS over and over again until one begins to notice it instead of ignoring it as one usually does.  Ignorance or not knowing one’s Self or true nature is a grievous sin and the cause of endless sorrow and suffering, and this need not be.  This psychological suffering is not necessary when one takes the trouble to LOOK and SEE who and what it is that suffers.

This fact of one’s own being is the one and only thing that you are absolutely certain of.  You know that you are, you don’t believe that you are.  You cannot under any circumstances negate your own being.  Has this fact ever occurred to you?  THIS is the key that unlocks the storehouse of unalloyed happiness or bliss.  Use this key right here and now, don’t wait another second for some future enlightenment.

Who is it that suffers, enjoys, and is constantly exposed to ongoing doubt and uncertainty about the imagined future?  Isn’t it that made up entity “me”, Mr or Mrs So and So?  Now this fellow up here in Kings Cross is telling you directly that there is no me, and that the person (persona, mask) you have taken yourself to be is not real.  The person is not the real or the actual, but simply an appearance similar to the image or reflection in a mirror.  The reality is the reflecting surface of the mirror, and any or all images that appear in the mirror are in fact nothing but the reflecting surface itself and do not in fact have any substance or independent nature of themselves apart from the mirror.  The reflections are in fact just that – reflections without any separate or independent nature whatsoever.

The mirror analogy is a reference to your own being as THIS ever-present naked, non conceptual awareness-knowing – THIS mirror-like wisdom or self-shining intelligence – THIS awake, aware, no thing that you truly and ever are – THIS emptiness suffused with awareness or naked non conceptual knowing which through force of habit, you are constantly overlooking, taking for granted, or ignoring.  This endless capacity of all-knowing awareness or intelligence is the reflecting surface that everything is appearing in and on so to speak, and everything, literally everything is THAT non dual Absolute, and there is no duality in it now or ever.  This ignorance that is now being pointed to and exposed is the very ignorance that is causing your fear and psychological suffering.  This suffering doesn’t have to be there.

Now this fellow is telling you that there is no “me” there that could suffer, and that that “me” is unreal like the horns on a hare, like the water in a mirage, or like the child of a barren woman.  Now am I right or am I wrong?  Don’t just take my word for it, after all, I might be having you on.  Have a good look at it for yourself, don’t go off half cocked and say – Oh yes, I’ve heard all this before, and leave it at that.  Look and SEE for yourself right now.  Don’t wait or you will wait forever.

Whenever any problem, fear, or uncertainty arises, directly look and see who it is that has this fear or problem.  When you really look you will not be able to find any separate person or entity there, but rather only naked awareness-consciousness.  I am giving you the keys to the kingdom – the Kingdom of Heaven – His Majesty – the knowledge I AM THAT I AM!  not just for three score years and ten, but rather infinitely and eternally.  Use this key right now to open up your very own storehouse of unalloyed bliss – “Soham” (I am He) automatically starts functioning.  Soham is endless, limitless, measureless, and is the messenger of Truth, who is self-evident.  The message and the messenger are not separate in Him.  The messenger is himself the joy that is the enjoyment of the endless – endless joy or bliss.  Let him who has ears hear, you will then SEE without eyes and hear without ears.

This does not mean that problems will not continue to arise as long as the body lasts.  However these ever arising problems will be resolved far more easily and effortlessly than previously, when you mistakenly presumed that you as the separate person or entity were running the show.  When you think that you are separate then there is constant and ongoing resistance to “what is”.  Resistance is conflict, and conflict is dis-ease – you are not at ease when you are in conflict – duality, us and them is conflict.

Resistance is always in regard to the reference point, that assumed entity “me”, and there isn’t one.  Got it?  No me, no self, then no problem now or ever.  There is an appearance of a so called “me”, but it must be seen-known that appearance ‘is’ appearance or reflection and not REALITY – that which does not change – and THAT which does not change is THIS ever-present naked, non conceptual awareness – limitless intelligence, this ever-present actuality of all-knowing unborn awareness. Clear?

Resistance and conflict are suffering, and this suffering will dissipate and fall away by itself when you clearly and directly see who has it.  Who is this who?  I suggest that there is no who at all, there is only THAT.  I am THAT Supreme Reality and so are you.  SEE for yourself.


When the world is assumed to be real, the Self is not seen:  but when this assumption is discarded, consciousness is realized.

The seer alone is real, the object being hallucination.

The infinite consciousness alone IS.

The world is not seen in the supreme non dual consciousness.

He sees the truth who is not deluded into thinking that he is the body which is subject to illness, fear, agitation, old age and death.

I am the unborn in whom the world-appearance has vanished.

The supreme Self has no relationship with this world-appearance.

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