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Notes from Kings Cross, Sunday 3rd November 2013

What is being said here is not something new.  If your very own Self or pure being was something extra or new to be attained or acquired, then it would seem that there is a possibility that you may lose it again.  However this is an impossibility because your true nature or natural state of awareness-consciousness cannot be lost or found simply because it is ‘as it is’ – changeless, formless, pure consciousness, right here and now.

This non dual understanding has been seen, realized and pointed to by various saints, sages and seers right down throughout the ages, and that is this ever present fact of your own being-awareness, ever fresh and ever new.  This empty cognizance at the very core of one’s being, this ever present awake, aware no-thing that you can never grasp with any thought or mental concept, is certainly not something new to be attained or acquired,

This that is being referred to and presently pointed to is not something that anyone can give you.  Here I am not teaching, telling or giving you anything, and this should be understood clearly from the start.  The actuality of non duality, awareness-consciousness is always and ever ‘as it is’ in nature or the natural state – “One without a second” as it is pointed out in Advaita in Hinduism, and this is also pointed to in various ways in all the major religions of the world.  There is no duality(no other, not two) in THIS and that is the very simplicity of what is.

There is always the ‘appearance’ of  duality in the phenomenal manifestation – day, night – man, woman and general multiplicity etc – the dynamic display of the energy of awareness; however this awareness-emptiness never ever changes its true nature or essence.  Just as the images reflected in the mirror are in fact nothing but the mirror or reflecting surface itself.  Every apparent thing from Brahma(the so called Creator) right down to a clump of grass is nothing but THAT non dual Absolute appearing as other that itself.  The individual, the world, and the supreme Self or God are like silver in the mother of pearl – they are all concepts.  The appearances as they “appear” are nothing but that – utterly impermanent and ever changing or what we call Maya or illusion.  All and any appearances have no substance or independent nature of their own apart from this naked non conceptual awareness.

Everything that appears to happen or occur is nothing but a spontaneous emanation or happening taking place effortlessly in this changeless essence, and there is no doer ship by any apparent person or entity whatsoever.  Everything seemingly happens by itself without the input of any entity, which clearly indicates that nothing ever happens at all, it only ‘appears’ to happen, simply because Reality or non duality is THAT which never changes.  What never changes or alters in any way is this impersonal presence of awareness – THIS awareness of presence which almost everyone is actively ignoring, having taken on as real and true this “me” of memory, this imagined ego or self-center.

Having taken on and adopted the “I” thought, engendered by the parents and society around the age of three years, one then adds to that “I” thought all the events and experiences that occur from then on, and assumes that acquired name and form to be what one actually is, loosing sight of one’s true nature – this unmoved mover at the very core or heart of one’s being.

One never questions who and what one truly and ever is.  One takes for granted that he or she is that Mr or Mrs So and So that one appears to be.  Appearance and Reality are not compatible.  Appearance is Maya or illusion and Reality is THAT which never changes.  The world is real if it is seen and discriminated as the non dual, non conceptual , ever fresh presence awareness – but unreal if it is taken to be separate, discrete, independent and apart from this cognizing-emptiness that this awareness truly and ever is.

This is the so called investigation or enquiry that each must undertake for him or herself if they would re-cognize their own true nature.  THIS is not anything that anyone can give you, the cognizing – seeing, hearing etc is already taking place.  You don’t have to kick start the seeing, hearing etc, just notice that the seeing is effortlessly taking place without the input of the acquired imagined entity “me” So and So.  Recognize this fact and half the battle is over.  The content of the seeing is constantly changing, but the seeing is never ever changing.  You’re seeing, knowing right here and now as this article is seemingly being read, and ask yourself – what effort am I making for this to occur or happen?  I suggest that you are making no effort at all to be aware, and that it is happening effortlessly and spontaneously.  It is the very same seeing that is seeing now as was seeing when you were one year old, ten years old, or even one hundred years old.  The seeing has not changed at all, it is exactly the same.  The contents of the seeing have changed and are constantly changing, but the seeing itself has never changed.  See the truth of what is being pointed to yourself.  Don’t wait for some other to tell you.

Everything occurring effortlessly and spontaneously in the natural state – “I am”, without words or concepts.  This natural beingness is ever present and does not need to be acquired.  You cannot negate your own being, nor can you grasp it with any word or concept.  You use the word human being to describe yourself and you use the word Supreme being to describe God.  Take away the concept or label human, and take away the label Supreme and then try to divide your being.  Notice that it can’t be done!  You cannot divide your beingness in any actual or real way – you still are infinitely and eternally – you are THAT!  I am THAT!  there is only THAT!

See the simplicity of what is being pointed to.  There is nothing simpler than non duality – One without a second, so stop complicating THIS with words, thoughts, and mental concepts.  FULL STOP!  Pause for just an instant, and see whether you disappear or not.  You will notice that you are still aware as you always and ever are whether thoughts are occurring or not.  “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so” as Shakespeare says, however thinking does not make anything good or bad if it is seen to be nothing but a momentary movement of energy taking place in THIS changeless cognizing-emptiness that is infinite intelligence – your glassy essence – THIS beginning less endless activity of knowing.  The ‘ing’ on the end of it indicates that it is an activity that is taking place in the immediacy – Now-ing.  It is not happening yesterday or tomorrow, it is taking place presently in the wake fullness-awareness.  Aren’t you aware, right here and now?  What more do you want?

There is no more, THIS is as good as it gets.  Realize the truth for yourself.  “Know” the truth and the truth will set you free, but it won’t make you free unless you know it and acknowledge it, realize it as your very own Self – non dual One without a second, and it is not even One, no words or concepts can ever describe it as it simply is “as it is”, self-existing, self-shining, unborn, ever-fresh, ever-new, presence-awareness, just THIS ever present, unqualified, immediacy, nothing else!  No other, no duality, now or ever.

Try and take THAT back, try and analyse THAT, and you will fail, and you are bound to fail.  You have tried to grasp THIS immediacy with a concept and it can’t be done, so realizing this simply relax and abide as you are in the natural state.  Rest in your own true nature.

“Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest, for my yoke(yoga) is easy(natural) and my burden is light” – this boundless light of all knowing awareness – I am THAT I am!  I am THAT by which I know I am!  This is the whole of the so called teachings.


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