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Notes from Kings Cross, Sunday, 1st November 2015.

What is taking place here is a spontaneous outpouring or expression aimed at drawing ones attention to the only ‘fact’ that you can be absolutely certain of, and that is, this fact of your own being right here and now – I am. No one can teach you, tell you, or give you anything whatsoever in that regard, as there is a ‘knowing’ that you are present there, that can, under no circumstances be negated. You cannot say – I am not, simply because you definitely ‘know’ that you are, and you don’t need to consult any second or third party, anyone else in order to know that you are.

This might sound rather simplistic and pedestrian, however it is extremely important and significant, and if this fact of your own being is very earnestly looked into(to simply look back to see where exactly you’re seeing from?) and investigated, it will be found to be the key that opens the door to infinite riches beyond your wildest dreams. This might also at first sight sound rather grandiose and exaggerated. However, do not dismiss what is being referred to offhand, but pause for an instant to acknowledge and fully embrace so to speak, this miraculous fact of your own being; the fact that you have occurred or popped up spontaneously out of nowhere and no when, without your knowing how or why you have happened.

How did you come to be? Because of what do you know that you are? These are profound questions, the truly vital and ultimate question is – What is my true nature or natural state? You know that ‘you are’, but what you are you don’t know, and you as the entity or person that you “appear” to be can never know this, as it is not knowable in the ordinary sense that you would know objects, persons, or things. You can’t know this naked non conceptual ‘knowing’ that you are, and yet you cannot negate it. Therefore this is the very crux of the matter. Timeless being can’t be grasped with any acquired word, language, thought or concept, and it cannot be negated – simply being, not being this or that – ‘am’ – ‘are’ – ‘is’ – all expressions of the ‘verb’ to be – the very livingness-beingness itself.

I am, is not I was (past), or I will be (future), but rather the ever-fresh timeless spontaneity of life or livingness itself which is now and always present, and in which there is no death.  There is no death in this life or livingness that we truly and ever are, and this is what needs to be seen and acknowledged.  Salvation, enlightenment, or Self-realisation is to realise fully that our essential nature is deathless, Absolute, unconditioned, free, and limitless. Surely this knowledge, Self-knowledge that is, is something that is extremely valuable and desirable, which may be likened unto to a gem or a ‘pearl of infinite value’, as it has been expressed in certain religious texts.

Greater that the greatest good in life is to know who we are. There may be some, very many in fact, who don’t want to know this, and who are are not ready to know this, and that is fine also and as it should be. No harm done and reality is unaffected, untouched, whether you know it or not. Not knowing who and what you truly and ever are; that is, unenlightened existence, which the ancients and sages have called ignorance, is inherently unsatisfactory, because there is psychological suffering involved with it as the inevitable consequence of this type of unaware sleepy existence.

What we are saying and pointing out here is that this psychological suffering is not necessary if you would take the time to investigate and see what is the nature of this consciousness that I am presently enjoying.  All this is about is suffering and the ending of suffering, it has nothing to do with any person as such, for we are directly pointing out here that the so called person – So and So, is not the Real.  If there is a resistance or an unwillingness to see and acknowledge this ‘fact’, then what is being pointed out here is not for you!

This is not some type of new age sermon or university lecture.  This is the real deal, the real McCoy so to speak – I am That!  Yes, and you must have the confidence and conviction yourself to say, realise, and know for certain – I am THAT I am.  This statement from the King James Bible is definitely the greatest statement ever made or written anywhere at any time.  It sums up everything that is being expressed here, and is said to be Gods proclamation to Moses, in regard to His self-existing nature or Reality. Isn’t this your nature also? Isn’t there a knowing that ‘you are’ – ‘I am’, present there, and isn’t this naked non conceptual ‘knowing’ always and ever present there, even if you you are not saying verbally with language or words – I am?

Even if this is not being expressed with words or concepts, even if you don’t say I am, isn’t there still a knowing that you are present there?  This naked knowing is the true knowing which expresses through the mind as the primary though or concept “I am”.  This thought or concept is not the Reality, yet it is the closest we can come to it with a thought or word. Only God can say I am, a human being can’t do anything at all without THAT – I am THAT I am.  So you must realise that you are THAT (GOD) and not what you are presently taking yourself to be as the limited body-mind entity.  The body can’t do a single thing, even lift a finger, and the mind could not think even a single thought if that animating life essence, awareness or consciousness was not present there.  You can use any other word or label you like for this ‘knowingness’ that is ever-present, and which you have been ignoring or taking for granted all of your life so far.

The body is only a corpse or an empty shell without the light of awareness that is effortlessly and spontaneously animating it and living it.  When the life force, the light of conscious awareness leaves the body through natural causes or otherwise, the body still has all the usual organs – eyes, heart, brain, etc, but they are useless without the consciousness.  The physical eyes, ears, and nose etc can’t see, hear, or smell anything whatsoever, they are simply the instruments through which the seeing, hearing, and smelling take place.  This is an extremely significant fact if realised first hand and taken on board.

Normally one thinks or feels that one is doing one’s actions, thinking one’s thoughts etc, however that is not the case at all, as it is the impersonal awareness-consciousness that is allowing everything to happen or occur quite spontaneously.  The livingness is doing everything in this timeless Omnipresence, and so you are being lived, and there is no one who lives a life independent of the livingness or awareness.

Therefore stop ignoring THIS aware no thing, this empty cognizance that is the very life of your life – the Soul of your soul – the very livingness itself. It is nearer to you than your own hands and feet, nearer to you than your breathing, therefore why do you say that you don’t know it? Start to acknowledge it, be warm towards this nothingness or aware no thing – your glassy essence – and it will suffuse your whole being, every cell in the body, and will give you all the answers you need; better answers that any guru in the world can give you, if you pause your chattering mind from time to time and fully acknowledge this mysterious no thing or essence.

This is a matter of life and death in a way, and is a matter of great urgency for anyone who is in earnest and who wants to be free of this endless anxiety, fear, and psychological suffering that they have been carrying around with them all their miserable lives, engendered by their parents, society, the nation, their teachers and friends.  This sense of being a separate, independent, person or entity has been reinforced constantly by the parents and society.  From the age of three years and onwards this sense of being a separate entity that has been engendered and reinforced over a long period of time – and that is, “me”, So and So; and I am then convinced against all and any evidence to the contrary, that this is what I am.

This so called ego or self-center, although being in itself utterly false, non existent, and without any independent nature of its own whatsoever when fully looked into; is nevertheless a necessary part of human development.  A healthy ego sense is necessary for the practical functioning, mental health, and well being of a fully rounded human being.  However that is certainly not the end of the story and if the so called human being reaches this full psychological maturity and there is then the feeling-knowing arising there, that there is something lacking or missing in their life or existence, as that ‘apparent’ limited human being; it is only then that the so called spiritual search, or the seeking God, Truth, or Reality begins in earnest so to speak.

Once this genuine seeking starts to take place in the individual it can’t be stopped until he or she has all their doubts destroyed or fully resolved, and they rest, effortlessly, abiding as THAT non dual Absolute, that they have, in actuality, never left or been separate or apart from for even an instant.  If one is bitten by this bug of authentic spiritual search or seeking, one then has “Ones head in the Tiger’s Mouth”, as it is said in certain spiritual, religious circles, and it is known that – Once your head is really in the Tiger’s Mouth – and it is extremely fortunate if it is – the Tiger will never let you go, he will never release His grip on you and will certainly devour you completely, he will crush and kill you, and what will be left is only THAT Supreme Reality or what we may call the non dual Absolute, the un-manifest, the Noumenon – the Reality or THAT which truly is – THAT which does not change or alter – “Your Glassy Essence”, as William Shakespeare puts it in his timeless play – “Measure for Measure”.

Various other names or labels have been used in Buddhism like – Prajna, Rigpa, No Mind, and so on, to signify this mysterious “what is”, the real or actual.  The title of a small booklet that I have written and had published recently, namely: “This ever-present unqualified immediacy”, points directly to this awake aware no thing – This boundless empty space of knowing right there where your body(head) is ‘supposed’ to be.  If you drop all your concepts, thoughts and ideas for an instant and be utterly simple, you will notice, on present evidence without resorting to thoughts. memory, or the ongoing flow of thinking, that there is a limitless, empty, aware, space right there where your human head is supposed to be, and there is a torso or headless body that fades out into nothing around your neck line and upper shoulders.

Don’t jump to any conclusions or immediately rush off into your thinking mind of memory and say – What nonsense, of course I have a head on my shoulders!  The fact is, that on present evidence, without going to thought or thinking – you have no head whatsoever there where the actual seeing is taking place from.  If you are simple and child-like you will notice that the very first thing that you are seeing is actually space, with objects a little further out filling this space.

We never seem to notice this boundless, edgeless, single eye that we are looking out, this Space of knowing that we are looking or seeing out of.  So mesmerised are we by the objects that are appearing in the space, that we totally ignore the space itself.  Nothing could possible be there without this space-like awareness that you always and ever are.  What do you have to do, and how far do you have to go to reach this space of knowing awareness?  You don’t have to do anything or go anywhere to be aware, you are this space-like awareness.  This you simply have to notice and acknowledge to yourself again and again, until you no longer have to remind yourself.

There is no need to try to be in the now as it has been put around, you can’t get out of this Omnipresent space of knowing-awareness as there is nothing outside or inside of this Space. Outside or inside, it is all SPACE only.  Space doesn’t come or go anywhere, it is silent and still by its very nature.

There is always more silence present here and now than there is noise or sound.  The silence is absolutely deafening and is the background so to speak, of all noise.  Trying consciously to get to the silence through meditation, or through using various spiritual practices and techniques etc is laughable.  It is the very trying that is keeping you away from this actuality.  This ever-present silence sings, this emptiness is full.  All sounds are seemingly coming out of and returning to this silence effortlessly and spontaneously.

When you see that you are nothing – This aware no thing, then that is wisdom, and when you see that you are everything, that is love – this colorless light of all-knowing intelligence; and between these two seeming poles your life is endlessly moving, without beginning or ending. There is no death in this Life or livingness and you are THAT, ever-lasting life.  Never forget it! Simply ‘be’, as you are, in the natural state.

Self-realisation cannot be foretold.

Some get it spontaneously; others do not get
it even with much effort. When a particular
stage is reached, there comes about an
appropriate change, and the ground
is suitably prepared.

Then the mind, which wants to either acquire or
get rid of something, will disappear.

This knowledge is actually easy and open;
therefore there are not
many takers for it.

People are attracted to what
is difficult and complicated.

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2 Responses to Notes from Kings Cross, Sunday, 1st November 2015.

  1. Thomas Crane says:

    Happy New Year Mark! This is Tom from Boulder CO USA. It has been awhile since we talked.

    These notes ‘to myself’ are delicious. Best to you. Thomas

  2. brendan says:

    Mark, I love to read your essays. Always so clear and ‘on point’.
    Thank you for taking the time to put into words your understanding.
    Best wishes for the New year,