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Notes from Kings Cross Wednesday 10th July 2013

Thought is not an enemy if it is understood, however if it is not understood as what it simply is – an energetic movement or vibration of energy taking place in and on the changeless background of this all-knowing awareness which you truly and ever are – THIS limitless potential or I am principal.  If THAT limitless potential or infinite intelligence that is ever-existing and ever-present is not realized as the source and origin of all things including thought; then that thought seems to take on a life of its own, ‘seems’ to take on an independent existence of its own separate and apart from awareness-consciousness which it can never have, runs amok so to speak and causes endless strife, uncertainty, and psychological suffering.

If THAT has not been seen or realized as the REAL.  The REAL as pointed out in Advaita in Hinduism is non duality – not two, or ‘One without a second’.  The REAL is THAT which does not change or alter at any time or place, THAT which is imperishable.  If THAT is not acknowledged as THIS ever-present ‘fact’ of your very own being, which you can never negate or grasp with any thought or concept; and the thought is taken to be real and independent, then psychological suffering is inevitable.  Unenlightened existence is inherently unsatisfactory, as unexamined thought which is conceptual, then builds up a cage of words or concepts which then imprisons the imagined individual, who being taken in and deluded by the constant flow of thoughts, takes them to be his or her own personal thoughts, which in actuality is never the case.

Thought is time, and time is only a mental concept.  Apart from thought, what time is there?  Obviously none at all, yet this conscious presence of awareness it can be noted, is the constant and is unceasing.  This choice less, effortless awareness that you already ‘are’ is timeless and Omnipresent, so what effort are you going to make to realize THIS?  Simply notice what is already so and rest and abide in the natural state.  Time is becoming and imaginary and naked awareness is being pure and simple – I am, without words or concepts.  Recognizing THIS is enough, full stop!  Recognize the voidness of your own intellect to be Buddha hood or Self-realization.

This awareness that you truly are is endless capacity or emptiness suffused with awareness – naked non conceptual knowing or cognizing.  This emptiness or no thing that is awareness is a cognizing-emptiness, an endless beginning less activity of knowing, so it is not just a dead void or nothingness; it is the very livingness itself, self-shining, self-existing beyond anything perceivable or conceivable, and beyond life and death.  Life and death are only concepts, but THIS that you truly and ever are is REAL beyond any imagining and you are THAT!  Coming to this realization as the wake fullness itself is the true wakening that only the Jnani or Self-realized knows.

When this dawns on you you will realize that you were never born, nor have you carried out any worldly actions.  Everything happens spontaneously without the input of any entity in the natural state.  There is no duality in the natural state, although there may appear to be.  Appearance is appearance only and nothing but the cognizing-emptiness appearing as shapes and forms, appearing as ‘other’, yet it never changes its true nature as THAT non dual Absolute.  The reflections appearing in the mirror do not contaminate or affect the mirror or reflecting surface in any way, and even though they will always appear and cover the mirror surface, they are in fact nothing but the mirror.

Interestingly enough one never sees the surface of the mirror itself because one is utterly absorbed or distracted by the myriad of reflections that are appearing in and covering the mirror.  The mirror in this analogy referrs to that awareness-emptiness or the non dual essence.  The mirror needs something outside itself in order to reflect, however THIS that is being pointed to has no inside or outside and is utterly dimensionless and without qualities – THIS ever present, unqualified immediacy is “what is” beyond being and non being, beyond is and is not.

Do not try to grasp THIS with a concept, leave it “as it is” unaltered, unmodified, uncorrected as it is in nature or the natural state; and it is this that Nisargadatta Maharaj referrs to.  When this dawns on you, and the so called penny drops, you will know directly that nothing ever happened and that reality being REAL has never changed or altered in any way whatsoever.  Nothing ever happened and unfortunately this can’t be taught, told, or given to anyone, as each must SEE this for themselves so to speak.

What is being said or pointed to here is utterly unacceptable to any conventionally minded so called human being, simply because their pride of acquired knowledge, their ego-conceit, and sense of being a very special unique separate person(persona – through sound, or mask) or someone who is the doer of their own actions and deeds and who has destiny and free will – this unquestioned assumption and presupposition will not allow them to see and realize their own nothingness – however this nothingness this ‘Alpha and Omega” is an awake, aware no thing, a cognizing-emptiness as referred to by the Buddha.

This is what you truly and ever are, the non dual Absolute, the cognizing-emptiness and not the limited time bound human being that you appear to be and that appears in your mirror each morning when you look at him or her reflected there – if you begin to ‘notice’ what is on this side of the mirror, that is on your so called side of the mirror, you will notice that there is nothing there at all just boundless clarity and emptiness-awareness.  Aren’t you THAT and not what you appear to be as the unreal, insubstantial reflection – Mr or Mrs So and So?  Realize and don’t think, because thinking is just conceptual – thought or thinking by itself can’t stand on its own independent of awareness – don’t think because thinking in that sense is just bananas, – crap in other words.

Realize and know directly for yourself – “I am THAT!”  THAT is the maha-vakya or great word of Hinduism.  The Bible – “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My WORD will never pass away.”  However this is the living word, not the dead, mechanical, acquired or learned word of invented language – ‘know’ – I AM THAT! – Be still and ‘know’ that I am God – don’t think about it.  Realize it, make it REAL  for yourself, no one else will ever do it or see it for you because there is no duality in non duality.  Not two – no other now or ever only ‘I am’.  That’s it, full stop!

Advaita means the end of the Vedas – the end of words – the place where words or acquired language don’t and can’t reach, and that place which is no place is – I am THAT I am, infinitely and eternally.  Don’t forget it!

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