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Notes from Kings Cross, Wednesday, 1st August, 2018

The knowledge present in this very instant is the great enlightenment you are seeking.  This knowing that you are can’t be claimed by anyone in particular because the so called person who might be claiming this endless activity of all knowing awareness-consciousness is nothing but an appearance in this glassy essence of knowing.  The knowing is always present and is prior to the claiming of it with the dead thought or concept ‘I know’.

 The word or thought ‘I know’ is not the knowing itself.  The thought I know or I see, can’t know or see anything and is nothing but a translation after the fact of knowing-seeing.  Just see the significance of the fact for yourself.  This is the very truth or actuality of non duality – One without any second at all, and it is not even one; not two, only THAT!  This awake aware no thing is not just a dead empty void or nothing, this ever-present unqualified immediacy is an emptiness suffused with awareness-knowing.

 This silence sings, this emptiness is full, this Suchness is a plenum void – empty for filling – Nirvana-Samsara undivided, this is it, you are already THAT non dual Absolute.  Ignorance is to ignore or to take oneself to be quite separate, different or apart from space, the limitless space of knowing.  Ask yourself if you really are separate from anyone or anything at all, and if you are separate then where are you measuring that from, what fixed static point are you measuring that from when everything in the appearance is in a constant state of flux or movement?  Everything in the phenomenal appearance is Maya or illusion appearing on a changeless screen or background, and you are the changeless screen itself so to speak, that everything is ‘appearing’ on.

 How to come to this?  Realize that you have never been away from this naked non conceptual space of all-knowing awareness.  This ever-present unqualified immediacy of naked non conceptual awareness is the only constant.  Can you remember a time when you were not aware?  No you cannot, and you would be pretty hard pushed to be able to say that simply because it is an impossibility.  You are always and ever aware and you can never loose this awareness, although you are totally unaware of this fact; and this is what  sages mean by ignorance.  Ignorance means to not know, to be unaware of what you truly and ever are, and that is the supreme reality itself which is this very suchness that is the non-dual Absolute.

 How can you be separate from space when space is no thing at all, it doesn’t stand out, and is without any boundaries or limits and so never begins or ends?  Aren’t you THAT?  Why these limits then?  Who has forced them upon you?  Who has limited you and placed you in bondage?  Perhaps it is your own imagination that has caused this limitation?  Ever considered that?

  “Learn to live without self-concern.  For this you must know your own true being as indomitable, fearless, ever victorious.  Once you know with absolute certainty that nothing can trouble you but your own imagination you come to disregard your desires and fears, concepts and ideas, and live by truth alone.”

 Knowing is alive in the immediacy.  There is not I did know or I will know, only this present knowing that is alive in the immediacy and that cannot be negated.  To conceive of Self-realization as being a one off occurrence, some goal to arrive at in the future or some definite and final state that you will arrive at is an erroneous concept.  This is spontaneous ever-fresh, ever-new, this livingness cannot be limited or contained in any words or concepts.  See for yourself that there is no end to Self-discovery and that the greatest journey you can ever take is the journey of Self-discovery – not the journey to the moon or Mars, which is a limited journey that takes place in time and space, which is always limited and imaginary.

 It takes time to cover the space from the earth to the moon but this space of knowing that we are pointing to here is timeless.  Time has a beginning and an end but not THIS that is being referred to, just this, nothing else!  This is the yoga of Knowledge already accomplished, whole and complete, the Nisarga yoga.  I am That I am.  I am That by which I ‘know’ I am.  This is the Jnana Yoga, the yoga of knowledge, ever present.

 Come to the firm conviction that I am this knowledge, I am the truth; and this is the only truth you can ever know, the direct knowing of which sets you free.  See that there is no other truth ever apart from you own being here and now.  You are THAT and you cannot possibly be separate or apart from THAT, Truth or Reality when in very fact THAT is all there ever is.  “Hear O Israel I am the Lord thy God, there is none other.”  Nothing ‘other’ ever.  “Look unto Me all ye ends of the earth and be saved.”  This Me referred to here is not the personal me, ego, or self-center, but the impersonal non dual essence that is ever-present and being totally ignored or overlooked by the ‘person’, that is not, and never has been, this Reality.  The person only appeared to be, it never did exist in truth, actuality or suchness, this naked isness.

 How did this apparent separation take place?  Look into it, inquire into this for yourself, no one else is going to do this for you, no guru, saint, sage or seer can see this for you.  All those self appointed gurus are cheating you and misleading you, it is all a con job, a confidence trick on their part and you gladly swallow the conceptual stuff that they dish out to you, thinking that someone else, some external authority can do your own spiritual work, can do this inquiry for you.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but they don’t tell you this, only here will you hear this directly from the horses mouth so to speak.

      There is a principal which is a bar against all

 information, which is proof against all arguments and

      which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting

      ignorance–that principal is contempt prior to


 There is a possibility that you may not be able to discern or grasp the full significance of the above statement.  Here is the real gist of it.  Contempt prior to investigation means — “Oh yes, I’ve heard all this stuff before and I know what you are saying and pointing to, and so I don’t need to inquire into this ‘great matter’ of authentic Identity at all.”  Really?  Seriously?  That is the arrogance, the ‘I’ conceit, the contempt prior to investigation that is being referred to there.

 Well if you have seen through the “me” of memory, the so called ego or self center then you are totally free from any and all psychological suffering.  Are you?  If so then well and good, otherwise it might be wise to continue on your inquiry until this bondage of self is fully undone and seen through.  The habit of referring everything that happens in the spontaneous expression of life back to that dead image, “me”, So and So, has been a life long habit engendered by the parents, teachers and society, and what we are saying here is that habits ‘can’ be broken, even deeply ingrained habits like this.

 Whatever has happened in the past is dead and gone and doesn’t need to be carried around like a heavy burden.  Oh, I had a bad childhood and things didn’t work out the way they should have, etc.  All these concepts are then added on to this ever-fresh, ever-new immediacy and this irrepressible immediacy of timeless awareness is then loaded down with all these past hurts, pleasures, and experiences; so how can one function freely when all of that unexamined acquired stuff is continually coming into play and so covering up and obscuring this immediacy?

 The answer is that you cannot function freely and spontaneously if this rubbish is not let go of.  Of course the question may then arise, who is going to do this?  That is just it, that is the very ignorance itself arising, and that is that there is no one who has ever done anything at any imaginary time.  Everything is happening spontaneously and naturally without anyone having to do anything.  This is a matter of seeing the very actuality of “what is”, it is not a matter of doing anything.  There is no doer of any action at all.  Deeds are done, choices are made, but there is no doer thereof, there is no choice maker.  See that you are not the doer of your actions and that there is no entity there where you actually are at zero degrees from yourself that has any substance or independent nature of its own that could possibly do anything.  There where you truly are at zero degrees from your Self is boundless clarity and emptiness without even a speck of dust in it, a naked non conceptual knowing, an emptiness suffused with awareness.

 Unless this is clearly seen and understood you will never grasp the truth and actuality of non duality.  It is easy to see this now that it is being pointed to, however the rub is to continue to go on seeing this, to keep this seeing into your true nature going forward, to keep the seeing fresh and new as it always and ever is, and not to stop at some fixed point stagnating like a pitcher full of water taken out of a flowing, living river or stream.  This seeing referred to is altogether unmystical (in the popular sense), it is a precise total. all-or-nothing experience admitting of no degrees.  Relief is instant and complete—so long as it lasts.  But now the really exacting part of the work begins: You have to go on seeing your Absence/Presence whenever and wherever you can, until the seeing becomes quite natural (repeat ‘natural’) and unbroken.  This is neither to loose yourself in your Emptiness nor in what fills it, but ‘simultaneously’ to view the thing you are looking at and the No-thing you are looking out of.

 ‘There will be found no time when this two way attention is out of place’.

 Forms are just empty shells without any lasting or independent nature whatsoever apart from the no thing, the emptiness-awareness that they are appearing on and that is their basis and foundation, their natural state.

   “Therefore, in emptiness there is neither form, nor feeling, nor perception, nor mental formations, nor consciousness; no eye, or ear, or nose, or tongue, or body, or mind; no form, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch, no object of mind; no realms of elements(from eyes to mind-consciousness); no interdependent origins and no extinction of them(from ignorance to old age and death); no suffering, no origination of suffering, no extinction of suffering, no path; no understanding, no attainment.”

 No attainment of enlightenment etc, you are already THAT!

 The ‘thought’ I choose is not the choice maker.  The thought I see is not the seeing.  The thought I am the doer is not the doing.  Once this is clearly ascertained and seen that the thought or thinking ‘I do’, or ‘I see’, etc is simply a translation after the fact of what is spontaneously happening presently, only then does thought assume its correct place as a servant and not a master as it had been doing prior to this apperception.

 What is needed is an apperception not a perception, of thought’s limited function.  If this doesn’t happen and thought is allowed to run on unchecked and its limited nature not understood, it then causes endless fear, psychological suffering and strife, and becomes self-destructive.  If on the other hand thought is understood then it is not an enemy and can be useful, natural, and necessary for normal daily functioning.

 This then is the so called teaching in a nutshell, as simple, easy and natural as seeing a gooseberry in the palm of your hand, with no second or third party involved.  Above the heavens and below the earth I alone am the honored One.  I am THAT!  I am, the way, the truth and the life.  This is the Truth that makes you free, the First Person truth I Am, and not some gibberish sprouted by 2nd and 3rd persons ‘appearing’ in the world dream, the Maya or illusion of multiplicity.


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    Great !