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Notes from Kings Cross – Monday, 2nd May 2016

Can you cut space, can you divide it up into higher and lower, can you screw it up, scrunch it up, wet it, dry it, blow it up, or affect it in any basic way? Of course not, space is not a thing or an object that could be destroyed or perish, whereas the discreet things and objects that are appearing in the space are constantly and consistently changing, appearing and disappearing, including the so called persons. Space has no limits, centre, or circumference and there is nothing that could exist outside of space. If so, then what would it be in? Wouldn’t it be in space?

Things perish, they are totally illusory and impermanent; not so the space they are appearing in. The contents of space are constantly changing, however the space itself is the only constant and remains unchanged and unaffected. If you happen to be sitting in a room at present, how did the space get inside that room? Inside or outside there is no distinction, it is space only. See this, know and acknowledge this space of knowing, this naked space of all-knowing awareness that you always and ever are.

Space as we generally conceive of it is dead and insentient, nothing at all, just an empty void or nothingness; however this awareness that is ever-present is more subtle than the space, it contains the insentient space, hence it is pointed to as space-like awareness, or naked non conceptual knowing. Are you unaware right now? Well obviously and self-evidently you would have to answer – No, I am not unaware! So if you are not unaware, then you must be aware.

An awake, aware, nothing or no thing – an aware emptiness or a cognizing emptiness, this is what you truly and ever are. This essence that you ever are is body less, mindless, birth less, deathless, timeless and space less. This can be demonstrated by a simple experiment. Going by ‘present evidence’ here and now with eyes closed, and without resorting to any thinking whatsoever, notice whether you are confined in any type of box, or cage of concepts. Do you, on present evidence with eyes closed, have any boundaries, size, shape, form or color, or are you in fact limitless and without any boundaries, not confined or imprisoned in anything at all, at large, unlimited, and yet, you are still aware or knowing?

Notice that various sounds, sensations, itches, thoughts and impressions are ceaselessly arising and endlessly flowing in this boundless, aware, no thing that you always and ever are. This limitless capacity or no thing that you already are, is an awake, aware, no thing, it is not a total vacuum or a dead void. You are certainly not unaware, you ‘know’ that you are. You cannot negate your being-awareness, and ‘you’ as the so called person or entity are not choosing to be aware, you are obviously not making any effort to be aware.

This awareness that you are is choice less, effortless awareness – This ever-present, unqualified, immediacy is utter silence and stillness there at the very core of your being, out of which the sounds and movements spontaneously emanate without cause or stint. Awareness is not personal, it is not your awareness or my awareness. The person is not the real. See THIS for heaven’s sake! Awareness is self-existing, self-shining, ever-fresh, ever-new, spontaneous and unceasing, therefore it has no duration, no time, no volume – THIS is it – just THIS, nothing else, nothing other than this quite ordinary everyday awareness, nothing special, and most importantly, nothing sacred – only THAT non dual essence of naked awareness.

This is why nothing ever happened. Awareness, or no thing ever happened, how could it, as that would imply ‘time’, and this very immediacy of awareness is timeless and never begins or ends. Reality cannot change, if it is reality or non duality. The world was never created in the first place, as all there ever is, is this ever-present unborn awareness. That is what we point to in Advaita, or the very actuality of non duality, when we say that the phenomenal world is Maya, meaning total illusion or appearance only. Can something come from nothing? No, of course not, so whatever ‘appears’ to be there is still nothing – no thing – everything including the appearance and whatever appears to happen in it, is unborn.

There is no static point, no fixed point anywhere in space, so there is no time, duration, or volume whatsoever in this space-like awareness or naked knowing. There is no path, no destination that you have to reach in this ever-present basic space of awareness. Is there a path in space? If so, then it is an imaginary path at best. There is no path in space – THIS actuality of space-like awareness is a pathless land so to speak, and there ‘is’ no path in this. See, directly for yourself. that there is no path to truth or reality – THIS is it, ever-present, Omnipresent.

This therefore being the undeniable ‘fact’ of your own ever present being, why do you continue to believe that you are on some type of spiritual path? Isn’t this type of belief, or any belief for that matter, an illusion and a form of self-deception? Paths lead away from truth or actuality, they lead to unreality or illusion. See that there is no path to truth, and that it is not by going that you will reach this unbecome, unmade, uncontrived, immutable, deathless essence. Whatever direction you go in, in the mind – up, down, north, south, east, or west, will always be in the mind, which is acquired after the age of 2 years, and which is time.

You must see that you cannot get to the timeless – THIS ever-present unqualified immediacy of timeless unborn awareness, from time – “me”, Mr or Mrs So and So. You cannot get to non duality – Reality, Noumenon, or “what is”, from duality, “me” and the so called other. Relationship is dualism, and there is no relationship in non duality, or what we call THAT, for the want of a better word. All of your problems then are problems of relationship – relative to – relative to what? – to this dead image, So and So, that I am constantly referring everything back to. And this so called ‘person’ that I ‘think’ I am, and that I am taking myself to be, is a total fiction, a phantom, and the child of a barren woman so to speak. So I am referring everything back to this dead image that I have acquired about myself – all the events and experiences that have happened to me after the age of 2 years old, have been added to that original ‘I’ thought that occurs when the reasoning capacity arises in the very young child around 2 to 3 years old. Prior to that so called happening of the reasoning mind coming over the small child, engendered by the parents, teachers and society, and the learning of the language picked up from the parents and others, the small child is living quite effortlessly and spontaneously from the natural state.

Once the ‘I’ thought arises in the child, then there is other than I. This sense of separation is then reinforced day in and day out until this I or me takes on a solidity or substantially that it doesn’t really have. It seems to materialize into this rather solid ego or self-center called “me”, So and So. No wonder then that there is psychological suffering in abundance, once this imagined entity “me” is taken to be real and actual and what I truly am. There is then the effort to make this “me” whole and complete again, to improve it, add to it, heal it, alter it, modify it, correct it, sublimate it, kill it, or sweep it under the carpet. All of these efforts will lead to failure, and there is no need to do any of this, once it is seen that this so called ego is a fiction, it never existed in the first place and is utterly false. There is then no need to get rid of it, kill it or improve it, if is seen through and known to be just a concept, and nothing more than a concept useful for practical purposes only. How are you going to ‘become’ whole again, when you were never separate in the first place?

When this so called person or persona – “me”, is fully looked into it is found to be non existent, a phantom really, without any substance or independent nature of its own apart from this ever-present immediacy of naked awareness. So in point of fact, you have been in bondage to a phantom, this imagined separate entity So and So. When this is truly seen, you might even burst out laughing at the absurdity of this Maya or illusion, this fantastic display that seems so convincing, and that is always appearing in this glassy essence or natural state. In the great statement(mahavakya) or word of Hinduism – I am THAT! The THAT that is being pointed to is the non dual Absolute. Absolute means Absolute – nothing other, only THAT, not two, now or at any other imaginary time.

Time does not exist, there is no such thing as time. Time is only a mental concept, and a concept is a construct, something that is made up or invented for practical purposes. This is the very crux of what we are driving at here, grasp this actuality and half the battle is won. Miss this point, and you will continue on forever, wishing and hoping that at some future time the penny is going to drop and everything will become(becoming implies time) clear to you and you will be enlightened. Hope and fear are both the result, the outcome if you will, of the false belief in time.

There is no you there who could be enlightened, and there is no future time that it could happen in. THIS is it right here and now – I am, and what’s wrong with right now unless you think about it? There is nothing at all wrong with this aware timeless presence right here and now. The more you talk and think about it the further astray you wander from the truth. Stop talking and thinking and there is nothing that you will not be able to understand. Full stop, right here and now! Stop thinking, pause a thought briefly – you are still aware there in that pause, you have not disappeared without a thought. Notice the subtlety and significance of this fact.

That’s it, it is as simple as THAT. There is nothing simpler than One, or what we call for the want of a better word ‘THAT’, and it is not even One, as no label or concept will ever fit THIS immediacy that is ever-present. THIS is timeless essence beyond being or non-being, so don’t waste time in doubts and arguments that have nothing to do with THIS. One thing, all things move among and intermingle without distinction. To live in this realization is to be without anxiety about non perfection. To live in this faith is the road to non duality, because the non dual is one with the trusting mind.

So trust in THIS and not your own efforts, see that everything is happening spontaneously and that you are not the doer of your actions, and that in fact, you have never done a single thing in your entire life, and that it is this immediacy of naked awareness that is allowing everything to seemingly happen. In reality nothing ever happened. THIS immediacy is the unmoved mover, the changeless essence at the very core or heart of your being, and you are THAT, and not what you only ‘appear’ to be as that limited human being who appears in your mirror every morning.

The so called person or ‘persona”, “me”, So and So is a mask, and it is veiling your bright, shiny, charming original ‘face’ which is Space; the face you had before your parents were born is this space right there where your alleged human face is assumed to be. Notice that there where you are actually seeing from, where the seeing is truly happening or taking place from, that the very first thing that you are seeing is space, boundless empty space with objects a little further out appearing in this space. You are in fact looking out of a single, boundless, edgeless eye so to speak, and not out of ‘two’ little peepholes in a type of meatball that we call a head. In fact there where the seeing is happening there is no head or neck or physical eyes whatsoever, but only this basis space of knowing or awareness. In point of fact you have no head, you have never had any head there at all in that actual SPACE of knowing where you truly and ever are.

Has any of this ever occurred to you? When this is noticed or pointed out for the very first time, which is now and ever now, although ‘now’ implies time and THIS that you are is timeless. When that naked nothingness or aware no thing is seen into, and one directly sees that there, at zero degrees from where I am actually seeing, and where I truly am, there is in fact no head to speak of, and so I have had that troublesome top knot severed from my shoulders so to speak, and am now headless, utterly free and limitless as this basic space of phenomena – this space-like awareness.

When that is seen, and you can’t help but see this when it is pointed out, one might then exclaim – “Oh, that’s interesting, I now see that I have no head there in this space where I truly am and where I am actually seeing from.” Interesting!??? For Christ sake, if you had really and truly seen this that is presently being pointed to, it would have been really and truly life changing. However, the old familiar habits seem to reassert themselves automatically unless this original authentic seeing or insight is persisted in.

It is quite easy to see THIS now that it has been pointed out and brought to the very forefront of awareness, instead of being fully ignored, which is generally the case. One’s wake fullness or awareness is generally very, very, tenuous at best, and only present to the degree that the status quo or social convention dictates. One is hardly ever aware in that sense, and is usually away with the pixies in the dead past or the imagined future, caught up in the time-bound mind of acquired memory and mental concepts, lost in thought.

The real test of this seeing-knowing is to go on seeing THIS no thing – two way looking – seeing in and out simultaneously at all times in your daily life and at any time you need to – THIS is always available, timelessly Omnipresent. To continue seeing THIS at all so called times, and to live and function effortlessly and fully from this ‘glassy essence’, this emptiness-fullness at the very core of your being. That is what needs to be persisted in until you do not even have to remind yourself that – I am THAT, non dual Absolute and not what I appear to be as that perishable human being or reflection that appears in my mirror every morning, but rather I see and know directly that I am on this side of the mirror, and that I am the mirror-like, self-shining awareness that contains the mirror and every other apparent thing as well.

The reflections in fact are nothing but the mirror itself, and are not separate or apart from the mirror. The mirror is not concerned in the least with any of the reflections that are appearing in it. The reflections that are appearing in the mirror have no reality of their own and are basically nothing but the mirror surface itself. The reflections still appear in the mirror but the mirror is untouched, uncontaminated, utterly unaffected by any of the reflections that are appearing in it. Nothing ever happened to the mirror just as the television screen is not changed or affected by any of the scenes of war, famine, flood, love, hate and destruction that are projected or portrayed on the screen.

The mirror or screen analogy is limited in the sense that the mirror needs something outside of it which it can reflect, however this ever-present unborn awareness-consciousness has nothing outside or inside of it. This cognizing emptiness – Rigpa(in Dzogchen) – emptiness suffused with awareness, is the Base or foundation of every ‘apparent’ thing. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form. There is only THAT non dual Absolute, not two, now or ever, no duality in non duality. THIS is the very home so to speak of non duality and you are THAT, you can’t possible be anything separate or apart from THAT. The word non duality is only a label, it is not the actuality of “what is”. The word awareness is not the actual awareness itself. These are just concepts or pointers to THAT essence that you are.

The word can never be the thing that it re-presents. The word ‘fire’ will not burn your mouth. You cannot cook with the word ‘fire’. See that the so called word is never the thing and yet words are useful for labeling things and for pointing to this ineffable, inexpressible, immediacy that is your true nature or natural state. Does nature have an ego, any static or fixed reference point? Is nature ever born at any time, or is it timeless, spontaneous, and ever-present, utterly unborn, unceasing and natural, as in nature?

Take your instructions from nature then, just as it is. Leave everything as it is, unaltered, unmodified, uncorrected without preference, partiality, or comparison. See directly for yourself that there is no one there, no separate entity there as such, who could change, alter, modify, or correct anything, and let everything ‘be’, “as it is”, in this natural state. See for yourself that you as you appear as that entity So and So, the aging, changing image that appears in your mirror each morning is the child of a barren woman, an utter fiction, an illusion.

You are not what you take yourself to be. You are not the body or the mind, you are the awareness that the body and the mind are appearing in. The body and the mind are ‘appearing’ in awareness, not the other way round. See that this awareness that you truly and ever are is totally independent of any body or mind. Can the body and the mind function independently from awareness? A dead body has eyes, ears, a brain, hands and legs etc, however without the aware essence or presence the body is an empty shell, a corpse.

There can be awareness without consciousness as in deep sleep, trance, etc, but there cannot be consciousness without awareness, therefore see that awareness-emptiness is the very base and foundation of every apparent thing, it is prior to consciousness and ever-existent, and you are THAT non dual awareness, you can’t possibly be anything apart from THAT aware no thing. You are the total opposite of what you ‘appear’ to be as that limited time-bound human being. Don’t take any body’s word for this, LOOK and see for yourself – you are the authority there where you truly are at zero degrees from yourself.

No one else is there at zero degrees from where you are who can tell you who and what you ever are, simply because you yourself are the only one there where the actual seeing is taking place from. There where you are you are not seeing through someone elses’ eyes but rather you are seeing through this single, boundless, edgeless, eye or window, however there is no glass at all in this so called window. There where you are seeing from, there is boundless clarity and emptiness and there is not even a speck of dust in this limitless space where you are and where you are seeing from. There are objects further out, however notice for the first time in your life, fresh and new, that the very first thing that you are seeing is SPACE.

Turn your attention around 180 degrees and directly SEE the infinitely empty space there where your human head was assumed to be. What a total shock and infinitely pleasant recognition – re-cognition that there you yourself are the First Person, Present tense, Singular – I am THAT I am! You are the very first and original Person – I am THAT! The Mahavakya or great word of Hinduism – I am existing infinitely and eternally, One without a second, as it is pointed out in Advaita Vedanta. I am the only One that ever was or is – there ‘are’ no others now or ever – no duality in this deathless essence. My god, there never has been and there never will be anything apart from THAT non dual Absolute, and – I am THAT!

This is then what is meant by ignorance, Maya, or illusion, and that is, that all this time; (and I should not be even using that word ‘time’, because time is only imagination, a mental concept or construct) I’ve simply been duped by illusion. Reality – unborn, spontaneous, ever-fresh presence awareness has never changed or altered in any way – THIS is it, and I am THAT. This ‘apparent’ triad – the individual soul, the world, and God never existed in the first place, they are illusory appearances like silver in the mother of pearl. Simply see THIS and be this naked non conceptual awareness – this immediacy that you cannot negate.

Nothing ever happened – it only ‘appeared’ to – reality is “as it is”. Leave it like that and start from the ‘fact’ that you already are THAT, then whatever thoughts and concepts that arise or come up to try to tell you that you are not THAT, just scrape them away and see them for what they are – empty thoughts and concepts without any substance or independent nature of their own apart from this ever-present naked awareness.

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