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 Notes from Kings Cross,  Wednesday, 1st February, 2017

At what point did I get this news ‘I am’, and that I am existing as some independent person or entity?  I didn’t even start knowing that I was until two or three years after the apparent birth of the body when the words and language were picked up from the parents and adults that were surrounding me at the time.  Also once this I am news is there, you want it to remain eternally.  There is a natural loving to be, and wanting to continue as such, present in every living being.

 There are many persons who have a great attachment to their own individuality.  They want first and foremost to remain as an individual and then search, for they are not prepared to lose that individuality.  While retaining their identity, they want to find out what is truth.  But in this process, you must get rid of this identity itself.  If you really find out what you are, you will see that you are not an individual, you are not a person, you are not a body.  And people who cling to their body identity are not fit for this knowledge.

 The names and forms that appear, their origin is water, but nobody says I’m water, but they say I am the body.  The bodies are basically water, and the waters of life are in essence this ocean of awareness prior to consciousness.  This glassy essence or Suchness is a cognizing-emptiness, an emptiness suffused with knowing.  You are ‘knowing’ right now without having to introduce a conceptual knower or a conceptual known.  Just this naked non conceptual knowing is what you always and ever are, not the knower or the known which are only conceptual and not actual.

 This is consistent with the utter spontaneity of nature just as it is, in what we refer to in Advaita as ‘the natural state’.  The natural state, meaning, as in nature, is one whole totality, undivided,  utterly uncontrived with nothing separate, outside, or apart from it that could know itself  as some thing, person or entity separate or apart from itself.  Nature or non duality is utterly perfect in itself and cannot be improved upon, added to, or taken away from

 The Self-realized is intimately cognizant of the fact that nature in its spontaneous functioning has no self or ego whatsoever, no static point, no fixed permanent reference point that it needs to cling to, protect, or defend.  Everything in nature is in constant movement and flux, yet nature spontaneously resolves itself.  Autumn follows summer, night follows day, the incoming tide follows the outgoing tide without any conflict.  Day doesn’t fight with night, and sound doesn’t fight with silence in this natural functioning.

 However in the case of the human beings there is ongoing conflict between the different nations, countries, or tribes, all because of the acquired seemingly fixed entity, “me”, So and So.  Now, the reality of this imagined person or entity is taken to be solid. fixed, real, substantial, and unchanging, and is very seldom ever looked into, challenged, or questioned.  If it was it would be seen to be false or illusory.  In this authentic investigation or inquiry it is seen that there is no static or fixed point anywhere in this nature or natural state.  No permanence, nothing, no thing with any substance or independent nature of its own whatsoever, no ground to stand on in this empty cognizance, this activity of knowing which is what this awareness ever is.

 You cannot negate This awareness, you ‘know’ that you are, you don’t believe that you are!  What you are as that awareness you don’t know, simply because as we pointed out, this naked non conceptual awareness that you ever are has no counterpart, no other, no person or entity apart from it that could know it as such.  However, it is self-existing, self-knowing, self-shining just ‘as it is’.  Where then is the separate entity, the ‘sample’ that you have presently taken yourself to be in THAT non dual essence that we are pointing to, there at zero degrees from where you are truly seeing from?  I suggest that when it is looked for it can’t be found, it is seen to be non- existent, like the horns on a hare, water in a mirage, or the child of a barren woman.  In other words you have been in bondage to a non-existent phantom!

 This is the very truth and actuality of non duality, there is no duality in it, and there never has been.  The direct seeing-knowing of this is enlightenment or Self-realization.  There being no awakened one; there is only Self-realization.  There is no one who is not THAT non dual Absolute, and this is known here for certain; all of my doubts have been destroyed and demolished long ago, however no one can know or see this for anyone else so to speak.  This will be no consolation to anyone who might be reading this, as what is being pointed to is not some type of mental concept, or some acquired conceptual garbage from the dead past, that dead image “me”, So and So, that you are always referring everything that is occurring spontaneously back to; THIS that is being pointed to is real and actual beyond any imagining or contrivance by the time-bound mind entity.

 Let go of all that nonsense, and realize that you will never find the answer you are seeking in the acquired mind of memory, which is time.  No answer in the mind!  If this is correct, might it not be wise to stop looking there?  You’ve been looking in the mind all of your life, with all of those old tape recordings constantly playing in your head, doing this practice, this particular meditation, and this or that type of technique.  Where has it got you, have you found any answer there?  Of course not!  Here is the key, use it to open your own treasure house, instead of running around pointlessly trying to open the treasure house of others.

 There are no others, there is only THAT non dual Absolute, and you already are THAT Absolute, not at some future time after you have purified your mind, but right here and now!  There is no mind to purify if you realize the Self.  Never mind the mind, there is no mind to control if this is seen, you trust in THAT aware no thing at the very core, the heart of your own being, remaining as you are in this natural state.  You are forever!  Eternity is right here and now, it is not a thousand or a million years.  THIS aware no thing is timeless, unceasing, This ever present unqualified immediacy never begins or ends, it has no volume or duration, no time or space, and this you will never figure out with your mind.

 When you say, my mind, what are you actually talking about?  Can you find the mind that is seemingly giving you all this trouble?  When you take the time to really look for your mind, you can’t find any such thing as a mind existing there, apart from this naked awareness or ‘knowing’ that you are.  Doesn’t that then naturally pacify or set the mind at rest, directly seeing that there isn’t any mind there at all, as such, that needs to be controlled, changed, altered, modified, or corrected?  Have a good look for yourself and don’t just take my word for it.

 You cannot grasp this awareness that is ever-present, with any word, thought, or concept, but you cannot negate it either.  What does this tell you?  Are you unaware right now?  Of course not, you are self-evidently aware and present here and now, not in the past or future.  Past, present, and future are imaginary, and time is only a mental concept.  What time is there if you are not thinking about it?  There is none, so what more could you want?  Can you ever stop wanting?  Does space want anything?  This naked space of knowing can’t be added to or taken away from, aren’t you that ‘space’ of naked non conceptual knowing?  Can anyone else answer this question for you, when there is only THAT limitless space of awareness?

 The Great Perfection is non conceptual awareness.  If from the perfect the perfect be taken, only the perfect remains.  There is only my-Self, Consciousness.  Is space divided into heaven and hell, up and down, or here and there?  Space has no center or circumference, and there is nothing separate or apart from space, this ever-present space of knowing.  Space doesn’t stand out, it is like and absence or emptiness, a total abstraction, the Ground of being, upon entering which there is the realization that one has been there throughout Eternity.

 Prior to this one hundred and eighty degree turning around and ‘looking’ back to see where you are seeing from, directly noticing what exactly you are seeing out of; the focus has been totally outward going, on objects, things, and the changing sensations that are “appearing” in this space.  Now that it is being pointed to one is starting to see the space that the insubstantial things and objects are appearing in.  This is what ignorance is, taking the “appearance” to be reality.  Nirvana, Noumenon, or the unmanifest is the reality, whereas phenomena, appearance, or manifestation is illusion, or what we call Maya in Advaita Vedanta.

 There is nothing permanent in this appearance, this ever-changing world of objects, persons, and things and no matter how much you love them, cling to them, cherish them and want to keep them and hold on to them, they are going to change, move away from you, die and disappear all together.  If you don’t realize your true nature, this space-like awareness-emptiness, and ignoring your true nature and taking this Maya or appearance to be reality, isn’t that going to inevitably create suffering for you when these things, objects, and persons disappear in the natural course of events?

 Isn’t that the first noble truth that the Buddha proclaimed, the truth of suffering?  The cause of suffering is clinging or attachment, and so the way out of suffering is to let go, to let be, to let things resolve spontaneously as they do in nature.  All this is about is suffering and the ending of suffering, and what is being pointed out here is that this psychological suffering is unnecessary, it doesn’t have to be there if it is looked into and thoroughly investigated.

 The false can’t stand up to the investigation.  If something is ‘seen’ to be false then it drops away by itself, there is then no need to kill it, sublimate it, purify it, get rid of it, change, alter, modify or correct it in any way whatsoever.  Doing any of these things only makes it seem real.  You are then just like a dreamer trying to change the dream, which is absurd, as the dream or Maya is utterly illusory, unreal, and insubstantial.  Whatever appears to happen in the dream, never truly ever happened in actuality.  Nothing ever happened, as this ever-fresh presence awareness is untouched, unaffected.  Everything that seemed to happen in the dream, never happened at all and was only imaginary, nothing but imagination taking place in the sleep state.

 Dreams don’t happen in the waking state, they only happen when you are asleep, and even the so called ‘person’ who imagines that he is now in the waking state after having woken up from the sleep state, is also another dream character appearing in this ever fresh, ever new, immediacy of timeless, non conceptual, all-knowing awareness.  That is why nothing ever happened.  Reality, non duality is ‘as it is’ unchanged and utterly unaffected.  Reality by its very definition is THAT which ‘does not’ change, and what doesn’t change is this ever present unqualified immediacy, THIS non dual Absolute, just this, nothing else.

 You see once the ‘concept’ of being a separate person or entity takes hold around the age of two to three years, you are then immediately in the trap of duality, Maya, or illusion – I, and other than I.  This is the so called original sin, the fall from grace that the Scriptures refer to, however this trap is no trap at all, it is only an imaginary trap, once it is seen through.

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