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Notes from Kings Cross Wednesday 14th May 2014

    This ordinary everyday awareness that we point to is the base that is referred to over and over again in this so called Advaita teaching.  This non conceptual awareness that you always and ever ‘are’ is ineffable and inexpressible in words and concepts, yet you cannot negate it at any time or place, nor can you grasp it with any concept whatsoever.  This is the very crux of the matter and needs to be understood and seen from the very core of your being.  No one else can ever see this for you so to speak, each one has to see-know it for themselves.

    The subject as ever is non duality – not two now or ever, just THIS nothing else.  I am That – the I am principal – I am infinitely and eternally.  This I am principal is timeless and ever-present and it is imperative that one ceases to ignore it, and instead acknowledges it in this immediacy by directly noticing this impersonal presence of awareness and having an affectionate awareness of being.  Be warm towards this I amness without words or concepts.  Love this I amness without words, this self-evident pure and simple ‘fact’ of your own being, for in it is the very fullness of everlasting life.

   This colorless, formless essence of all knowing awareness holds infinite riches beyond your wildest dreams.  This ‘glassy essence’ or transparency is what Shakespeare refers to in his great play “Measure to Measure”.  For, ‘ignorant of what he is most assured – his glassy essence (his transparency – awareness-emptiness), like an angry ape plays such tricks before high heaven as would make the angels weep’.

   Oh yes, if we ignore our “glassy essence”, our ever-present non conceptual awareness which is nothing (no thing) to the time-bound mind, the “me” of memory; then we are all very much in danger of acting like angry apes.  Stop ignoring this “glassy essence” and realize directly that you yourself are THAT non dual Absolute.  The cognizing or ‘knowing’ is ever-present, simply actualize, re-cognize the Maha Vakya or great word – Tat Tvam Asi – Thou art That!  I am That!  The ancients who realized this for themselves and proclaimed it in the writings and Scriptures that they left for posterity were not wrong.  This is known for certain here, and the same can be true for you if you follow up this investigation and enquiry for yourself.  You will find if you are truly and genuinely earnest in regard to this Great Matter; that the false( the person, the imagined separate entity “me”, Mr or Mrs So and So) can’t stand up to investigation.

   The false can’t stand up to investigation and will fall away by itself if what is being said here is looked into.  You won’t have to take any action to get rid of the false once it is ‘seen’ to be false.  (There is) No duality in non duality.  There is an appearance of duality as the phenomenal manifestation and there always will be; however appearance as it ‘appears’ to be is unreal, illusory, and constantly changing.  This Maya or appearance world is real if it is seen as nothing but the non dual essence of awareness, but it is certainly unreal if it is seen as discrete or separate and apart from “what is” – non duality, or what we call for want of a better word – THAT, One without a second as it is pointed to in Advaita in Hinduism.

   THIS Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena is where your treasure truly lies, and this Basic Space ‘is’ your treasure.  This space of knowing, this glassy essence is the pearl of infinite value.  This boundless Basic Space of Phenomena holds infinite riches beyond your wildest dreams; however, is this where we look for our treasure, or are we ignoring this awake, aware no thing and instead looking outward trying to find fulfillment and ultimate satisfaction in the changing objects, things, and sensations that are appearing in this Basic Space?

   Fixating on the gross objects, sounds, sights and sensations while all the so called time ignoring the space that they are appearing in and on is the principal cause of psychological suffering.  This psychological suffering which is basically mental and conceptual – nothing but mind stuff – does not need to be there.  It is unnecessary and is caused by excessive, obsessive, and unexamined thinking and conceptualization.  Constant and on going mental fixation.

   Hence the glorious Dzogchen admonition – “Be utterly awake with the five senses wide open.  Be utterly open with unfixating awareness.

   This basic space – emptiness suffused with awareness (or what is called Rigpa in Dzogchen – the highest, best, and clearest expression of Buddhism) is not elemental space, it is much more subtle so to speak, and is the Base, the Real, the changeless essence – The Great Perfection – non conceptual awareness.  This limitless capacity is infinite intelligence, the colorless light of Love – Sat-Chit-Ananda – Being, knowing, and loving to be – Existence, Consciousness, Bliss Absolute.  This is your natural primordial state.  Stop ignoring it and simply be as you are in the natural state.  Give up seeking and becoming altogether.  There is no becoming in being, and there is no duality in non duality or the natural state.

   This is what Nisargadatta Maharaj refers to as the natural state – as in nature.  Ordinary everyday awareness is the Supreme Reality.  Know for certain – you are THAT!  Don’t think, because thought is only an instrument of this awareness and is not independent of awareness.  Without the base of awareness which is ever-present, you would not be able to have even a single thought.  Realize that you will never find an answer to authentic identity in the mind, because the mind as we generally think of it is time – past, present and future so to speak, however this awareness that you truly and ever are is timeless, there is no time in it as it is Omnipresent without any beginning or ending.  This you will never grasp or understand with your mind, so stop looking there even if just for the briefest pause or instant, and where does that leave you?  It leaves you here and now present and aware as you have always and ever been.

   This needs to be seen and re-cognized again and again until you conviction is unshakable.  The bottom line is that right here and now you are present and aware and you know for certain that you are.  That is the only thing that you are absolutely certain of, and that is this very fact of your own being – I am, prior to, and including any thoughts, words or concepts.  ‘Am, are, is’, is part of the verb – to be.  It is not “I was” or “I will be”, it is a present knowing.  This ‘knowing’ that you are is not a concept, it is the reality or Base that we have been pointing to all along in this present discussion or expression.  This knowing or Gnosis is ever present and can never be negated.  Again notice that this ‘knowing’ is always present and that it has not changed or altered in any way.  This ‘knowing’ has never grown old  nor suffered any hurts, dramas, or traumas whatsoever; and THIS space-like awareness, this Basic Space of knowing is what you truly and ever are, and not what you ‘appear’ to be as that limited. perishable human being that appears in your mirror each morning.

   That so called person who appears in your mirror is a perisher.  He or she is bound to perish, but here in the basic space of knowing on your side of the mirror – where the actual seeing is taking place from, there is nothing to perish.  This awake, aware, space, this aware no thing is imperishable, there is nothing(no thing) here that can perish.  Realize this ‘fact’ for yourself.

   Do I need to consult anyone else, anyone other, to ‘know’ that I am?  Of course not!  You cannot under any circumstances negate your own being.  You cannot say – I am not, for in order to say that, you as, this awareness, have to be there first and foremost.  This ever-present activity of knowing, this knowledge ‘I am’ is what you truly and ever are.  Notice that this Jnana or knowing has never left you and has been present all the way through so to speak.  Aren’t you knowing right now?  Not knowing this or that thing, fact, or object but simply pure, naked, non conceptual knowing even before it expresses through the acquired, time-bound mind as the thought or concept – I am?

   Isn’t there a knowing present there whether or not it expresses as the thought or concept, “I am”?  Even if I don’t say or think ‘I am’ there is still awareness-knowing there, is that not so?  In fact if it is earnestly and fully looked into it will be found that this so called ordinary everyday awareness or knowing is timeless and Omnipresent.  This ordinary everyday awareness that you truly and ever are has no beginning or ending, no boundaries or limitations whatsoever, and there is nothing separate or apart from THAT.  There in fact is only THAT or what we call non duality.  I am That! and you are That!  Don’t take my word for it but look into this great matter and SEE for yourself.

–  End.

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2 Responses to Notes from Kings Cross Wednesday 14th May 2014

  1. Skip says:

    “I have solved the riddle ……”

    Can I solve the riddle or does it just happen by chance or grace, if you will. Intellectual dispare and depression occurs here because the seeming appearance not equipped let go the illusion. You seem so clear and logical to this mind yet there is no willingness to drop it all even for a moment. You present the prospect of heaven on earth it seems to me
    Ego innately, hopelessly,in charge here it seems. Does it really matter ?

  2. gilbert says:

    All riddles are for dualistic mind not for naked awareness. Ego is a fiction, a story. Ego is a word, just like all the other words you picked up along the way. The word is never the thing. What needs to be recognized is that the ‘seeker’ is a fiction. Pause all thought and see that there is no problem with clear and present awareness. The mind is dualistic so any conclusion it comes to will naturally vibrate into it’s opposite. There is no answer in the mind. Consciousness is all there is. It has no center and no boundary. Self-centeredness is an un-investigated assumption that at the center of your being there is an entity. If it was real you would know it without a single doubt. It is not real and that is what needs to be recognized. The story of me is a transient appearance without any stability – and that is why frustration builds up. Be earnest and investigate the ‘I’ or ‘me’. It is an image only.

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