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 Notes from Kings Cross  Tuesday 1st August 2017

  Knowing that ‘you are’, what more needs to be known?  Awareness of being is bliss.  Keep it simple, this knowledge I am is the charanamrita, the nectar of immortality, the nectar of The Lord’s Feet.  First Person present tense, singular.  I am that I am.  You cannot negate your being.  The Sanskrit term ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda’ denotes this being that you ever are.  Sat means being, Chit means ‘knowing’, and Ananda means the bliss of being or the loving to be.  The Sat indicating being, is infinite being, not just for a short span of 100 years or so.

 These are three aspects of the one awake, aware no thing, and not three different things; and that is this ever-present unqualified immediacy.  Immediacy is immediate, there is no time or space needed for its existence, and this immediacy is non dual, it is Absolute.  Absolute means absolute where nothing can be added to it, and nothing can be taken away from it.

What is wrong with this immediacy if it is not subjected to the thinking process?  It just is, pure and simple, you cannot take hold of it, pin it down, grasp it with the intellect, locate it or limit it to any static point whatsoever.  This ever-present unqualified immediacy is in its essence utter freedom and effortless living.  Life is free and unafraid.  This life that you are is ever fresh, ever new life that lives on itself and is therefore ever increasing, and hence there is no death in this animating life essence.  Life does not know death in its spontaneous ever new expression. just as spirit can never know matter; matter itself being nothing but congealed energy or spirit.  This water of life is always nothing but water although it may express as waves, ripples, spray, foam, steam or ice it is still only water, it is still only THAT non dual Absolute.

Everything in the appearance of the phenomenal manifestation can be broken down into the basic elements, into sub atomic particles, into pure energy and finally into the basic space itself.  This space or emptiness that is the Absolute is not just a dead void or nothingness, it is no thing that can be grasped or explained in words or concepts, yet it is the very base or foundation of every apparent thing or object.  It is a great joy to realize that the Fundamental Nature is quality less.

Can something come from nothing?  No it cannot, and this is one hundred percent certain.  Some thing can not come from no thing, so the so called things that are appearing are really nothing or no thing.  Nothing ever happened at any imaginary time, the world that is “appearing” in the light of the consciousness was never created in the first place, it is appearance only shifting and change full.  There is no creation, preservation, or destruction, all of that is what we point to in Advaita as Maya or illusion.

There is nothing that was ever created, creation is imagination pure and simple, whatever appears is still basically unborn awareness. Something can not come from nothing or no thing.  All of this is nothing but ignorance only, nothing but entertainment.  This is what sages mean by ignorance.  It does not mean that one is a fool or uneducated, one might have a university degree, but in spite of this acquired knowledge and learning, one is ignoring ones true nature as this boundless empty space of knowing right there where your human head is assumed to be.  If you really see your own headlessness right there at zero degrees from yourself, you would directly notice on present evidence, that you have no head at all right there where that actual seeing is happening at zero degrees from yourself so to speak.

You cannot see your own head, eyes, or neck even, from the empty space that you are looking out of on present evidence.  You can ‘think’ or imagine that there is a head there at zero degrees and that is what we generally do.  Others, our parents, teachers, and society convince us that we do have a head there in this empty space where we truly and ever are; and we never question it, we never have a fresh and new look for ourselves to see that in fact we don’t have any head there at all, it is assumed and inferred without our looking for ourselves.

It would be rather chicken hearted to seemingly live one’s whole life without having the courage to look and see who and what it is that is living you.  You are being lived and functioned quite effortlessly and spontaneously by something – no thing really, that is unimaginable, ineffable, unknowable, and inexpressible.  What a wonder THIS really is!

Glancing downwards from the empty space where your human head was assumed to be, you will notice a torso or headless body that fades out into nothing at all right there at the point where your neck and shoulders meet.  There at this very visible line, this well at the world’s end so to speak, where the physical body fades into the very obvious clarity and emptiness there below the bottom line at the neck and shoulders area.  This has always been the case although one may have never noticed it before.  It as almost as though some transcendental moth has chewed along the neck line leaving the limitless ground of being below this imaginary line fully exposed and obvious – a limitless clarity and emptiness right there at the very heart or core of your being.

This needs to be explored at leisure by each and every one of us if we are at all earnest about this great matter of authentic Identity – ‘know thyself’.  The science of the First Person, present tense, singular – I am That I am.  This will draw one to the firm conviction that no one ever did exist before me.  The second and third persons of the ‘appearance’ are in fact non existent and insubstantial just like the reflections that are appearing in the mirror.  The mirror in this analogy being the primary being – I am.  This being that you ever are is the one and only being – pure being, the non dual Absolute beyond being and non being.  This you alone must see, and that nobody else can possibly see for you, as the very subject that is being discussed or pointed to here is non duality.  If the very ‘fact’ of truth or reality is directly seen and known to be non dual, non duality, then who or what is going to see THIS?  No one at all – you are THAT, who or what else could you be?

I am prior to everything and the knower of it.  This is the path of wisdom.  Anything less than this would imply multiplicity or duality, and this can never be.  Hear O Israel, I am the Lord Thy God, there is none other.  Not two!  Only THAT non dual Absolute.

Duality is a fiction, it never existed in actuality, and that is why all these gradual approaches of the various different religious practises, techniques and processes don’t actually work, and can never work; even after years and years of engaging in meditation, prayer etc one never arrives at the goal of freedom and salvation that one is promised, if one engages in all this stuff.  This is so if one has the courage to drop all of one’s concepts and acquired knowledge and simply look at this fresh and new and so utterly free of the dead past of acquired memory and knowledge.

One sees that one was always free and that there is no duality in non duality, there never has been and there never could be, even when one was convinced that he or she was a separate entity or person struggling to attain wholeness.  Even then when one was seemingly quite deluded and ignorant of one’s true nature, it was never the case and you were not the ‘person’, that in your ignorance you then took yourself to be.  Even then you were THAT non-dual Absolute and duality never existed at any time, and this is what we mean by ignorance, Maya, or illusion.

Recede, recede, recede back into the zero you ever are at zero degrees from where you are truly seeing from.  Your security lies in so to speak, and not out on the periphery of the ever-changing phenomena.  You are the changeless noumenon upon which the ever changing phenomena are ‘appearing’.  Let this dawn on you by allowing your Eye to be the single edgeless eye that it ever is, this Christ Eye or Buddha Eye being single, not two, your whole body will be full of light.  The Tatha-gata became the Eye of the universe. (Parinirvana Sutra)

Look back, recede, go back prior to conception in the womb; what was your position and identity prior to the arising of the consciousness?  This you must know if you are to be free of this psychological suffering that you are presently engrossed in.  Always ‘becoming’ better and improving, becoming more enlightened, more intelligent, ever amassing gaining and accumulating more objects, experiences and possessions with never a moments peace.  This does not have to be!  Stop, pause, see what you already are without all this nonsense, all this dead weight of the past pressing down on you.

No external agency can assist you in any of this.  Nothing from outside so to speak can make you loving or fearful.  You already are the sole and only authority there at zero degrees from yourself, you alone are there where you truly are, First person, present tense, singular – I AM.  This is the science of the First Person, not the second or third persons plural.  This is not science 3, the science of the phenomenal “appearance”, but rather science 1, the science of the Self.

How could you have ‘imagined’ yourself to be just some insignificant limited little spec in the vastness of the universe, when you alone are the very limitless capacity that everything is ‘seeming’ to appear in?  Ask yourself these questions and see where it leads you, break this mold of conditioning that has been imposed on you from the age of around three years and onwards by your parents, teachers and society.

Question everything that you have been told since you were a child and this bondage of self must fall away.  This bondage of self kills if it is not questioned and seen through, and no one else will do this for you.  You have waited for the coming of the messiah and it has all been in vain.  There have been many saints, sages, and seers and not one of them have brought about an iota of change in the consciousness.  Wars and conflicts continue on unabated and there is nothing right or wrong about this if you see your true nature, your true position which remains unaffected throughout eternity just like the very bright surface of a spotless mirror.

 There is no contamination of this mirror-like awareness by any amount of reflections that might appear on it.  Come to the firm conviction that, I am That I am, then nothing can move you away from the certainty of that conviction.

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