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Notes from Kings Cross, Tuesday 1st November, 2016

 There is nowhere to go and nothing to do.  Nothing ever happened.  If something did happen then that would mean that reality has changed, and that is quite impossible simply because reality, or non duality, by its very nature, is that which does not change.  Reality “as it is”, this ever fresh presence awareness, has not changed nor can it ever change – this is it!  Things by their very nature perish, they are utterly insubstantial like the water that appears in a mirage; however the no thing that is awareness-emptiness and that the so called things are appearing on or in, does not change and is the only constant.

 Are you unaware right now?  Well quite obviously you are aware, otherwise there would be no capacity to read or hear these words.  You could not even lift a finger without that awareness being present.  What that awareness is you don’t know, but that it is, you certainly do know, as you cannot negate it.  You cannot say ‘I am not’, because it would be this impersonal presence awareness that is allowing those words, which are thoughts – “I am not”, to express through the mind.

 Awareness expresses through the mind, which is time, acquired around the age of two and a half years with the acquisition of language picked up from the parents, as the primary thought – “I am” – little Julie or James or whoever it might be.  Now that thought “I am” is not the reality, it is only a mental concept.  The person So and So is simply a concept, not the real or actual.  A concept is a construct, something made up, it is not the reality.  The person is not the reality, it is only a concept, an image, or a construct.  Do you see the implications of this discovery? 

 If this was truly seen and understood then that would be enough to free you instantly from all psychological suffering, from birth and death and any and all future becoming.  Future and past are time and this presence awareness is timeless and Omnipresent, so first and foremost see that right here and now you are not unaware.  Start from the fact that right here and now you are present and aware, and that what you are seeking in some imaginary future time, you already are.  The seeking is because of ignorance of what you always and ever are.  There is some type of uninvestigated lack there, which is why the seeking is continuing.  If you start from being a separate entity or person with destiny and free will, who is trying to get to non duality from duality, then you are crying for the moon, and it will never happen, no matter how many sat sangs you attend, or how many gurus you might consult.

 You have never come or gone anywhere, nor have you ever done a single thing.  Everything has seemingly happened quite spontaneously without the input of any imaginary separate entity.  A dream character doesn’t have any reality or substance of its own apart from the dream that occurs when one is asleep, and which vanishes completely when one awakens from sleep.  Is there any reality whatsoever to the happenings that seem to occur in the night time dream?  Of course not, it was just an idle dream that occurred in sleep!  You were lying in a warm bed and no actual words were coming out of your mouth, and you never moved off the bed; yet in the dream you may have been out in the country somewhere, driving in a car or talking with so called other persons and individuals; however none of those events ever took place in reality or actuality, they were only imaginary events that took place in the dream when you were asleep.

 This is also the case when you are awake, then there is this other dream character that you call you, Mr or Mrs So and So, so many years of age, with such and such features or characteristics etc, that you are now presently taking to be your identity.  Whereas in fact, that person that you are now taking yourself to be is no more substantial or real than the characters that were appearing in your night time dream; simply because the “person” that you now appear to be, and who appears over there in your mirror every morning, has a limited shelf life, is time-bound and soon to disappear from the stage of history.  This being the case, then what is your true nature, or   natural state?  What was your position prior to conception in the mothers womb?  What color were you, how big were you, where were you located,which particular city were you living in, and what concept did you have about yourself, prior to conception? 

 How did you come to be?  Who are you?  Who am I?  How did this happen without your permission?  Are you responsible for, and did you have any say in the making or seeming creation of the body that you presently call ‘your body’?  Did you create this body, or did it arise spontaneously and unknowingly?  Do you in actuality choose anything at all, or does everything just happen by itself without any cause, due to this ever-present, non conceptual, awareness-emptiness?  Who is the choice maker, is it ‘you’, the imagined separate entity – So and So?  What is your identity?  Get that right before you concern yourself unnecessarily with so called others.  Are there really any others at all?  “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Seek ye first these things, and even they shall be taken away.

 This is what needs to be seen and investigated.  In this sense there is no one who can do anything for you, nor is there anyone who can see this that is being referred to for you; contrary to what is being said by many new age teachers and gurus.  The essence of what we are pointing to is Advaita or non duality.  Advaita in Hinduism means “not two”, only THAT – One without a second!

 If there is only THAT, which I am telling you from direct knowing here, then who is the guru and who is the disciple?  Quite obviously, when you drop all of your acquired knowledge, words, and concepts, even a child can see that there are no things there at all, no teacher or teachings whatsoever, right there in that space-like awareness where you truly and ever are at zero degrees from yourself.

 Now just see for yourself, exhale your breath and pause your thought for a brief moment.  Let your thoughts ride out on the outgoing breath.  With your thought exhaled and paused just briefly, where does that leave you?  Doesn’t it leave you here and now aware and present as you’ve always and ever been?  Where is the duality in THAT naked non conceptual knowing?  There is nothing there at all, just this already awake, aware no thing – a limitless, boundless, emptiness suffused with awareness or knowing.  Vast emptiness – nothing sacred.  No snake in this rope of ordinary, everyday awareness.  Are you unaware right now?  See for yourself that the bottom line is, that you are present and aware without any choice or effort on your part.

 Non duality is not a religion, concept, or philosophy, but rather the very actuality – what is.  What did you have to do to “be” aware?  Nothing at all I suggest.  This quite ordinary, everyday awareness which you have been ignoring up until this reminding or clear pointing out, is the very reality or great enlightenment that you have been seeking elsewhere in other ‘persons’, things and events.  Once you start looking along the lines of non duality, then your progress will be very swift indeed.  If you start from the ‘fact’ that you are that non dual Absolute, then the battle is already won.  However if you start from duality and the illusion of being a separate, independent ‘person’ or entity who has destiny(time) and free will (the false idea that you are the doer of your actions), trying then to get to this actuality of non duality from there, from duality, it will never happen, and you will never get there.  See this for yourself, don’t take any body’s word for it, because that will be pure hearsay and belief without authentic knowing.

 This is the very ignorance I am pointing out here.  You don’t really know what you are, you have severely underestimated your true nature or condition, and placed all these unnecessary limitations on yourself – for example – “After all, I am only human!”  Are you really?  Have you ever truly looked into this for yourself?  This is inquiry, not some conceptual stories written in a book.  You don’t seem to know “you are”, not just for ninety years or so, but infinitely and eternally.  You are ignoring this awareness and looking outwards, fixating on the gross objects and sensations – food, sex, sport, music, art and culture etc.  All this could not be there without the aware space or limitless capacity that it is taking place in.

 This awareness of being is bliss, which is total happiness, wholeness, fully complete in itself and self-existing, without anyone or anything having created it at any imaginary time.  Just see for yourself that there is no thinker of a thought as such.  Thinking is happening spontaneously, just like the seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and all of the other natural functioning.  See that the thinker is the thought, and that the observer is the observed, and that there is no real division between them at all, and that they in fact cancel each other out.  The thinker and the thought are both conceptual, and not actual.  What is actual or real is the thinking, the seeing, etc.

There is no seer and nothing seen, just the seeing itself.  This seeing which is taking place presently, is not split up into a seer (subject, “me”) and the seen (the object) over there.  When you say – “I see the table over there.”  What have you done?  You have created a pseudo subject here (me) and a pseudo object (table) over there, whereas in fact everything is contained and undivided in this naked seeing.   There is no seer and no seen, just the seeing.  There is no thinker, and no thought, just the thinking. 

 This is the key to the ending of psychological suffering, for after all, who did suffering ever happen to?  Well obviously it happened to “me”, you say; but when it is earnestly looked into it can be seen that this “me” is a total fiction, a phantom, that never truly existed in the first place, it is the ‘child of a barren woman’ without any substance or independent nature of its own.  Suffering only ever happened to a “me”, and this fellow is telling you that there is no me, and that the “me” is a total fiction, it doesn’t exist, and that it is found to be non existent, when it is fully investigated.  If this is so, what happens to your suffering then?  It has to disappear and drop away by itself, because if there is no real cause(“me”) then how can there be an effect(suffering)?  “Me” and suffering go together.  No ‘me’, no suffering.  No “me”, no problem period!

 Yes, it still “appears” to be there.  The reflections still appear to be in the mirror, as you can see them there, but when you actually go up to the mirror and try to pull one of the reflections out of the mirror, all you can grasp is the reflecting surface of the mirror itself.  Even though the reflections are definitely in the mirror and can be seen, they are not real and are nothing but the mirror itself.  The sky still appears to be blue and it will always appear to be blue, however it is without any color at all, just like space has no color, shape or form of its own, so to speak.

 Thought or thinking is useful and necessary for everyday living and functioning and it is not an enemy, if it is understood.  On the other hand if thought is not understood and is taken to be the be all, and the end all, and the final authority and arbiter of everything that happens, then it becomes self destructive, and the cause of endless fear and psychological suffering.  Just see – who thinks they are thinking these thoughts?  Isn’t it just ego “me”?  All of your problems then are just problems of this separate entity.  What is thought?  Isn’t it simply a vibration or a movement of energy at the subtle or gross level, a tiny movement or ripple of energy taking place in Omnipotence, all power or all energy, which is limitless power or intelligence?  Do you think energy can think?  It can’t, as it is not divided, thinking is happening spontaneously, so the so called ‘thinker’ and the ‘thought’ are only conceptual and not actual, it is all energy expressing as nature or the natural state.

 Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.  The only problem you could ever have then is thinking, when it is not understood.  Thought is time, and time is only a mental concept; it is therefore limited and cannot grasp, know, comprehend, or understand the timeless, unborn, non conceptual awareness or limitless capacity that it is appearing on.  Because thought is so closely aligned with this limitless intelligence, this beginning less, endless activity of knowing, which is what awareness is; it has come to think that it is this the non dual. non conceptual awareness itself.  However if that awareness were not present first and foremost you would not be able to lift a finger, have a single thought, or do a single thing.

 Therefore wouldn’t it be wise to give credit where it really belongs, and that is to this animating life essence of awareness-consciousness, and not to the person who you mistakenly ‘think’ is separate, apart, and independent of this awareness?  Awareness-emptiness is unceasing, timeless, limitless, the base and foundation of every ‘apparent’ thing, and the so called ‘contents’ of awareness are nothing but the awareness itself, and you are THAT!  I am THAT!  All this is THAT!

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  1. Mahesh Habde says:

    Hi Mark,
    Grateful for this Website and your posts.
    I am from Pune and has been initiated into this lineage at the age of 7 years. I had been initiated by my Guru Shri Mokal Maharaj from Inchagiri Sampradaya and is a Guru Bandhu
    of Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj. He had similar teachings and I am fortunate enough to have his blessings.