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 Notes from Kings Cross   Monday 2nd February 2015. 

  What is being said and pointed to here is nothing new.  Everything has already been said in regard to the truth and actuality of non duality.  So called saints, sages, and seers all down throughout the ages have realized their true nature or natural state, wrote the scriptures about it, and passed it on to so called others right down to the present day.

  The founders of all the major religions of the world have also realized this reality that shines of itself at the very core of all being.  This being that is presently being pointed to is simply “being”, not being this or that particular object or thing, but pure being itself.  There is no becoming in this heart essence of pure being.  Becoming is in the realm of time, which has been added on or acquired with the necessary ‘invention’ of language as a means of communication.

  Every word you have ever spoken has been learned or acquired, it is not your natural state or non dual essence.  Words and concepts are only labels, they are not the ‘glassy essence’  of the so called thing or object that they are pointing or referring to.  The word or label “awareness” is not the reality of awareness that is changeless and ever-present.

  Have you noticed that this awareness that is being pointed to has never not been present?  Can you remember a so called time when you were not aware?  Of course not, because this naked non conceptual awareness or knowing is the only constant, it is unceasing and therefore timeless.  It is obvious, if you can pause your constantly yapping mind – this ceaseless flow of mental chatter – this voice in your head that you are almost constantly fixating on through habit.  If you pause your time-bound acquired mind of memory even for a brief instant, you can see or notice that this all-knowing awareness that you already are is not, repeat ‘is not’ any limited thing or object.

 Awareness-consciousness or whatever label you would like to apply to this fact of your own being right here and now, is not a thing or object.  This awareness that you truly and ever ‘are’ is no-thing at all, it is nothing to the mind and that is why it is being ignored or overlooked constantly.

 No one wants to be nothing or no-thing, that this naked non conceptual knowing ever “is”.  This aware emptiness or no-thing that every apparent thing or object is appearing on, is not a non existent dead void or vacuum; rather it is existence itself – I am, and cannot be negated.  You cannot negate your being no matter how much you try.  You cannot say – “I am not”, because awareness has to be there for you to be able to utter anything at all.

Awareness, non duality or Reality is no thing and everything, it is all-inclusive and nothing can be separate or apart from this space-like awareness.  Can there be anything outside of space, this boundless space of awareness or cognizing-emptiness?  I mean what would it be in?  Is there anything outside of space, when space itself has no center or circumference?  For anything to exist it would have to be in space wouldn’t it?

So can something come from nothing or emptiness?  Obviously not!  Something cannot come from nothing or no thing, so all the so called things and objects that are spontaneously appearing are also nothing or aware emptiness – ‘your glassy essence’!

  Space is nothing at all – no thing, it doesn’t stand out, yet for anything to “appear” there has to be this sky-like space for it to appear in.  The images that appear in the mirror are nothing but reflections on the reflecting surface itself, they have no independent nature of their own, and they can’t be separate or apart from the mirror, and are nothing but the mirror itself.  There is no back to this mirror-like seeing-knowing, no sides or edgers, no top or bottom, it is infinite in height, depth, and width, there where the actual seeing is taking place.  All the things and objects that appear are nothing but reflections in this mirror-like space of knowing, and are nothing but THAT non dual Absolute.  That is why the phenomenal universe is referred to as Maya or illusion in Advaita in Hinduism, simply a reflection in this ever-present non dual knowing.  There is no permanence in the reflections, they are constantly changing, they are content, and are nothing but the mirror itself.  The contents of the seeing are always changing, but the seeing is not changing, it is always the same seeing.  The contents of the mirror, the reflections are constantly changing, but the mirror is not contaminated, not affected by any of the reflections appearing in it.  What does this tell you?  See for yourself.  Have a good LOOK at it for yourself.

Stop ignoring this Basic Space of Phenomena, This Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena, stop ignoring your “glassy essence” that Shakespeare referred to in his play “Measure for Measure”.

  Since space and I are not different,

                     wherever I go,

                that will be the place

             where I am already present.


  Wake up this very instant, this very first and only instant – timeless Omnipresence – all-knowing – now-ing!  Wake fullness or awareing-knowing is bliss.  Awareness of being is bliss.  Distraction or unawareness is darkness, psychological suffering and ignorance.  This psychological suffering doesn’t have to be there, that is all that this is about.  Suffering and the ending of suffering.  This ongoing psychological suffering does not have to be there.  It is there because of an unexamined belief in an imagined separate entity.  Suffering is because of relationship, and relationship is dualism.  Relative to – this dead image, “me”, that I have constructed around the age of 3 years when the acquired words and language were taken on board by the little innocent child.  Everything that happens after the age of 3 years is then referred back to this dead image “I” or “me” that has been acquired.  What did we say from the very beginning?  There is no duality in non duality or this natural state, nature does not have any fixed reference point whatsoever, it changes of itself naturally and spontaneously.  Nature is not in conflict with itself – movement does not fight with stillness, silence does not fight with sound – it is all One without a second – all-inclusive.  Where does this conflict that so called human beings are constantly involved in come from?  Isn’t it imperative to find out for yourself?

  The false cannot stand up to investigation.  Everything in the manifestation can be reduced and broken down into the basic elements – earth, air, fire, water etc, then reduced further down to sub-atomic particles and finally into pure energy or space – emptiness suffused with awareness – THIS awake, aware no thing – space-like awareness or knowing.  Try to take that back and see how far you get.  No one, no saint, sage or seer has ever gone beyond nothing or no thing.  If you have gone that far, which is no distance at all, then you have gone as far as any sage including Ramana Maharshi, Christ, or Buddha has ever gone.  No one has ever gone beyond nothing, this no thing that you truly and ever are.


  Quite obviously then, you are THAT non dual empty essence that is self-shining, ever-fresh presence awareness and not the imagined entity “me”, So and So that you had taken yourself to be, prior to this investigation.  The very search itself has been the main problem or obstacle to clear seeing-being.  You are already what you are seeking, and you have never been separate or apart from this naked non conceptual essence of all-knowing awareness.  What you are seeking you already are, so start from the fact that you already are THAT non dual Absolute, and then just notice whatever rubbish that comes up in the mind that tells you you are not THAT, and simply scrape it away or discard it quite effortlessly and naturally.

  Once you directly SEE something as false, you don’t need to destroy it or get rid of it.  The seeing of the false as false is all that is necessary.  When you see that the water appearing at the end of the road ahead on a hot day is a mirage, the mirage itself continues to appear but you “know” instantly and spontaneously that there is no water in it.  It is unreal even though it still appears to be there.

  The same is true of the world and everyone who appears in it.  It still looks real, but you know that it is Maya or illusion.  Nothing was ever created.  Everything is unborn, unoriginated, including these words that are being written.  Nothing ever happened.  The world was never created in the first place, it is what we call Maya(illusion) in Advaita(non duality).  Much ado about nothing!  Was the water in the mirage at the end of the road ever really there?  No, it is an optical illusion and was never actually created in the first place, exactly like the night time dream that disappears and is seen to be utterly without substance, and nothing but pure imagination on awakening.

  It is the same with the so called phenomenal world.  The world of phenomena that we ‘think’ we see everyday has never been created in the first place.  Nothing ever happened, reality has never changed at any imagined time.  Reality is THAT which does not change, and the very suchness and actuality of non duality that we are pointing to has no duality in it and never has had.  Not seeing-knowing THIS directly, is what we mean by ignorance.

  This unborn awareness-consciousness is self-existing, unoriginated and Omnipresent.  No so called God created it, it is timeless and without any beginning or ending.  This aware no thing is what you truly and ever are.  I am THAT, and I am telling you whether you know it or not, that you are THAT, and you cannot possibly be anything else, any imagined thing that is apart from this no thing that is naked non conceptual awareness.

  Once you have clearly seen something to be false, are you going to continue to believe in it?  No you are not!  Simply see the false as false and you have done everything that needs to be done.  You no longer seek the truth or reality, you simply cease to cherish opinions and mental conceptual ideas in regard to this natural state.  Everything is clear and obvious in the natural state, there is nothing hidden or obscure.  Nothing need be added to or taken away from the given, from “what is”.

  What is means unaltered, unmodified, uncorrected – as is – just THIS, nothing else.  Leave it “as it is”, and stop trying to alter, modify, and correct what is.  Stop trying to work things out in your mind, and realize that you will never find any answer in the mind, which has no independent nature of its own.  What mind is there apart from awareness or consciousness?  When you directly look for the mind, you can’t find any such thing there that you can call mind apart from the thinking process itself, which arises spontaneously from emptiness-awareness, which is no mind or no thing in essence.

  Mind is time, and time is only a mental concept.  There is no time in Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience.  The result of all of your arguments is that you have tried to grasp this timeless All-presence with a concept, with a thought, which is utterly insubstantial, and which is nothing but a vibration or movement of energy in the unlimited energy of pure consciousness; and by trying to do this you fail, and you are bound to fail.  How are you going to grasp this Omnipresent, all-knowing essence of awareness which has no qualities, no color, shape, or form, and which is empty of all content, substance, and independent nature of its own?

  This no thing that is awareness is without beginning or ending, a cognizing-emptiness as the Buddha has pointed out.  This aware emptiness is the Base, the foundation of everything.  It is a plenum void, it is empty for filling, and it is all-inclusive.  Emptiness is form, and form is emptiness.  ‘My silence sings, my emptiness is full’.  There is only THAT.  Nirvana – Samsara all-inclusive.

  This you can never grasp with a concept, so full stop, and where does that leave you?  It leaves you here and now Omnipresent – I am THAT!  THAT thou art!  I am THAT by which I ‘know’ I am.  Not just for a puny 90 years, but infinitely and eternally – I am.  This is wisdom and authentic Self-knowledge.  This unshakable conviction, I am THAT.  Make it your very own, go all out for Self-realization, nothing less than this is inherently satisfactory.  Unenlightened existence is inherently unsatisfactory.

  There is no writers block, the writing is happening by itself spontaneously, there is no entity or person who is doing it.  This is heart to heart, not head to head.  Awareness talking to itself, how else can it be as non duality.  No duality in non duality – only THAT!  Let those who have ears hear.  The ear can’t hear and the eye can’t see – the physical eye and ear are only the instruments through which the seeing and the hearing are taking place spontaneously.  All functioning is taking place spontaneously and naturally.  Seeing without eyes and hearing without ears – THIS is the true seeing and the true hearing.  Only God or ‘I am’ has seeing, hearing.  Realize and directly know, I am THAT!


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