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Notes from Kings Cross Friday 12/4/13.

It is rather important to realize, not as a dry intellectual concept, but as direct experience; that I need do nothing to be as I am, in and as this natural state.  The essence of non duality is ‘as it is’, real, changeless, ‘One without a second’ as it is pointed out in Hinduism, as well as in all the major religions of the world.

   Not only need I do nothing, but as the assumed, imagined, entity Mr or Mrs So and So I can’t, nor have I ever done anything at all, simply because this so called person or persona(mask-through sound) is only a concept, thought, or idea without any substance or independent nature of its own, apart from the non-conceptual awareness-consciousness that sustains it and that it is appearing in and on.

   So this awareness that is presently being pointed to is the Base of all phenomena, and without it I could not even lift a finger or speak a single word.  Therefore it is imperative that one come back to the very basics, and that is that right here and now you are present and aware.  You are aware without any choice or effort, and even before you express any thought or concept, you as that naked awareness have to be there first.  You are aware even if you don’t say – I am.  However, what you don’t yet realize is that you are always and ever aware, and you as awareness itself(non duality) can never loose it, you can never not be aware, as you are awareness itself – you are THAT non dual Absolute or Supreme Reality, and not the limited, miserable, human being that you appear to your self and so called others to be.

   This awareness or wakefulness that is now being pointed to is what you truly and ever are.  This is what we call the pointing out instructions, which, in times past was only given to a genuinely worthy and mature disciple or student, it was not taught to the masses of people in general.  Those so called times have passed, and THIS very Reality and fact of your own being is every one’s right and Truth and so it is not just for the few lucky ones who receive the initiation and direct pointing.

   However, even though this non dual essence is every one’s true nature, it is not something that anyone can give you or see and know for you.  Everyone has to see and know THIS for themselves, and here lies the rub.  It does not matter how many times it is said and pointed out, if one doesn’t take the time to look directly and actually see what the pointers are pointing to, one’s true nature remains forever obscure.  One needs to go to what the pointers are pointing to and simply abide as THAT, rather than holding on to the various pointers which are in themselves nothing but concepts.  It is important to simply ‘be’ what you truly and ever are, and not go back into the limited time-bound mind of memory – the “me”, the Mr or Mrs So and So and uselessly try to seek an answer there where it can never be found.

   This time-bound mind is a total phantom, the child of a barren woman, and has no existence or independent nature of its own apart from this self-evident, self-existing, unoriginated, non conceptual awareness that you truly and ever are.  So it is totally useless to keep looking in the mind which is time, in order to arrive at the timeless – THIS beginning less and endless naked awareness.
   To try to get to the timeless from time is an impossibility.  You cannot get to Reality – non duality or naked awareness, from duality – “me”, So and So, the apparent time-bound entity who has a beginning and ending in imagined time.  Seeing THIS you quite naturally cease looking there, and that leaves you here and now present and aware as you have always and ever been, in and as The Basic Space of Phenomena.  That alone is the Base – this undeniable ‘fact’ of your own pure being awareness.
   In order to arrive at this one has to question everything that one has acquired from the age of two and a half years onwards.  Have I been born, am I the person or entity that my parents and society have told me that I am?  The so called method which is no method at all, is negation – Neti, Neti – not this, not that – negate and keep on negating till you get to something which is no thing at all – THIS ever-present, unqualified immediacy of naked non conceptual awareness – THIS very fact of your own being.
   You can negate and discard everything – your body, mind, including senses, memory, emotions, associations, perceptions, attentions and intentions, but you cannot under any circumstances negate this ever-present fact of your own being – I am – you are aware, and you ‘know’; you don’t believe that you are aware.  You cannot say I am not, because you as this ever present impersonal awareness have to be there first before any statement can be made.
   So this is what we point to and acknowledge.  Come back to the only fact that you are absolutely certain of, and that is the fact of of your own being presently here and now.  You are aware and you ‘know’ that you are aware.  Good enough, that’s it, full stop!  Re-cognize THIS ever present fact of your own being and don’t move away into the endless mental chatter of your time-bound mind, remain ‘as you are’ in the natural state.
   If you become enamored with these ceaselessly arising thoughts and concepts, if you take an unnecessary interest in them, you will become stuck in the mud of your own concepts and they will strangle you, and seemingly limit your limitless essence or potential.  As shri Nisargadatta Maharaj has clearly pointed out – “The result of all your arguments is that you have tried to grasp THIS(deathless spirit or non dual Absolute) with a concept, and you fail, and you are bound to fail.
   So seeing and realizing this fact, if you cease conceptualizing and pause the thought process even for just the briefest instant, where does that leave you?  Aren’t you still aware and present, even when the thought has stopped momentarily?  Yes, that’s right, it leaves you present and aware as you always and ever have been, and what is wrong or lacking in this awareness?  Usually the response of the mind would be – this is not good enough, or this is too ordinary, there is something missing and surely it can’t be that simple.  However this ordinary, everyday awareness is whole and complete, nothing can be added to it or taken away from it and yes, it is the so called great enlightenment that all are seemingly seeking.  This awareness that is now being pointed to is prior to everything and the true know er of it, and it is imperative that you get to know this true original know er.  This is the only true and authentic knowledge that you can ever have, and it is the Jnana of the Jnani – The Self-Realized – and that is the knowledge – I am.
   This is the charan-amrita, the nectar of immortality – This knowledge I am has no shape, form, or qualities, and I am telling you from direct knowing that you are THAT.  Tat Tvam Asi!
   Those who teach and those who learn all pass away.  Whatever you take yourself to be will come to an end.  So give up the idea that you are going to become a big guru and save all the ignorant people.  There are no people to save, there never has been, there is only THAT non dual Absolute or Supreme Reality.  Know this for certain and give up all doubts and uncertainties.
   If it is understood that there is no other thing, and there is only “One Thing”, are you not also “THAT BRAHMAN”?  Everything is contained in ‘your’ wholeness, the one singular Brahman, but even the word Brahman is omitted.  There is no poetry.  There is no play of imagination.  This imaginary individual, which is false, is not existing here.  As we are not, similarly the second, or “other” is not. 


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  1. Joe says:

    Thanks for the reminder. This thought that the unchanging awareness ‘is not good enough’ is certainly a pesky taskmaster. Why does it still suck ‘me’ in even though it’s clear there’s no ‘me’ to suck in? ‘I’ don’t get why I still look for awareness to be something other than it is. Will it subside eventually? Time-bound ideas, sure. I’m not even sure what my real question is. I think it may be why isn’t it easier to ‘abide as THAT’?

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