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Notes from Kings Cross – Saturday 1st August, 2015

 What we point to here is not something new to be acquired, some new fan dangled idea, fad, trend or concept to add to your already vast accumulation of dead past experiences and memories; but rather to your ever-present natural state or condition.  This ‘knowing’ that you are, this very beingness that is animating that pattern of skin and bones that you call ‘you’, is self-evident and cannot be negated.  This all-knowing essence of awareness-consciousness that you already and always are, is not something that anyone can give you, teach you, or tell you about, simply because you are already THAT changeless essence or reality and nothing separate or apart from that consciousness that you are ignoring, overlooking, or taking for granted, so to speak.

 This idea or concept that I am a person, this present identity as Mr or Mrs So and So, is something new to us, is it not?  Even if this so called person that I am presently taking myself to be, has been there for sixty or eighty years or more, it is still relatively new in the sense that it was not there prior to that period.  How and what were you, prior to the spontaneous formation of this body-mind vehicle, and how and what will you be when this vehicle finally breaks down and is cremated or returned to the elements?  Also, how long were you in this mysterious void or empty space of nothingness before you miraculously popped up and appeared as that limited thing or person that you now appear to be?

 Rather strange questions, a little peculiar perhaps?  Unless you know the answer to them, you will never know the peace that passes all understanding; which includes the end of all fear and psychological suffering, and which is in itself utter freedom and effortless living.  This is what is on offer here.  It is always more efficient to live from the truth of your natural state, than to live from a lie, however consoling or fulfilling it may appear to be.

 Have an affectionate awareness of being – this conscious presence that you are.  Delve into it, look into and investigate this mysterious and miraculous ‘fact’ of your own being.  This gift of the animating life force that has produced you and effortlessly grown you from the sperm and ovum of your parents to what you are today.  How did this come about and why?  Have a good look at it for yourself.  You are the authority there at zero degrees from where you are looking.  No one else can know what you are there at zero degrees from where you are seeing, for only you your Self are there.

 If you drop all of your concepts and all the learned knowledge that you have acquired from the age of three years onwards, which is ultimately nothing but learned ignorance; then this mysterious presence awareness has a chance to come to the fore, so to speak and reveal itself to you.  If you have the inclination or even the interest and necessary earnestness to want to solve this mystery, this koan, or riddle of authentic Identity, then initially it is necessary to pause the flow of the thinking process for just a brief moment or instant.

 Take off the cap of your cleverness for just a moment if you will, this veneer of worldly sophistication that you have developed like a cataract over your single edgeless Eye, and bow deeply before the evidence.  Notice this bottom line so to speak – this fathomless well at the world’s end.  It is as though some transcendental moth has chewed away along your neck line from shoulder to shoulder; and then directly SEE, and notice the boundlessly aware empty SPACE right there where your human head was wrongly assumed to be.  I don’t ‘believe’ this to be true, I SEE it, and so can you if you can be simple and childlike enough to LOOK right there where the actual seeing is taking place from, quite effortlessly and spontaneously.

 There, nearer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, is “your glassy essence” – your bright and charming Original Face – SPACE of naked knowing.  Your original face that you had before your parents were born is THIS no face of naked, unadorned, uncontrived, space-like awareness or knowing.

 If you pause a thought just briefly, you notice that the ever present ‘knowing’ that you are, this light of consciousness is unaffected by the thought process, and that no thought of itself has ever touched or affected this all-knowing light of consciousness in any way whatsoever.  If this conviction is unshakable and you then see something as false, you will never truly be able to believe in it again.  This seeing of the false as false, is not in time or space and is the true and authentic seeing of the Seer – The First Person, Present Tense, Singular – I am – “One without a second”, as it is expressed in Advaita – in Hinduism.

 This seeing is not done by any person or entity and it goes on forever without any beginning or ending, as THIS is timeless and space less seeing into emptiness suffused with intelligence or knowing.  Seeing into Nothingness, this awake, aware, no thing that you truly and ever ‘are’ is true seeing and eternal seeing, and this you must see for your Self.  You can’t just take my word for it, as that would be too easy and it would be false.  No one can see this for anyone else and for this you must be a light unto yourself.  Investigate this light in oneself.  Be what you are, and don’t pretend to be what you are not – a limited time-bound human being.  Be a light unto yourself and go to no external refuge – no guru or authority outside yourself can tell you what you are.  You yourself are the sole and only authority in this investigation.

 From non-being(emptiness, noumenon, the unmanifest) to being – consciousness of ‘I am’; and then back to non being again.  How and why does this happen?  The answer is, that it doesn’t happen, it has never happened in the first place, and all this play in the consciousness is nothing but Maya, ignorance, illusion, and appearance only, without any substance or independent nature of its own whatsoever.  Reality is THAT which does not change or alter in any way, and if it does, then what the ancients and the sages are telling us is all false and untrue; and I assure you that this is not the case at all and that what the ancients are saying is one hundred percent true and correct.

 Reality cannot change, otherwise it would not be reality, pure and simple!  I know, this is really shocking, and it is not what anyone who may be reading or hearing this wants to hear.  There are no customers for this knowledge, for none of you want to be nothing or no thing, yet THAT is what you truly and ever are – THIS awake, aware, no thing, the very Base and reality that includes the entire multiplicity of the changing contents that are appearing in it, just like the reflecting surface of a spotless mirror.  The reflections in the mirror – you, me, she, he, it, etc are nothing but the mirror surface itself( self-shining, infinite intelligence – this ever-changing, never-changing, ever-fresh, ever-new, activity of knowing, pure presence awareness).

 Can’t you SEE that things(including that false image you have about yourself as Mr or Mrs So and So) perish?  Separate things, so called persons or objects cannot exist on their own independent of this awareness which is no thing to the acquired time-bound mind, the “me” of memory.

 For god’s sake, awareness is not an object, or a subject for that matter.  So called subjects and objects are ‘appearing’ in SPACE – this space-like awareness or naked non conceptual knowing, and are in fact nothing but the space itself ‘appearing’ as other than itself.  The contents of space are in fact nothing but SPACE – emptiness suffused with intelligence or ‘knowing’.

 This is the very simplicity and actuality of non duality – not two!  No duality in non duality.  THAT being the ‘fact’ and actuality, then who are you who are taking yourself to be that limited human being, that pattern of skin and bones that appears in your mirror every morning and evening?  What is directly there where you are on your side of the mirror?  Isn’t there just empty space there where you are supposed to be?  Not just an inert dead space or vacuum, but an awake,aware, boundless space or capacity.  Isn’t THIS what you truly are, which includes your appearance over there in the mirror – all inclusive, nothing whatsoever exclusive or separate?  See for yourself, don’t ‘believe’ anything anyone says to you or tells you!  Doubt everything anyone says to you, and doubt what you are mentally saying to yourself as well.  Negate! negate!  Not this, not this; until you come to THAT which you cannot negate – this very ‘fact’ of your own being, presently, right here and now – I am.  Realize, I am THAT!  This nothingness at the very core of your being, is not just a seemingly dead nothing or no thing, it is Reality Itself, infinite potential, beginning and ending itself, self-shining, self-existing, thrilling, bliss full, your own true nature or natural state, your own pure intellect or naked intelligence not formed into anything, no shape, no form, no color is naturally void, silent, still, and bliss full.

 This being in which there is no becoming whatsoever!  Becoming is time and being is timeless.  You cannot negate your being.  If you tried to negate your being who would do it?  You are, infinitely and eternally.  This is the truth and actuality, the very knowing of which sets you free.  It won’t make you free unless you re-cognize it and know it for yourself, first hand so to speak.

 Can you see the logic of this argument and the implications of what is being pointed to?  Can you refute this ‘fact’ of your own being that you are now being introduced to in this pointing out instruction?  You are now meeting your Self at last, there is no other.  All your dreams have come to nothing, have crumbled to dust – Zero – Alpha – Omega – wake fullness, awareness of dreaming is the true function.


  Just realise that you are dreaming a dream you call the world and stop looking for ways out.  The dream is not your problem.  Your problem is that you like one part of the dream and not another.  Love all or none of it, and stop complaining.  When you have seen the dream as a dream, you have done all that needs to be done.

 The real does not die, the unreal never lived.

 Imagine a big building collapsing, some rooms are in ruins, some intact.

But can you speak of the space as ruined or intact?

It is only the structure that suffered and the people who happened to live in it.  Nothing happened to the space itself.

 Similarly, nothing happens to life when forms break down and

 names are wiped out.  The goldsmith melts down old jewellery

 to make new.  Once you know that death happens to the body

 and not to you, you just watch your body falling off, like a

 discarded garment.

  The real you is timeless and beyond birth and death.

  The body will survive as long as it is needed.  It is not important

  that it should live long.

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